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Bicycle - Cycling Tips (116)

That will be the good ol'...

That will be the good ol' reliable BICYCLE. Lots of places offering them for rent by the day or week. One of the better known shops is MacBike of course which has shops in Waterlooplein, Leidseplein and the Marnixstraat. If you're not up to cycling around Amsterdam yourself, you can always join a tour - Yellow Bike tours are the most popular among tourist. Do watch out for pedestrians and other bikes. A note of advice: the locals do generally dislike any tourists on bikes. But as long as you watch out for traffic and not occupy the entire bike path, you should be fine.

Oct 11, 2004

Why are all the bikes so old?

Amsterdam is known as the City of Bikes, since there are over one million on the streets today,curiously more than the number of residents. The typical bike of Amsterdam is called an Oma-fiets (Granny Bike). No need for mountain bikes here as there are no mountains in the Netherlands, and if you have had one (a mountain bike) it would likely to be stolen within 24 hours. Bikes here are often old and rusty because of the weather and of bike theft. The rule of thumb here is to spend more on a lock or preferably more locks than the bike itself, seriously.
The bikes are also mainly used as a mean of transportation and not as mean of recreation. You will be quicker to get from one point to the other in the city with the bike than you would with public transportation or car.
Another interesting fact is that near the end of world word II, while fleeing the city from advancing Canadian troops (eh?), the Germans (don’t mention the Germans ;-) stole virtually every bike they could get their hands on. The few remaining bikes developed a status that survives to this day “the older the better” tradition. And yes, the Dutch still want their bikes back!

phi78's Profile Photo
Oct 30, 2004

Bycicle, Bycicle, ....

This could be a warning as well: when you are not used to have bicycles everywhere in the streets, keep attention. There are mostly everywhere special bike ways between streets and boardwalk, often as well combined with the boardwalk, so, especially when crossing a street, don´t forget to have an eye for the bikers.

ok, but next to this little warning, take the chance to rent a bike in AMS. It is the best possibility to go around in the city and the surroundings. In your hostel or hotel you will surely find information material where to rent a bike, there are several places. One example is linked at the bottom.
Impressive are the bike places near the main station. Hundreds of bikes are here over 2 or more floors.

chancay's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Bicylcle Race

Cycling is a very popular way to get around in Amsterdam. As such, there is a very efficient and cycle friendly road/cycle lane system. Though very dangerous for the unsuspecting pedestrian (see warnings and dangers) it is very fast, economic travel if you fancy it.

Bicylcle rental is readily available all round the city, and often via your hotel/hostel.

Meadows11's Profile Photo
Mar 09, 2005
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bicycle is your way ?

There are tuns of ways to get around amsterdam! The bicycle was something that I needed to ajust to quick or else someone will run you over because you are in the way of the bicycle. They are all over and it is a good way to get around and see the city.

paddymc09's Profile Photo
Mar 13, 2005

Hell on Wheels!

The first thing I noticed when stepping out of the metro station for the first time, the bikes! They were everywhere! Very few cars, relatively speaking, even at rush hour. I have to say that after the initial shock, I loved riding my bike around the city, it's a great way to see amsterdam and the roads are very accomadating for bicycles. Of course, you can always get yourself a suped up phonebooth like the one in the picture!

416Guy's Profile Photo
Mar 06, 2004

Bicycling in A'dam

Amsterdam has four ways to get around as a tourist: taxi, tram, foot, and bicycle, the last being the most fun.

Taxi costs, in Euros, run 6 to 12 Euro for a inter city taxi ride from one neighbourhood to another, to 36 euro if going to Schipol airport from the city centre.

Nothing wrong with walking Amsterdam, and jumping trams using a day pass to motivate among the neighbourhoods.

But bike riding- rent a bike at central station or one of the many bike rental centres at youth hostels, and you can quickly cross town, dart through the pedestrians, zip between cafes and night clubs.

Merry_Prankster's Profile Photo
Jun 09, 2004

Best Bicycle Rental in Amsterdam

The people at Bike City are great but the best part is that they rent you bikes that look like all the other bikes in Amsterdam. Some of the other places paint their bikes a certain color so you stick out like a big tourista. I would recommend that you rent the three speed version because occasionally you do have to go up and over some canals and those lower speeds help a lot.

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Jul 05, 2004

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"Amsterdam - I love it!"
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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Biking in A`dam

The fastest way to travel is by bike. There are several addresses around town where you can hire (rent) a bike, for very reasonable prices. Traditionally, Dutch bikes have no hand-brakes, but back-pedal brakes. If you think you can't handle this, ask the hirer for a bike with hand-brakes.

When cycling, cross tram lines at a good angle to avoid getting your wheel caught in the rail. For obvious reasons, lock your bike to something solid when leaving it unattended, and lock the frame, not just the front wheel (otherwise they unbolt your front wheel, take your frame and someone else's front wheel, and have a complete bike).

When hiring a bike, you will be required to pay a deposit, and you should take some form of identification. Addresses:

Bike City, Bloemgracht 68 (Westerkerk), 6263721
Damstraat Rent a Bike, P Jacobszoondwarsstraat 11 (Dam), 6255029.
Macbike, Marnixstraat 220, 6266964. and Mr. Visserplein 2 (Waterlooplein), 6200985

isolina_it's Profile Photo
Jan 13, 2003


the whole of amsterdam looks ultra clean- maybe because most people use cycling as a way of transport? But BEWARE cyclists have the right of way and they are the fastest bike i've seen! try and keep off the cycle lanes or end up with a few bruises on your legs!!!!

Jul 31, 2003

Join amsterdammer's passion!

Yes, most locals go around the city in bicycle. It's a great place to do that, since every street has an area for bikes, and the distances are small.

So... let's rent a bike and join them to discover Amsterdam in a bike! There a lot of place to rent one. I used MacBike and it was fine. They have offer if you rent it for more than 1 day.

But... if you are not used to drive a bike inside a city, maybe you will be a bit scared of it. They are very used, so sometimes it's a bit crazy. Don't loose the chance, rent it only for a couple of hours and drive around Vondelpark, this is safe enough and other wise, wouls be very hard to see the park on foot, cause it's very big.

morganna's Profile Photo
Aug 15, 2003


Amsterdam is a city of cyclists. Bikes have right of way and Amsterdam is so flat even the most novice of bike riders will find it an easy and pleasant way to get from A to B. You can rent a bike at about 10 euros a day, sometimes even from the hostel! Otherwise you could buy a bike for 5 euros from a junkie and just leave it unlocked when you're done with it, for another junkie to pick up and sell on.
Note: the latter way of obtaining a bike is only recommended for those who don't mind mixing with and supporting heroin addicts ...

Rosie-o's Profile Photo
Oct 23, 2003

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