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Madame Tussaud's Tips (61)

Hang Out with the Stars

Madame Tussauds Museum located not far from National Monument, this wax museum was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and the name used to be Madame Tussaud’s in London, and nowadays have some branches in a number of major cities, like in Amsterdam.

Once we entered the building of Madame Tussauds we immediately felt like we were in another world, the world of the stars. So while inside the museum just enjoy hang out with the rich and famous people around the world.

black_mimi99's Profile Photo
Aug 23, 2015

Suprisingly Enjoyable Madame Tussauds outing

With only a little time to pass in Amsterdam doing the DFDS "Mini-Cruise" we had 4 hours or so to kill in Amsterdam midweek and neither myself or my friend are particularly into the stoner culture so we decided to buy tickets for Madame Tussauds instead.

It is quite expensive for what it is. We paid around 20 euros each for tickets purchased online in advance. It did however pass the time and keep us entertained for a good hour.

With some great photographs at the end of it...

thinktink's Profile Photo
Feb 26, 2014

Madame Tussards Museum - Dam Square

On a street corner facing Dam Square the Madame Tuscards Museum stands out. The day we visited Dam Square it was very busy with people waiting for entry outside on the pavement. We did not enter the museum.

Mikebb's Profile Photo
Dec 28, 2012

Madame Tussauds – Mingle with the stars!

We kept on walking through the museum and felt like a guest at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam most exclusive VIP Party. We posed with famous guests such as Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Robert Pattinson and Robbie Williams. Yes indeed, we mingled with the stars! Still we felt that there was not enough interaction at the museum, simply watching the statues does bore a bit after a while and we became resistant for all those star figures around us. At the end the children almost rushed along the plaster stars as they got a bit bored. Finally we were in and out within 70 minutes and that made us realize that the normal entrance fee of €95,- is way too high indeed. For us to make a decision for you whether it is worthwhile to visit Madame Tussauds is not in order, but still … there is so much more to see in Amsterdam and definitely for less money.

Do keep in mind that the opening hours are as followed: daily open from 10:00 am until 17:30 pm. There are some exceptions, but I always wonder why it closes so early. That might be disappointing whenever you are in Amsterdam hiking your way around and decide at the end of the day to visit Madame Tussauds.

Jerelis's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2012
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Madame Tussauds – An average of three months.

Once we entered the building of Madame Tussauds we immediately felt like we were in another world: the world of the rich and famous. The tour through the museum started with some famous Dutch artists and the Dutch royal family, always a pleasure and a good photo moment I guess. Our children, of course, were intrigued by the royals and some of the Dutch stars they see on the television on a daily bases. The photo camera just kept on snapping shots.

We learned from some publications that the production of a wax figure takes an average of three months once a decision has been made as to who is going to be considered for a wax likeness. They also stated that the production hardly differs from how Madame Tussauds made them herself way back in 1970. There is also a part in the museum where you can make a replica of your own hand in the plaster material, but keep in mind that the queue is rather long here as almost everybody wants this ‘hand’ to be made. Still watching the process is fascinating indeed.

Jerelis's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2012

Madame Tussauds – Where does the name come from?

Maybe a weird subject to start this tip with, but every time I hear about the Madame Tussauds Museums I just wonder where that name comes from. The answer is just as simple as it gets. The first museum in London was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud and the name used to be Madame Tussaud’s, but the apostrophe is no longer used. Today Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction in London, displaying waxworks of historical and royal figures, film stars, sports stars and infamous murderers. But there are also branches in a number of major cities, like in Amsterdam.

I have been to Amsterdam many times and the prominent spot of Madame Tussauds right in the city center always gave me the idea to visit it one day. But the be honest, the entrance fee is rather high in my opinion. Whenever I visit it with my girlfriend and the three kids it will set us back for €95,-! That is a lot of money. Lucky enough we had some discount tickets and in may 2012 I finally visited Madame Tussauds in Amsterdam.

Jerelis's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2012

Madame Tussaud Museum

A popular tourist attraction, Madame Tussauds Museum is located at the Dam square, above Peek & Clopenburg department store. More an attractive ride in an indoor amusement park, than an old fashioned wax figures cabinet, Madam Tussauds in Amsterdam has been modernized, equipped with multimedia effects, set to employ actors and extras and like any amusement park it addresses itself mainly to children and teenage visitors.
Monday to Sunday 10 A.M. – 6.30 P.M. (entrance closes - 5.30 P.M.); in July and August - longer opening hours: until 8.30 P.M. (entrance closes at 7.30 P.M.)
Closed on April 30 (Queensday); check their website opening hours on January 1 ( New Year’s Day) and May 5 (Liberation Day).
Adult - €23; seniors age 60+ - €20
Children age 5 – 15: €17.50; children age up to 5 - free
There are also Group and Family tickets, as well as School tickets and tickets for a combined visit with another attraction in Amsterdam. Please consult the Madame Tussauds website for details.

You can watch my 2 min 27 sec Video Amsterdam Madame Tussaud Museum out of my Youtube channel or here on VT.

Kuznetsov_Sergey's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2012

Madame Tussauds

There are Madame Tussauds all over the world. They all have different actors or singers or VIPs depending on where it is, for example, London, England could have The Beatles whereas Las Vegas, Nevada has Frank Sinatra and Tim McGraw.
I was over the moon to have a photograph taken with one of my favourite actresses, Julia Robberts!
When you enter, you explore Amsterdam through the ages. You get the option to go on the 'scary' way or the 'non-scary way' (they recommend people with heart defects and young children to take a different route - that's the 'non-scary' way!!).
It's actors who pose as wax people and when you get close to look, they move and make you jump! It certainly gets the heart pumping and people screaming!
The choice it yours!
There isn't a time limit as to how long you are allowed in there, and there is a great viewing window of the beautiful sqaure below.
I had a great time! Recommended for a bit of fun!

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Feb 09, 2012

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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Madame Tussaud wax museum

Have your picture taken with Marilyn Monroe, Arnold Schwarznegger, Oprah Winfrey, a Dutch celebrity or prominent historical figures such as Rembrandt or Veneer. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional judge or a pop star, take to the stage at the interactive Idols experience or get into the groove in the funky Music Zone.

If you are into all things new age, go to the floor where Wubbo Ockels, the first Dutch astronaut will welcome you. Also on the same floor you will meet Claas Janszoon, the world’s largest animatronic wax figure at 5metres tall.

For the last stop, go to the top of the building to take in the stunning views of Dam Square and the Royal Palace. Madame Tussauds is a fun family day out.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 10.00 am – 6.30 pm (entrance closes - 5.30 pm)
Open in evenings until 24:00 (must reserve in advance).

Prices (subject to change at discretion of Madame Tussaud’s)
Adult €23,00
60+ €20,00
Children 5 - 15 €17,50
Children up to 5 Free

Vanity666's Profile Photo
Jun 06, 2010

The waxworks museum

This museum offers a different way of finding out more about the history of Holland. Here, you can see how people lived during the 17th century, aka the Golden Century, meet Rembrandt himself, or some other famous artists.

There is a beautiful view of the Dam from the window on the fourth floor.

Opening hours:
Monday to Sunday 10.00 am – 6.30 pm (entrance closes - 5.30 pm)

Adult €23,00
60+ €20,00
Children 5 - 15 €17,50
Children up to 5 Free

Groups or family bookings
Pack A (2 adults, 2 kids and a Madame Tussauds Guidebook) €70,00
Pack B (2 adults, 3 kids and a Madame Tussauds Guidebook) €82,50

viddra's Profile Photo
Jan 14, 2010

Wax on - wax off

If you have been in one Madame Tussauds you may well have been in them all. Thats always assuming you can get in at all. Last year we went to London and were faced with four hour queues, so this time when we visited Amsterdam we thought we'd try again. Purchasing our tickets online beforehand, we arrived at opening time and were inside less than one minute later... much better!

After going inside and taking a lift up 4 floors, you are led through a series of rooms in which recreations of the past life and glory of Amsterdam are seen. Then through a series of rooms recreating and old pirate jail... but be warned those of a faint heart, some of the wax pirates are still alive and will jump out and grab you.

After all this excitement, its down to business as the rest of the building is taken over by famous wax people giving you an opportunity to get your photos taken with the rich and famous and infamous people the world knows so well.

darkjedi's Profile Photo
Sep 05, 2009

Madame Tussauds

The Madame Tussauds wax museum, in the Dam, apparently is a very funny and impressive museum as his "father museum" is in London. In fact it is a sucursal of the well-know British museum, which as open different branches not only the Amsterdam, but also in Berlin, New York, Shanghai... I didn't visit it because I prefered to do more typical Dutch things but I would like to do it later if I'll return to the city. There is a big circular window on top of its façade where you can see visitors there doing funny dancings to their "public" in the Dam. I don't know if there is an advertisement there or not, but almost everybody was doing some funny thing!

El museo de cera Madame Tussauds, en el Dam, parece ser muy divertido e impresinante, como su "padre", el famoso museo de Londres. En realidad este es una sucursal holandesa de aquel, que ha abierto varias sedes, no sólo en Ámsterdam, sino también en Berlín, Nueva York, Shanghai... No lo visitamos porque preferimos hacer cosas más propiamente holandesas, pero si visitara la ciudad más tarde si me gustaría entrar. Hay una gran ventana circular en lo alto de la fachada que da al Dam donde se puede ver a los visitantes del museo haciendo tonterías para su "público" en la plaza. No sé si habría algún cartel invitando a la gente a hacer el tonto, pero el caso es que casi todo el mundo hacía algo simpático.

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Sep 08, 2008

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