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Rembrandtplein Area Tips (30)


This is the major 'entertainment' area for rowdy Amsterdammers and out-of-towners. Bars chock-a-block with people singing along to Dutch folk songs at the top of their voices, and a few large disco's with heavy security at the door. Because all bars and disco's close at the same moment, sometimes things get out of hand a bit. Strangely enough the square is surrounded by major gay spots like the iT, and just off the square is the Halvemaansteeg, a small street packed with gay bars. No problems here, so maybe Amsterdam really is a tolerant city. Also nearby is Reguliersdwarsstraat, currently the hippest nightlife street of Amsterdam.

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Nov 10, 2004


Rembrandtsplein (Rembrandt's Plaza) is truly one of my favourite places to be in Amsterdam. This large square is full of cafes and bars. In 1876 the statue of Rembrandt was put in the center of the square, giving the name (formerly the square was known as The Botermarkt).

The tram has a stop right here, named, of course, Rembrandtsplein. You can choose one of the many outside tables to have lunch, dinner, or just a snack and a drink (beer of course).

I was there exactly in the day of the football match between Holland and Germany !! :) Oddly enough, the game ended 1-1 and the day after that my itinerary took me to Germany :)

Holland is very serious about its national football team. That day every bar was orange and orang(er) than the other, to attract more customers, football fans, to watch the game. There were every kind of wear in orange, from t-shirts to socks :) I was especially amused by a hat that looked like a football field, and it also had a ball :)

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Aug 15, 2004

Theater Tuschinski

The theater was built between 1918 and 1921
Opened on 28 october 192, designed by assignment of Abraham Tuschinski, a Polish immigrant. He wanted to go to the USA but stopped ihn the netherlands. Started 4 movietheaters in Rotterdam and then wanted to devellop Amsterdam. He hired architect Hijman Louis de Jong.

The facade is sort of Art Deco, and is decorated with glased tiles and ceramic sculptures. This facade was to advertise and lure people inside. but the inside was also very luxurious and absolutely state of the art for that time. The total costs of the project were around 4.000.000 dutch guilders ( 2 million euro), much money in that time.

From 1998-2002 the building was restored external and interior. Today the Tuschinski theater has 19 rooms and over 4000 seats. It is part of the Pathé Cinemas

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Mar 26, 2004


Opened in 1921, this theatre is one of the last CINEMA CATHEDRALS in Europe.

The imposing front towers 26 mtrs. over the city.

Its style is a mixture of the Amsterdam School, Art Déco and Tuschinski ROCOCO.


Woven in the carpet is the enormous eagle.

The main auditorium seats 1,472 and more than 1,600 lightbulbs give the theatre its unique atmosphere and let me tell you that it is GREAT being there.

Here you see the hall, where on the day if the VT meeting (13th March 2004) we had tea.....just to BE there and feel emerged by the beauty and atmosphere.

The theatre is uniquely situated in the heart of AMSTERDAM, consists of the GROTE ZAAL (Main auditorium) and has another 5 is great to go shopping of to meet friends in Amsterdam and then go to TUSCHINKSI to watch a wonderful movie!

You can buy tickets at the box office but also online: which makes things easy!

You can also buy tickets in advance because there is a events calendar for a whole month...

Box offices open: daily 12.30 and you can pay cash, or with creditcard Visa, Mastercard and American Express card.

THERE ARE SPECIAL EVENTS: see calendar via the website you can let them know that you want to receive the monthly "Agenda" online EACH MONTH....

For 24,95 Euro you can buy the book: " THEATER TUSCHINSKI, RESTAURATIE VAN EEN DROOM" , a MUST for those who love TUSCHINSKI and want to know everything about its restoration.

MORE NEWS: ask for the special FAMILY TICKET: 25 Euro only for 4 persons, of whom 2 must be younger than 12 years of age.

In the wonderful hall is a bar and are lovely seats, everything in the special TUSCHINSKI STYLE........and uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh do go to the ladies- / men's rooms...........these are also in style!

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Mar 14, 2004
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Its a rainy cold evening... and you've seen enough

Sometimes you just reach those days on a trip where you just want to zone out... but you feel guilty about staying in the hotel, because afterall, you are on vacation. Why not go to a movie? In particular, why not go to Pathé Tuchinski?

This is a beautiful movie theatre. You will find that, compared to North America, many of the movies are actually a couple of months behind. But! If "that movie you really meant to see" is playing in the Large Hall, it is worth getting tickets.

It is possible to buy a beer in movie theatres in the Netherlands. Popcorn comes in two flavors: salty or sweet. Make sure you specify... because the sweet popcorn tastes really strange if you expected salty.

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May 01, 2003

K/60 Tuschinski cinema

If you like Art Deco, then this is the place to go. Tuschinski had fled Poland and wanted to emigrate to the US but halfway stayed in The Netherlands.

At first he opened four cinema's in Rotterdam and then planned to build a cinematographic palace in the capital. The architect Hijman Louis de Jong designed what was called a mondial theatre palace.
Tuschinski opened its doors in October 1921.

In the period 1998-2002 it has been completely renovated and, including modern annexes, includes 19 cinema theatres with a total of 4000 seats.

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Feb 25, 2003

K/58 First stop for drinks

By this time it was already well into the afternoon. We stopped in a little pub on the corner of Halvemaanstraat and Rembrandtplein.

The locals seemed to enjoy the loud music.
For us an opportunity to have a beer and to write postcards to absent VT friends.

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Feb 25, 2003

K/57 Rembrandt plein

This is quite a bad shot of Rembrandtplein. It is surrounded by restaurants and pubs and in the middle is a nice green park. In summer the whole pavements are full with tables and chairs.
I prefer it above Leidseplein.

In my restaurant tips I mention Indonesian restaurant Indrapura which is on Rembrandtplein.

If you ever need to have a meeting point on Rembrandt plein, then Three Sisters is a nice pub/restaurant to make an appointment.

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Feb 25, 2003

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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Utrechtsestraat is a really...

Utrechtsestraat is a really nice street just off Rembrandtsplein. It has some good restaurants (Pata Negra, Tempo Doeloe) and cafes (De Ooievaar) en interior shops, clothes shops and other interesting stuff.

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Sep 07, 2002

Cinema Tuschinski

The recently-completed multimillion-dollar renovation of the Tuschinski Theatre in Amsterdam is more than just a facelift for one of the world's great movie palaces.
Acres of art-deco murals, silk wall-hangings and tropical wood inlay, nine hundred art nouveau lamps of stained glass and bronze, furniture designed for the lounges of ocean liners, hand-woven carpeting, and a Wurlitzer theatre organ with ceiling-high pipes : these are just some of the sumptuous features of the phantasy realm of glamour and luxury created by a Jewish tailor from Poland in the heart of Amsterdam in 1921.

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Aug 25, 2002

Pay attention to visiting...

Pay attention to visiting museums. Holland is a country of great artists. One of them, Rembrandt, is especially respected. There is a monument of Rembrandt in the very center of the city. You can see it on this picture.

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Aug 24, 2002

Statues on Rembrandtplein

normally one the statue of Rembrandt was here but now also the statues of the nightwatch (nachtwacht) are here. The painting is in the rijksmuseum.

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Jul 20, 2008

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