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Half-Day Tour of Red Light District and Jordaan District with Private Guide in Amsterdam
"Discover Amsterdam on this half-day walking tour with a private guide. Start off with the Red Light District explore the atmospheric streets and learn about the coffee shop culture the prostitution history the political issues and the city's history. Walk through the narrowest street of Amsterdam see one of the first coffee shops and condom shops in the world.Next head to the famous Jordaan district
From EUR94.00
Amsterdam Coffee Shops Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in central Amsterdam and set off to learn about the alternative culture that prevails in the city. This 2-hour walking tour wends through the Dutch metropolis visiting coffeehouses educating you on the intricacies of pot in Amsterdam and introducing you to the latest hot topics such as new urban development.Explore the different sides of Amsterdam society like the post-war housing crisis that pushed the city to try out alternative housing arrangements like houseboats and squats. Hear about the mid-1960s counterculture movements that prompted the city’s vibrant atmosphere with coffeehouses street art and more.As you walk chat to your guide about the Netherlands’ stance on marriage equality; the country was the first in the world to recognize same-sex marriage. Learn about the Coalition Project 1012 a Red Light District cleanup program
From EUR14.00
Amsterdam Red Light District Private Tour with a Local
"Discover the Red Light District during your 2-hour private tour with a local host. This is your chance to find it all out together with your own private local host to guide you through the narrow alleys and busy streets of this wonderfully curious dis on their way to school and even to bring their children to kindergarten. It’s a part of their city and no one shy’s away from it. Neither should you. Get to know this district through the eyes of a local. Your awesome local host is waiting t you’ll get to know the real stories behind the windows the famous Casa Rossa and you’ll discover various hidden spots too. You’ll definitely have something unique to share once you’re back home!  This is the plan:Meeting Point: BeurspleinHighlight 1: The most famous street of Amsterd"""Discover the untold stories about Amsterdam’s most exciting district. Most people walk around the Red Light District giggling or with a big smile on their face. No need to tell you why. But not you you’ll experience this district in the most authentic way."
From EUR17.00

Red Light District - De Wallen Tips (151)


Amsterdam is famous for its openess. This includes prostitution. The Walletjes along the Voorburghwal Canal is the center of the red light district and contains the window girls. Taking pictures of the girls will get you in trouble but I managed to sneek this discreet picture of the general area.

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Jul 27, 2003

Lindburgh "Dark Amsterdam" walking tour

I booked the Dark Amsterdam walking tour with the company on the internet before I went. The tour starts about 8pm from their main office in Damrak. A group of about 12 of us got taken around the red light district and given a potted history of the area and had the most interesting architectural features pointed out. All of which is totally irrelevant as you will be walking down the lanes thinking Oh My God, as you walk past the windows with virtually naked young women wearing flourescent bikinis under UV lights! OMG! lol

The tour included a visit to the Prostitution Information Centre, where the owner, a former Red Light District worker named Mariska Majoor wanted to provide a resource for sex workers and tourists alike. She's an attractive, intelligent woman with a plain speaking manner who happily answered questions and explained the prostitution system in Amsterdam and a little about her life.

I would normally have a few photos linked to this review but it was made quite clear at the start of the tour that any obvious photo taking held the risk of your camera being 'accidentally' bumped into the canal. Believe me you won't have time to look through a lens anyway, just savour the experience. OMG!

Price: € 21

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Sep 05, 2009

De Walletjes

"De walletjes" as de Dutch like to call the red light district is a very nice place right in the city centre. The area didn't interest me too much, but recenly I thought during the day, why not visit it right now and so I did. It was quite boring I have to say and I didn't really understand what all the fuss was about. A few weeks later I visited again, but now around 11pm, and wow the place was crowded!! When you are on Dam square you haven't a clue that so many people are visiting this are of the city. At least I had no clue. It was great with all those red lights...hence the name...haha... and all the women showing their products and trying to get your interest by ticking the windows which they are behind. This is a place I will take everyone who want to experience Amsterdam!! A real must see!

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Aug 04, 2003

Condom shop Het Gulden Vlies

This shop is a kingdom of condoms. It has all colors, shapes, sizes and flavors. Some are even hand painted and are for decoration only. You can find a surprising amount of information and books about our rubber friend, and there is even has a small condom museum.

I bought some condoms wrapped as boiled lollies when I was there, and used to put them out in a dish with real boiled lollies sometimes after a meal usually to great amusement of the guests

their motto :)

"To guard yourself from shame or fear,

Votaries to Venus, hasten here.

None in our wares ever found a flaw

Self-preservation is Nature's law."

Opening hours 11:00 - 18:00 Monday to Saturday

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Apr 28, 2007
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Hotels Near Red Light District - De Wallen

Damrak 93-94, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 LP, The Netherlands
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Damrak 96, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 LP, The Netherlands
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Gravenstraat 23-26, Amsterdam
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Warmoesstraat 129, Amsterdam, 1012 JA, The Netherlands
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Dam 9 | (formerly Grand Hotel Krasnapolsky), Amsterdam 1012 JS, The Netherlands
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Damrak 58, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, 1012 LL, The Netherlands
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Don't be afraid to look

It's not all that bad, as long as you just look. I've seen department store ads worse then this. It's a fairly safe area. We walked through in the afternoon and later at night. Don't take photos, but it's ok to look around. It's interesting to see how something we in the states see as an illegal act...or even worse, a SIN, can seem like such an everyday occurance. For a real treat, step into a "novelty" shop.

You should be prepared for well groomed men in suits asking you to watch banana shows and the like! There's also a chance someone will ask you if you're looking for cocca. These are both easily avoided.

Unless of course you're into these things!

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Jun 02, 2004

Red Light District

Wander through the most exciting district in Amsterdam. Thousands of girls displaying themselves in the windows. Tourists mix with pimps, drunks, drug dealers...

By the way, prostitution was legalised in 1810, but pimping is not legal.

If you are a girl, I am sorry, several years ago some men started to stand behind the windows, but no woman dared to enter...

Funny urinary the Dutch way: easy and useful, isn't it?

North - Sea
South - Damstrat / Oude Doelenstraat / Oude Hoogstraat
East - Zeedijk/Nieuwmarket / Kloveniersburgwal
West - Warmoesstraat

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Aug 20, 2005


Amsterdam must have a lot of cosmetic surgeons who do breast enhancements non-stop somewhere nearby. Virtually all the working girls have had some sort of enlargement. A few even have ones of comical proportions. Want a gift to take home? Get the business card of their doctor! They do a good job from what I could see!

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Mar 13, 2007


Sounds exciting doesn’t it boys? I have to say I have actually never bothered with this. I know at least 15 guys who have seen them and they said it was somewhere between boring to disgusting. Some things should just never be put in/pulled out of a sensitive area (male or female). All the guys I know said that the performers looked bored, the men on stage were always ugly freaks and ladies not too good looking. 20 years ago I was told a couple just got on a bed and did it. Now they put on a whole production on stage. Don’t bother. You are in the red light district and can do anything you want except for goats. Actually that’s not true, they sell movies of goats.

Save your money, drink beer and shout at the prostitutes from a safe distance. It’s what I do.

(And rate this tip or I'm telling your wife you were reasearching sex shows)

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Oct 07, 2010

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland"
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"Amsterdam - I love it!"
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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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World's largest Red Light District I

Amsterdam's Red Light District (RLD) is a must visit for all tourists. At Hamburg, I had always heard that ther RLD in Amsterdam is much bigger than the Reeperbahn in Hamburg which is the second largest in the world. I couldn't really imagine and just out of curiosity, I wanted to pay a visit although I was a bit concerned being a single woman traveller. My experience there, turned all speculation, all fear, all curiosity into a very beautiful memory, one that perhaps I'm going to remember all life. The experience was so different that I can really write a book on it but cannot explain. And unfortunately I could not take any photo as you are not allowed to. I would have loved to. the entire RLD is situated on the side of a canal and is composed of small dark alleys first you might be afraif of venturing into, but once you get the courage to go in, you'll like it. And believe me, its more tourism than anything else. Along both sides of the dark alleys are small windows one after another (actually more like glass doors to let clients in). Beautiful young ladies dressed (or not) in the minimum imaginable clothing, sometimes even light reflecting bikinis stand on the windows in different poses and the red-pinkish light in the room creates all the environment.

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Feb 02, 2008

casa rossa

Casa Rossa is a sex theatre In the red light district area.They called it theatre but for my opinion it's real sex.!!.I couldn't believe my eyes how could they be so relax in front of all those people.

You could get 4 drinks if you pay 45 Euro for entrance.Without drinks it's 35 euro.But if you are a couple one could pay 45 ,so both of you can drink 2 drinks.That's what we did.

And it doesn't matter where you sit.Any time you can find yourself in the show!!!.We were sitting at the back when they took my boyfriend to the stage to be a part of the show!!!

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Jul 29, 2008

Bronze Breast Sculpture

On the cobble stones surrounding the Oude Kirk is a bronze plated sculpture of a hand on a womans breast.It was placed here one night over fifteen years ago by an unknown artist who later on started to display various other art and sculptures around the city.It has since been discovered that the artist is a local Doctor who does art in his spare time.The local authorities and citizens of Amsterdam have now accepted him and his art as part of the city.The sculpure represents the women of the Red Light District.

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Mar 25, 2012

Red Light District

Amsterdam's Red Light District (RLD) must have been the cleanest RLD I have seen anywhere in the World! There is very little car noise about as the vast majority of the roads are just for pedestrians. The ladies in the windows appeared to be in a very safe environment, and warm! It was quite a cold day, but they must have had a heating system of course.

It's better this way, rather than seeing girls on the side of the roads like most places around the World.

It's a pleasure to walk around, and to just check out the fine scenery. Sometimes you hear the girls banging on the windows with a distinct metallic sound due to their rings on their fingers so they may get your attention and have some fun.

You cannot take photos of the ladies, so be aware of this. The photos I took were so none of the ladies can be seen, but I wanted something to take from this area as a memory.

It's not only all about having sex. You can also buy cannabis seeds, visit a strip club, go see a peep show, have a meal nearby, have a drink and buy a marijuana joint (or a cookie) to merrily pass the day and/or evening.

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Sep 08, 2007

Things to Do Near Red Light District - De Wallen

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Dam Square

Dam Square is the main square in the city. It's quite large and is the home to the Royal Palace. It's less than 1 km from the Central Train Station straight up Damrak. The Royal Palace on one end used...
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WOW Tours

We are the best producer of HIGH QUALITY fake and real documents. With over a billion of our documents circulating around the world. We offer only original high-quality passports, driver's licenses,...
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Koninklijk Paleis - Royal Palace

The 1st building that dominates Dam Square is the Royal Palace/ Koninklijk Paleis, built in 1648 and design by Jacob van Campen. The first Royal occupant 1808 was Loius Bonapart (brother of Napoleon)...
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After spending several interesting hours in the Rijksmuseum, we exited facing the Museumplein and crossed the intersection where I wanted to have a further look at the "I amsterdam" sign which seems...
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You are in Amsterdam and dont have money enough to visit places although you would like to do so, then this tip is your opportunity, to be acquainted with some Free Things to Do in...
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Rembrandtplein Area

The Rembrandtplein square was named after the famous dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn who actually owned a house nearby from 1639 to 1656. A statue of Rembrandt was erected in the center of the square...
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Getting to Red Light District - De Wallen


Enge Kerksteeg 3, 1012 GV Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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