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Sex Museum Tips (49)

Sex Museum

The Sex museum has been going for over twenty years and offers a real insite into the sensitive area of human sexuality.It has hundreds of interesting pieces of art,sculptures,exhibits,paintings and books of sex through the ages,approaching the subject through historic,scientific,cultural and humerous ways.There are lots of tiny rooms to explore the various exhibits and several hours here will be spent.

opening times-every day 9.30am till 11.30pm
Admission-4 Euros-minimum age 16

mickeyboy07's Profile Photo
Mar 16, 2012

Amsterdam's Sex Museum

This was one of the first things you might see when you arrive in Amsterdam and come out of the Centraal Station. Strangely it is perhaps one of the less gaudy exteriors on Damrak (in comparison to the burger bars and souvenir shops which surround it). It's also a lot bigger on the inside than the outside.
It's quite cheap at only 4 Euros and so perhaps worth a visit just for a laugh on your way home as it is open until gone 11pm!
It is strangely not at all sleazy. Some of it is bizarre, some funny and it does have a few interesting exhibits such as some old greek and roman artifacts. But a lot of it is quite tacky and clearly aimed at titilation.

zadunajska8's Profile Photo
Jan 15, 2012

Sex in the City

I heard about it from a friend and have google it as well. Interesting, very. On the second day in Amsterdam, we went to check out Sex Museum - Venustempel. Entrance fee was 4 euro per person. Please bear in mind, minimum age limit is 16 years old. The museum is open daily from 9.30 am to 11.30 pm.

Greeting us was the statue of Venus right at the front door looking so elegantly naked. I can't remember how many stairs the place has, but there was a time when we had to climb steep stairs to more exhibits.

In this museum, you will find all sort of things related to sex and private parts of male and female, unique objects, old photographs (you'll noticed women in the early days don't do Brazilian wax, ha3) and plenty of human wax statues in many sex related scenes.

What is so special about it? Well, you get to see sex photos, lingerie worn by women in the old days, private parts made from wax, sex toys and plenty will have to check it out yourself.

Arfah's Profile Photo
Nov 17, 2011

Skip Erotic museum.. Go to Sex museum

This one is pretty close to Central.. and bang on the main road.. it has 3/4 floors starts off with god knows thousands of personal nude pics of people followed by some special rooms/corners such as that dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, Mata Hari, prerecorded phone sex, etc etc... it also has some interesting sculptures/figurines as you can see in other pics of this tip.. :)

All in all its a laugh riot.. the last room which has semi scary stuff with some babe suddenly coming out of the wall like a horror room, arms aflung.. :)

It costs about 3 euro.. needless to say it doesn't admits kids :) but then adult here 16 and over

vickss's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2009
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Eyes open now!

The Sex Museum (not to be confused with the Erotic Museum in the Red Light District) is on Damrak next to where the tourist boats ply their trades.

Most sex museums tend to follow the same theme funnily enough and this one is no exception. There are 3 floors of exhibits including erotic photographs, erotic videos, erotic objects, etc. – everything from giant dildos to a mechanical “flasher”.

Some of the items being quite explicit & eye-opening and you are sure to find something you haven't seen before as the tour takes you from ancient Greece up to the present day. Its ok to take photos inside and it isn't really that sleezy and is usually filled with gawking tourists. The only perverts there are part of the displays.

Entry: € 3

darkjedi's Profile Photo
Sep 05, 2009

You Just Gotta Go!!

Also known as Venustempel, this is the world's first and oldest sex museum. The theme was sex through the ages. There were 3 floors of exhibits including erotic photographs, erotic recordings, erotic objects, etc. – everything from Kama Sutra to a mechanical “flasher”. All the halls and galleries in the museum are named after historical figures from the history of eroticism, such as Casanova Gallery, Fanny Hill Street, and Marquis De Sade Hall.

Some things were funny, some were odd, and some were really out there but it was very interesting. Don't worry about being embarrased; you will find people of all ages from all around the world in this museum. And there is probably something in there that you haven't seen before!

Open 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Minimum Age: 16 years

Admission: 3 Euros

All visitor information was correct as of this writing.

Donna_in_India's Profile Photo
May 15, 2009

The Sex Museum

A fabulous little two house two-story museum dedicated to sex, erotica, and the history of the arts through the ages. From prehistoric application, to the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians to modern day Amsterdam, one can walk through the history of copulation and play through the ages. It is also the world's first and oldest sex museum, the "Venustempel" in Amsterdam. A leading museum on the theme of sensual love with an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings, photographs and even attractions. All of the exhibits have been gathered together personally by the owners and can be viewed in their 17th century property on the Damrak. The collection is continually growing. One of my favorite stops in Amsterdam. Rating: 4 stars out of 5.

leafmcgowan's Profile Photo
Apr 28, 2009

Sex Museum

The world's first and oldest sex museum was opened in 1985. Inside the building there's a labyrinth of rooms & corridors full of objects & images depicting sex through the ages. I remember some of the items being quite explicit & eye-opening. I did visit though in an age before the internet, so some of them may seem to be quite tame nowadays.

Obviously I only visited to escape the rain. If you do have a bit of time to spare though & fancy visiting a museum with a difference, it's worth a look in.

tim07's Profile Photo
Mar 08, 2009

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The Sex Museum

This place wasnt on my list of must sees but after our dinner cruise on the cannals we got off and werent tired. We were walking back to the hotel and we saw this place. We decided to check it out. It was very entertaining. I thought it was very funny. It isnt sleazy or anything like that and this place is rather big. There are about 3 floors each with different eras in the evolution of sex and different societies and different fettishes. You can take all the pictures you like and admission is only about 3euro.
Its obviously not a place for kids but it is a fun place to visit if you have some time to kill.

malianrob's Profile Photo
Nov 24, 2008

Sexmuseum: worth a quick look

Sexmuseum, Amsterdam. An interesting collection of items relating to sex in different cultures and versions. It is not displayed in a "scientific" way, ie strictly chronologically but it is overall classified to themes and keeps things interesting for the most part. Has lots of photos, some doll displays (eg of old brothels), old cards, reproductions of vases and plates with erotic scenes etc. I happened to walk by and saw it. I found it interesting and would recommend it but it is perhaps something you can live without. It takes 30 to 50 minutes to see it, costs 3 euro. Closes around 10pm if I remember correctly, so you can leave it for later in the day.
April 2008.

Panos1111's Profile Photo
Apr 30, 2008

The much hyped Sex Museum

I didnt feel gr8...may be I went with much expectation after hearing from many channels? Its ok to see all the old photgraphs dated begining of 20th century!!! Anyway the enterance is only EUR 3, so no issues...if some on asks...then you can say 'I have been there' :)

chennaismartguy's Profile Photo
Apr 16, 2008

Bizarre, scary and disturbing.

Dont go to Amsterdams Sex museum if very graphic and painful images will ruin your day.

On second thought, just avoid the bondage section, which has painful screams playing on speakers. ahhhhrrghh!

Under the right influence it can be riot...

seasonedveteran's Profile Photo
Apr 01, 2008

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