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Amsterdam City Center Private Historical Walking Tour
"Once you meet your private guide at a designated meeting point you will head off to explore some of the little-known secrets of this city: the quaint quiet corners; tranquil tree-lined plazas and private courtyards. Your guide will also share priceless tips helpful advice and cultural insights bringing an insider´s expertise to your visit to Amsterdam.On the tour you will see: the Dam Square Wester & Old Church & Hidden Churches
From EUR105.00
Amsterdam Private Bike Tour with a Local
"Meet your private guide near Amsterdam Centraal Station at a time convenient to you. Then hop onto your bike and head into the city to begin your cycling tour. Widely considered among Europe’s most cycle-friendly cities Amsterdam is a wonderful place to explore by bike!Pedal along seemingly endless cycle lanes through diverse districts such as Chinatown the Jewish District Jordaan and Nieuwmarkt and admire the striking architecture for which the city is famous.During your tour take in popular landmarks including the Houten Huys — the oldest house in Amsterdam — the Nationale Opera & Ballet and the 17th-century Trippenhuis
From EUR35.00
Private Amsterdam Highlights and Hidden Gems Walking Tour with a Local
"Enjoy Amsterdam to its fullest during your private highlights tour with a twist. Your local guide will amaze you with all the hidden gems of this city; they’re just around the corner of all the must-visits. But they are kept away from the touristy crowds with a reason.  Wander past all famous monuments while you get to know all historical facts and unique local insights about them. And of course we’ve also taken care of your appetite by including a Dam Square and the previously mentioned famous Flowermarket. But what’s best about this tour is those unique places they take you to. A beautiful hidden chapel  one of the best sandwich you’ll ever have and an gigantic statue near Rembrandts house that most people don’t know of. This is the plan:Meeting Point: BeurspleinStop 1:Walk around the famous Dam SquareStop 2:Visit a bea""Visit Amsterdam’s beautiful highlights during your private tour of the city while discovering hidden local spots along the way with your local guide! Get to know the history and stories of the city like a local.   title=Highlights&1=Private%2C+3-hour+walking+tour+of+Amsterdam&2=Learn+the+fascinating+history+behind+the+city%27s+famous+landmarks&3=Stroll+through+the+beautiful+Flower+Market&4=Visit+a+hidden+medieval+chapel+in+the+Begijnhof&5=Savor+a+favorite+local+sna
From EUR25.00

Anne Frank House Tips (7)

Ann Frankhuis

This was on our wish list. Probably its on most visitors’ hit list.

It’s on the route we’d walk from the apartment to the Dam area. We went past several times wondering what the huge queue was for. I thought maybe a cinema.

Only after seeing this phenomenon 2 or 3 times did we realise the queue was for the Ann Frankhuis. I’ve no idea how long people were having to wait, but in length it was 200-400 metres every time we passed.

I don’t know if you can skip the queue by buying tickets online or by paying extra. We decided we weren’t interested even if that were possible - we’d just be joining a queue of people shuffling around inside the house.

We gave it a miss. Pity..

Unique Suggestions Sorry, no solution I can offer.

Fun Alternatives I think it's unique and that's the point, so...

iaint's Profile Photo
Jan 27, 2015

Well worth a visit - get tickets online, though

Definitely one of the highlights of our recent trip to Amsterdam. The museum is very respectfully done, since Anne's father, Otto - the only surviving family member - was very involved in setting it up and wanted it kept sparse, so that it wouldn't become a Disney-like version of itself, and to maintain the focus on the message, rather than allowing it to become a mere tourist attraction.

Unique Suggestions Be sure to get tickets online (or at the Centraal train station at the Tourist Info office in the building out back) in advance, though - then there is NO wait (just ring the doorbell at the front of the building and someone will let you in) and you can skip the very long line of (uninformed) fellow tourists. Online tickets were already sold out for the whole week we were there, so we went at 5 p.m. and waited all of 25 minutes in line.

Fun Alternatives To get a better feeling for the context of the Dutch resistance during WWII, also visit the Dutch Resistance Museum - lots of reading, little interaction, but a whole lot of realia and information - also worth a visit.

Jan 01, 2011

Get ready to queue up!

I was really interested in visiting Anna Frank's house when in Amsterdam but after noticing the loooooong queue in front, I made up my mind and didn't wait. Do you think it's really worth queueing for hours? Some people who went in told me it wasn't interesting at all. Up to you!

Unique Suggestions Well, if after all you decide to go in... patience, my friend! (or either try and jump the queue...)

Fun Alternatives Walk somewhere else and enjoy real Amsterdam.

ANUSKY's Profile Photo
Oct 31, 2005

Anne Frank House

On Summer days long lines of people, mostly foreign tourists, await anyone who wants to see 'where it all happened'. A young girl and her family lived here in hiding for several years because the outside world was no longer safe for them because they were jews. Eventually they found out that they were not safe here either. It's one of the important stories of the 20th century and the message is a highly important one, no question about that. However, think again if you really want to see this place so badly that you want to spend precious time waiting until you can get in. You'll have seen the place itself within an hour, which does keep the lines moving but also makes the fee of 6,50 euro a bit expensive. If you go, why not try the evenings, the place is open until 9 in the Summer.

Unique Suggestions I must disagree when anyone says that you absolutely MUST visit this place. As if it's politically incorrect not to. Go ahead if you want to go there, but allow me to explain why I have second feelings about it. It's more than a museum or a monument. There is an organization behind it that has made it its goal to spread the message the story of Anne Frank is telling. Good for them, if only they would stick to that. Sometimes they're crossing borders where they should not. They condemned a rightwing political party for example, even though there was nothing racist about it ("they're rightwing and therefore scary, but not racist" to quote them). I wouldn't have voted for that party anyway but I don't need some club to tell me that I can't and I definitely don't need them to generalize like this. Also, they have cooperated with CIDI in the past, a very biased pro-Israel/anti-Palestine organization which is not devoid of racism itself, which really makes me wonder what the true message of Anne Frank is to them. They definitely have their own definition of "racism". A matter of double standards?

Fun Alternatives Read the book or see the film.

OlafS's Profile Photo
Oct 15, 2004
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Ann Frank House

Maybe I'm cynical, but there really didn't seem to be very much here. All there really seemed to be was a bunch of black and white photos and some recycled pictures of nazis and concentration camps.

Unique Suggestions If you must go here, go right to the gift shop, its got a lot of good books.

Fun Alternatives Take a canal cruise and look at it from the water.

dlandt's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2003

The Anne Frank Museum. I felt...

The Anne Frank Museum. I felt that the heart and soul of the Anne Frank house had all but disappeared as the house is no longer visible in it's original form. It has been encased in a shroud of silver metal and modern glass giving it a futuristic feel quite inappropriate to the subject matter within. I left with a feeling that I had not really been allowed to empathise with Anne and I had learnt less from my tour of the house itself than from the movie!

JulesH's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Anne Frank House - Everyone...

Anne Frank House - Everyone should see it, but they have changed it so much from the first time I saw it 5 years now has a facade that covers up the orginal structure. I think it makes it harder to appreciate the signifigance of their experience. They have, however, added some computer terminals with high-tech software enabling you to look in depth at the house. It is something everyone should see, but it has become quite a tourist trap.

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Aug 25, 2002

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