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Red Light District Tips (16)

Red light district

In the summer this place is heaving with tourists and where there are lots of tourists there are lots of undesirables such as heroin junkies, aggressive beggars, pickpockets and some real ugly looking prostitutes and seriously if you ain't going there for sex there no point going.

Unique Suggestions If you have to go do it in the early evening as it is slightly quieter, leave all valuables at the hotel keep an eye on your wallet, bags and cameras

Fun Alternatives There are better places to spend your time in Amsterdam,such as the Vondelpark,Leidseplein,The flower market or one of the many bars in the Jordaan area

Kennymac's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2010

Skid Row

Be careful around the red light and areas immediately east of the Damrak late at night...
The smaller streets (or alleyways as one may call them) are reminiscent of the place where Batmans parents were killed...
The area is archtechually beautiful and there are some great businesses,
but just stick to the more well lit and populated streets at night..

And DON'T get a room in this area, especially any of the hostels or places such as psycho-wards, quarentines , rehabs, flop houses or animal cages disguised as hotels or hostels in the area.. Warmoestraat particularly..

Unique Suggestions Honestly, carry a weapon and be agressive to your agressors..
Keep your eyes to yourself and keep your perifial vision and your ears open.. ie: don't wear a hood..

Fun Alternatives Get a room outside of the Oudzijd/ Red Light

AuTourDuMonde32's Profile Photo
Dec 20, 2005

Eating in Red Light.!

This is not recommended,I went to red light 3 times in my stay in Amsterdam and tried to eat there twice but didnt enjoy with the food taste.

its is not recommended to eat in the red light.

Fun Alternatives you can eat either in Dam square or Damrak or Liedsplien

I prefer Damrak myself.
but coffee shops I prefer Liedsplien

siso010's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2005

Cocain in the street.!

once you are walking in the Red Light Dist. you will find black skin people almost from Africa or Surinam stopping you in the street and asking if you want some Cocain or X-tacy for good prices.
they are not beggers,once you tell them NO thank you I dont sniff Cocain he will leave you .
dont be afraid just its amazing thing to see.

siso010's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2005
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Red Light Area

This area is famous for its window prostitution, which is legal in Holland.
The windows are illuminated by red lights, hence the name. Though you might suspect otherwise this section of town isn't really that seedy, and it's a very common sight to see a busload of tourists take an organized tour of the district.
Besides the windows the area sports various 'erotic' bars and theaters.

Unique Suggestions Just walk around the district to have a's part of touristic Amsterdam this too!!!

Polly74's Profile Photo
Feb 09, 2005

The red light district

Prostitutes openly showing their business to the public, that's the main feature of this area. It's also one of the most popular attractions of Amsterdam. As if there aren't any places like this anywhere else in the world. Perhaps not as big as this one, that's possible. There are even a few more in Amsterdam that you may suddenly find yourself in when you stray off the obvious paths.

Although I regret deeply that many tourists coming to Amsterdam are only interested in coffeeshops and this part of the centre (and perhaps the Anne Frankhouse for their conscience) it is worth a quick look. That's 'a look' people. Not 'taking pictures', which is the recipe to get into trouble here. You're entitled to have your opinion about their job but try to treat the ladies with a bit of respect.

My wife and me were amazed to see how pretty some of these girls are, and how ugly some others. With all those tourists walking by I only wonder if they're doing much business. Contrary to what many people seem to think attending prostitutes is not a socially accepted thing in The Netherlands! Not in Amsterdam, not anywhere else. Any man who admits to go to these women will have to deal with contempt. An Amsterdam politician lost his job because of it.

Oh, and if you go there (admit it, you will) watch out extra for pickpockets and other thieves. Prostitution is legal, but it's still a grey area close to crime.

OlafS's Profile Photo
Oct 14, 2004

more like a venis fly trap

OK we all come here and see the red light district and it is no doubt a must see, a virtual Disney land for men, but more than that it's just fun, filled with loads of tourist window shopping.

Unique Suggestions It is too much fun. if you are with a few friends or just people watching it's a good time, of course you could actually get a girl there, if you are not too embarrassed.

Fun Alternatives well the big alternative to the Red Light is nothing because if you come to Amsterdam and don't visit here you are crazy, you don't have to do anything but at least see it, it is fun for both sexes and it is very unique.

rawfooddude's Profile Photo
Jun 15, 2004

Be Careful !!!!

The FAMOUS Red Light District....well, it's all true from what you've heard. The girls are out and ready for business.(remeber it's legal in Amsterdam)....There are all kind of women here from the ugly fat girl, to the drop dead gorgeous women.......the word here is CAREFUL !!!! don't travel by yourself into the RLD, watch out for pickpockets, and stay away from the drug dealers. Not for the young or families but a must see !!!!! OH and don't forget NO PICTURES !!!!! unless you want to end up in the hospital or in a canal !!!!!

Unique Suggestions As you reach the Red Light District people start to ask if you speak English, which is a very dumb question....ALL DUTCH people are taught English from a small age, so they speak English. Once you acknowledge one of these shady people they try to sell you Ecatasy, cocaine, heroin, the whole deal, they work in teams and might corner you and rob you....just IGNORE THEM !!!! walk right past them and don't make eye contact

jlanza29's Profile Photo
May 03, 2004

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland"
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"Amsterdam - I love it!"
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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Live S*x Show

Curious to experience all Amsterdam had to offer, we headed to Casa Rosso, reputedly the best live sex show in Amsterdam (

The show took place in a small theatre style room. There were 7 "acts" to the show, though you could stay as long as you liked If you wanted to watch the same acts over again.

There were 3 "novelty" acts and 4 "live sex" acts. The novelty acts involved props such as banana's and lit candles.... The live sex was not at all erotic - a little to choreographed....

Unique Suggestions was worth a look, but it wasn't cheap at approximately 25euros....even dearer if you wanted to have a drink while watching.

Better to drink else where before and after the show

Fun Alternatives have your own private show back at your hotel
; )

sue_stone's Profile Photo
Apr 19, 2004

The Banana Bar..

You pay a high price to get in, something like 50e for 1 hour time limit. They ask you what you drink and then give you the appropriate glass.The drinks are then free, if you can get the attention of on of the nude or semi-nude girls on the bar. The girls are more interested in doing mini shows for which they charge anything from 10e upwards, depending on what you want.

Unique Suggestions Stand back and watch but dont get involved.

Fun Alternatives La viene Rose ,up a little ally next to Sexyland,behind the Old Church charges , I think 5e entrance, and no time limit. You get basically the same show, with topless bar staff and shows on the bar. You have to pay for drinks, but just have one drink and see whats happening. Much better value than the Banana Bar.

geoffboxer's Profile Photo
Mar 04, 2004


The Red Light District is FULL of tourists at night but it does have to be seen to be believed. I've never seen anything like it, its not just girls on the street corner in their short skirts and fishnets! I would advise anyone to at least have a quick walk along one of the main canals - even my mum wanted to see it when we went. She didn't want to say she had been to Amsterdam but not seen the most famous thing there!

hevbell's Profile Photo
Feb 08, 2004

The Pen!s Fountain...does size matter?

Well, in this case, size mattered to me. A little history here...My husband took his first trip to Amsterdam before I even moved to Europe. When I looked through the pictures I saw a picture of this huge pen!s-shaped water fountain, and I was intrigued. Then came my first trip to Amsterdam...a girls' weekend out. So I asked my tourguide friend about this fountain, and she promised to show it to me. She described it to me, right down to the marble 'balls' that spin due to water pressure, and which are removed at night (so as not to get stolen, see). Boy, was I disappointed! Sorry to say, the fountain is tiny, not the huge thing that it looked to be in my husband's picture. He must have been very close when he took that picture!

Unique Suggestions All of that complaining aside, it is a sight to see. Most people visiting Amsterdam check out the Red Light District anyway, so why not check out the fountain if you're there? At least do not get up onto the fountain stand, wrap your arms around it, and kiss the tip while posing for a I saw a woman do while I was there. A picture of the pen!s fountain is one thing....

Fun Alternatives If you absolutely must see a giant pen!s while you're in Amsterdam, please check out the Sex Museum (see my Venustempel tip for reference!). They have a (fake) pen!s there that's got to be over 6 feet tall...if size matters to you. ; )

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Jan 28, 2004

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