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Amsterdam City Center Private Historical Walking Tour
"Once you meet your private guide at a designated meeting point you will head off to explore some of the little-known secrets of this city: the quaint quiet corners; tranquil tree-lined plazas and private courtyards. Your guide will also share priceless tips helpful advice and cultural insights bringing an insider´s expertise to your visit to Amsterdam.On the tour you will see: the Dam Square Wester & Old Church & Hidden Churches
From EUR105.00
Amsterdam Private Bike Tour with a Local
"Meet your private guide near Amsterdam Centraal Station at a time convenient to you. Then hop onto your bike and head into the city to begin your cycling tour. Widely considered among Europe’s most cycle-friendly cities Amsterdam is a wonderful place to explore by bike!Pedal along seemingly endless cycle lanes through diverse districts such as Chinatown the Jewish District Jordaan and Nieuwmarkt and admire the striking architecture for which the city is famous.During your tour take in popular landmarks including the Houten Huys — the oldest house in Amsterdam — the Nationale Opera & Ballet and the 17th-century Trippenhuis
From EUR35.00
Private Amsterdam Highlights and Hidden Gems Walking Tour with a Local
"Enjoy Amsterdam to its fullest during your private highlights tour with a twist. Your local guide will amaze you with all the hidden gems of this city; they’re just around the corner of all the must-visits. But they are kept away from the touristy crowds with a reason.  Wander past all famous monuments while you get to know all historical facts and unique local insights about them. And of course we’ve also taken care of your appetite by including a Dam Square and the previously mentioned famous Flowermarket. But what’s best about this tour is those unique places they take you to. A beautiful hidden chapel  one of the best sandwich you’ll ever have and an gigantic statue near Rembrandts house that most people don’t know of. This is the plan:Meeting Point: BeurspleinStop 1:Walk around the famous Dam SquareStop 2:Visit a bea""Visit Amsterdam’s beautiful highlights during your private tour of the city while discovering hidden local spots along the way with your local guide! Get to know the history and stories of the city like a local.   title=Highlights&1=Private%2C+3-hour+walking+tour+of+Amsterdam&2=Learn+the+fascinating+history+behind+the+city%27s+famous+landmarks&3=Stroll+through+the+beautiful+Flower+Market&4=Visit+a+hidden+medieval+chapel+in+the+Begijnhof&5=Savor+a+favorite+local+sna
From EUR25.00

Pickpockets Tips (86)

Decisions are not easy while you're here

Most already know, beware of the pickpocketers everywhere, secure your valuables and act like a local, and be careful of those on the street that'll try to sell you their 'goods'. (But...that's in ANY city or country you're visiting as a tourist, isn't it??)

The real danger that you'll encounter here is: deciding which direction to go first...
There are so many things to do in Amsterdam, so many museums and sites to see, finding a sign like the one pictured here will most likely happen to you, too.
Hmmm, Van Gogh or Stedelijk? Van Gogh or....
Now, where did I put those tickets? ;-)

adambeau's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2002

I read in all of the tourist...

I read in all of the tourist books to be very careful in Amsterdam of pickpockets. There are signs posted in most of the busy tourists area's to beware of pickpockets. I was warned in the airport to beware of pickpockets on the train from the airport to the city. These warning are not to be taken lightly. Although my traveling companions and I thought we were cautious we found ourselves robbed within ten minutes of leaving the airport. My companion had a small leather briefcase sitting in his lap. The case contained our passports, return airline tickets, and information about the conference he was attending. As we sat on the train a group of young boys entered our train car, made a commotion, grabbed the bag and ran. Luckily we did not lose any credit cards or cash, but we did lose our passports and return airline tickets. It took two days to get new passports made at the American Consulates office. It was a little more difficult getting the airline tickets replaced. It took us several days to get them replaced. After this initial shock, the rest of our stay was wonderful. Amsterdam was a very safe and friendly city. But beware and be careful in area's where they post the pickpocket warnings.

littlesam1's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2002

Well I have been nearly robbed...

Well I have been nearly robbed in front of the youth hostel, and my sister´s friend also was robbed in front of his house. So it´s not the safest place in Europe! The police didn´t care a thing about us, when we were running away those days in 1991. I hope that something has changed since than.

Bigs's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2002

Sad to say, but theft is quite...

Sad to say, but theft is quite rampant in Amsterdam. Whether you're in a pub or restaurant, keep your bag or belongings close to you i.e. on your lap or between your legs.

DON'T ever leave anything unattended! Also BEWARE of teams of thieves where one will distract you whilst the other steals your valuables and cash!

Photo Below: That's yours truly at the fishing village of VOLENDAM... Nice place, I must admit.

Krystynn's Profile Photo
Sep 12, 2002
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Pickpocket-danger (as usual) in busy places

Pickpocketers find Amsterdam a paradise. Don't put your wallet in a visible place (backpocket trousers) and keep bags tight.
De Walletjes indeed are a touristic attraction in Amsterdam, but people that think it is wise to use the photo- or videocamera while walking the red-light-streets are in for an unpleasant surprise. The 'local working class' will take action, so beware and show respect by not making pictures here.

Pavlik_NL's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

Amsterdam is quite a safe...

Amsterdam is quite a safe city. It is easy to see who is a tourist or not, and they get special attention from people who want to rob you. So watch your camera's, don't put valueble things in your pockets and especially in crowded trams or busses beware of pickpockets.
Furthermore if you rent a bike watch out your tires don't get into the tram rails.

Marky_Mark's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2002

As in most cities, pickpockets...

As in most cities, pickpockets are active in Amsterdam. Central Station, the Red Light District, Kalverstraat and the Squares are popular areas for them to hang out. Though there is usually quite some police, you really should be careful.

Gypsy_Saskia's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

Watch out for pickpockets....

Watch out for pickpockets. Never leave your luggage out of site at Amsterdam/Schiphol Airport or the train/subwaystations! Never put your money in a bag or a pocket in the back of you trousers.

Also don't take drugs from people on the streets. Remember drugs are officialy illegal here, you can only smoke it in so called coffeeshops.

Don't go into dark alleys at night, it's not safe!

On the picture: here I am standing at Dam Square. Behind me you can get a glimpse of the royal palace.

sandravdp's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2002

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"God made the Dutch, but the Dutch made Holland"
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"Amsterdam - I love it!"
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"Amsterdam, is it real?"
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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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As with any place, watch out...

As with any place, watch out for pickpockets. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially when you have money out or you will find yourself being approached by people who wish to liberate you from that money. The Red Light District is pretty safe but you will probably have someone offer to sell you drugs. Don't take any pictures of the girls in the windows or you will risk a broken camera or worse.

Sep 02, 2002

Sadly the same warning as many...

Sadly the same warning as many others on here about the crime. Pick pockets everywhere - keep everything very close and in inside/zipped or buttoned pockets. I had my air ticket and passport stolen and only discovered this 30 mins before my flight home was due to take off !!! That was an experience. Also the red light district does feel less safe than the one in Hamburg although I dare say both have their criminal element. Also heard of a group of guys threatened at knife point by drug dealers

stefank60's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

While I was there, I ran into...

While I was there, I ran into another traveler who had gotten mugged as he walked to the hostel. There was some guy lurking in the doorway of one of the apartments who surprised him as he was walking down the street in broad daylight, put a knife to his throat and stole all his money. Always be aware of your surroundings especially around the red light dist. and the park.

groovy_23's Profile Photo
Aug 26, 2002

Do be aware of pickpockets in...

Do be aware of pickpockets in Amsterdam, also on your way from the airport to Amsterdam, they are very active.

When visiting Amsterdam, especially in the Red Light District, people might propose drugs. Never accept this, most of the time it will be rubbish (not own experience).

Aug 26, 2002

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