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Amsterdam City Center Private Historical Walking Tour
"Once you meet your private guide at a designated meeting point you will head off to explore some of the little-known secrets of this city: the quaint quiet corners; tranquil tree-lined plazas and private courtyards. Your guide will also share priceless tips helpful advice and cultural insights bringing an insider´s expertise to your visit to Amsterdam.On the tour you will see: the Dam Square Wester & Old Church & Hidden Churches
From EUR105.00
Amsterdam Private Bike Tour with a Local
"Meet your private guide near Amsterdam Centraal Station at a time convenient to you. Then hop onto your bike and head into the city to begin your cycling tour. Widely considered among Europe’s most cycle-friendly cities Amsterdam is a wonderful place to explore by bike!Pedal along seemingly endless cycle lanes through diverse districts such as Chinatown the Jewish District Jordaan and Nieuwmarkt and admire the striking architecture for which the city is famous.During your tour take in popular landmarks including the Houten Huys — the oldest house in Amsterdam — the Nationale Opera & Ballet and the 17th-century Trippenhuis
From EUR35.00
Private Amsterdam Highlights and Hidden Gems Walking Tour with a Local
"Enjoy Amsterdam to its fullest during your private highlights tour with a twist. Your local guide will amaze you with all the hidden gems of this city; they’re just around the corner of all the must-visits. But they are kept away from the touristy crowds with a reason.  Wander past all famous monuments while you get to know all historical facts and unique local insights about them. And of course we’ve also taken care of your appetite by including a Dam Square and the previously mentioned famous Flowermarket. But what’s best about this tour is those unique places they take you to. A beautiful hidden chapel  one of the best sandwich you’ll ever have and an gigantic statue near Rembrandts house that most people don’t know of. This is the plan:Meeting Point: BeurspleinStop 1:Walk around the famous Dam SquareStop 2:Visit a bea""Visit Amsterdam’s beautiful highlights during your private tour of the city while discovering hidden local spots along the way with your local guide! Get to know the history and stories of the city like a local.   title=Highlights&1=Private%2C+3-hour+walking+tour+of+Amsterdam&2=Learn+the+fascinating+history+behind+the+city%27s+famous+landmarks&3=Stroll+through+the+beautiful+Flower+Market&4=Visit+a+hidden+medieval+chapel+in+the+Begijnhof&5=Savor+a+favorite+local+sna
From EUR25.00

Red Light District Tips (41)

Keep the camera in the case

Photographing Amsterdam during the day or night can get a tourist carried away capturing this vibrant city. However, there are sections of the city that photographs are not wise during the evening hours. This pertains to the famous (or infamous depending on your perspective) Red Light District. DO NOT attempt to photograph the girls in their stalls as they and their handlers do not appreciate it.

Agraichen's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2014


In the Red Light District you will see no photo signs everywhere. Girls will beat their glass doors and chase you if you try. And sometimes large burly guys will appear and tell you to stop if you get your camera out. I walked around at one point with a camera around my neck and the lens cover on. I put it in my rucksack after loads of abuse for just having a camera.

Of course DAO gets the shots others are afraid to take! It took me the best part of 2 days to get shots that are not great, but I got them!

Enjoy this series! I even got shouted at for taking pictures of the 'No Photo' signs!

DAO's Profile Photo
Jun 10, 2012

Cool tour: Redlight District tour

Wanna explore the Redlight District area in Amsterdam on a safe way? Take a guided tour! Haha, that's right, they give tours in this area.
I've beeen in Amsterdam this weekend and bought a tour at:

It was very informative, funny and most of was safe!!

Apr 26, 2011

Common Sense

The Red Light District is a wonderful place to visit.Sure there are some shady folk, but use your common sense.You really do not get approached by dealers, because they are usually walking up & down saying things like coca, weed, X etc....Just ingore them.If you standing there looking the walk by trying to get eye contact or verbal contact again do not give them the time of day & they will leave you alone.

I go to Amsterdam every year(or I try to).Here are a few helpfull hints if you want to visit the RLD(Red Light District)

First off there are 3 RLD's in Amsterdam.The best & safest is the main one right passed the DAM.Like I stated in the begining pay no attention to the low end pushers or freaks, they want you to react so they can hustle you, so just keep moving & pay no mind.If you get bothered go into a bar, store, coffee shop, food shop just any place with people they won't follow you in.Why would you buy Weed form a street pusher when you can go to a coffee shop & buy it there in a place that is super safe.Again Common Sense.

On my first trip to Amsterdam I already had visions of the RLD as a run down, dirty seedy slummy place to visit.Boy was I worng.During the prime night time hours the place is hoppin.Peppered along with the ladies of the night are bars, coffee shops, hotels resturants, stores, apartments etc.....It's not what most people invision.

You should not really go to the RLD passed 1am unless you are with a group of people.Best time is dusk to 1am.Plenty of people either looking for some action or doing the tourist thing & taking the sites in. I strongly suggest any female not to walk down there alone after hours unless you really know how to handle yourself.Not saying you will be attacked, just you will become a target & to them a possible easy target at that.Common sense tells you even in the States in a big city usually the freaks are out after hours looking to prey.

Same goes for men, don't walk alone down any dark streets drunk or high wondering around.Best thing to do if you feel the need to visit after hours is stick to the main drag.All it is is common sense.

Try not to bring any items of value down there.I make sure my hand is on my wallet at all times when in a crowd.A good pick pocket will ripe you off if you a carless.Remember pick pockets are not just local to the RLD, it's just like any busy city, keep an eye on your stuff & you won't be a target.

The best thing to do is visit the RLD during the day to get to know the in's & out's of the streets down there.Than go back at night & enjoy.Trying to be as familar with your enviorment as you possibly can, doing a tour in tha day is super safe even by your self.

Last tip is a tour is offered (for a price) to take a visit all around the RLD.It is not only the safest way, but best way to become familar with the area.If I remember it's like 10 euro or something around that.

As for me I been down there at all times of the day, never been bothered by anyone.I mind my own business & do not give the freaks or pushers the time of day.I am boring to them so they leave me alone.As for the girls in the windows they usually are opening their doors asking me to come & have some fun.

The RLD is a fun place to visit.Like I said just use your common sense & you will be saying how great that area of Amsterdam really is.

Jul 14, 2009
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RDL by night

I've seen some comments here that say that "don't go to RDL at night" and so on.. Well, I must say that wether you're a guy or a girl the only way to relly experience the RDL is at night. Hell, you don't even see those oh-so-famous lights during daytime. I've been to this great city for a couple of times and I do not find it dangerous. Amsterdam is propably one of the safest cities I've been to around the world consideing its' size and reputation.

But as it's been said here a lot of times, do not take pictures in RDL. If you want to take pictures of this area, try to do it during day but I would consider that too.. In any case don't take pictures of the girls in the windows unless you're happen to hold world record in 400m dash. There are signs telling you not to take pictures and believe them. And keep in mind that these girls are working, how would you like people coming to your work place to take pictures? I know I wouldn't. And even though many people think that these girls are illegal immigrants that's not quite true. Since prostitution is legal in Holland and prostitutes have to pay taxes it means most of them are registered some way. And there girls are required to be tested for STDs regurlary so they're clean too. Of course you have to use a condom (I haven't used these services myself but I know this is true) and why wouldn't you. Most of the people are smart enough to use a condom every time they're having se with a stranger and this is not an exception.

There are also a lot of people walking around the streets in RDL and most of them are tourists, so it is pretty safe place and there is nothing to be worried about. I've been to smallest and darkest allies in the RDL and I didn't find even them dangerous. Use your common sense and you'll be fine. If you're walking around the place drunk as hell and stoned you're an easy target for anyone. But I still don't find Amsterdam dangerous and none of the people I know who's been to Amsterdam have ever experienced any violence, and I know a lot of people who've visited the city.

And if you don't like weed and judge smoking it, don't go to Amsterdam. Especially in the RDL the smell of weed is unbelieveble! All you smell is weed smoke. I don't mean that you need to be a smoker to go to Amsterdam, but if you're against it I'd suggest you to go somewhere else or to stay at home. Travel safe!

Mar 26, 2008

Angry pimps & illegal drugs

Apart from the weird crowd that may make you feel a bit on the edge (the homeless people sleeping on the street corners and begging on the streets, the alcies, the narcs and the like), Amsterdam is a safe city. The homeless people are often harmless and will leave you alone, if you leave them alone as well.

The red-light district (around the Oude Kerk) can be a bit dodgy at night and some people will try to offer illegal drugs to you –especially if you are male and look people in the eyes. However, there are also always lots of tourists around, so there is no need to avoid going to the area entirely, but it's good to keep this sort of stuff in mind.

Don't try to photograph the women in the red-light district though. The angry pimps might come and get you for taking free photos – you pay for the services, right? ;-) Officially, pimping is illegal, but who knows what happens in practice..

annase's Profile Photo
Nov 23, 2007

Red in my eye

I think a trip-one or two- are worth taking just to see the show. It is for free, but do not take pictures. Someone may come out of the booth/house and chase you down, and do not gawk. So then, what is the attraction? Tourists walk slowly up one side of the street and down the other and keep theri head down so as not to stare, or be noticed. Well, that is not my idea of fun. It is pretty sleezy and feels dingy on the streets, and would not venture into some of the establishments for a drink, or whatever. Wtch out for bumping and your wallet walking away.

BruceDunning's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2007

Amsterdam: Red Light District, Pickpockets & Drugs

Having read a few comments and noticed the dates on them, I thought I'd add an up-to-date one of my own having just returned from a trip to Amsterdam.

The city as a whole is a wonderfully laid-back and beautiful place where you can stroll along canals, take a cruise, sit outside a cafe and watch the world go by etc, and then there's the red light district.

Many of the comments have gone along the lines of 'avoid eye contact', 'walk on by quickly' and so on but in my experience over the last few days, this needn't be the case.

I was offered drugs on the street at least half a dozen times on one evening; on the first occasion a single man peeled off as a group passed me and he was offering the drugs. He stood a little close for comfort and spoke quietly and my first reaction was to check over my shoulder for his companions (surrounding me for intimidation? or setting me up for pickpocketing?) but the truth is they'd sauntered on, oblivious.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I politely declined the dealer's offer and he'd smiled, said OK and wished me a good night - but better still, this was the pattern I found each time someone tried selling me anything.

Maybe in times gone by there would have been more of a 'hard-sell' but nothing of the sort last week. Could be that the dealers realise, if they *** tourists off and give the place a bad name, the police will crack down on them like never before. As it happened, the offers were polite and my thanks but no thanks reply met with manners and a cheery 'enjoy your holiday' type of comment.

All of this aside, I'd still keep my wallet or purse close to your person if I were you - not in a jacket pocket or handbag, for instance. Plan for the worst, ie someone IS going to try and pick your pocket, think about it and make that as difficult as possible for any would-be thief. Keep your wits about you and I'm sure you'll have as good a time taking in the sights of this district as much as any of the others in this great city.

Apr 15, 2007

Top 5 Amsterdam Writers

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"Amsterdam, where the Dutch money is spend"
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Red light district, thieves

The red light district is certainly an interesting walking tour. My advice is to do it with friends, or during the daylight hours.

I was walking around at about 7pm, when a guy came up and told me to give him all of my money. I looked him in the eye and told him to get lost. He proceeded to grab my arm. For his troubles I ended up breaking his nose. I was a welterweight boxer in my youth (so I do not look intimidating, as I am not tall, and fairly thin), so he just picked the wrong guy. He had 2 friends hanging back watching this, and when they saw this happen, they first tried to come towards me. I dropped my jacket to the floor, put up my fists, and started dancing around with a little boxing ring footwork. I dont think my reaction was what they intended. The loser with the broken nose who thought it a good idea to grab me started to get up off the floor. I decided he should stay down until the police came. They arrested him, and told me I shouldnt have hit him. They were polite, and a little amused, but still felt strongly that I should have just screamed. I dislike thieves. I really dont care for thieves who want to prey on me. Getting physical was probably stupid, but I know how rare guns are in Holland, so I gambled. You shouldnt do this though. Just dont go over there alone, looking like a total gawking tourist, at 10pm. It was my mistake.

Mar 09, 2007

If you don't want to be beaten..

Ok, it may seem an obvious remark, but it works for stupid people like me!!
So, don't try to take a picture (or even worse, to shoot!) of Red Light Districts' Stars! Don't even think about that or they will start crying and beating on their french doors! :P
Yes, I'm that stupid! :D

DarkFeather's Profile Photo
Nov 05, 2006

Red Light District

During my short stay in Amsterdam the Red Light District was very "entertaining". Girls in the windows, guys bold enough to make deals, friends laughing nervously, couples smiling, and the tour groups made up of all kinds being shown the business of skin made the district quite an experience.
There were drug dealers a plenty which are easy to ignore and continue walking but what I couldn't believe was witnessing a drug deal go bad. Two guys were buying something from a dealer and were upset that what they wanted is not what they got. A bit of arguing for a minute and then the dealer gave the money back and the parties shook hands! What?
I am certainly not condoning drug use or the ease in which to get it in Amsterdam, I'm just pointing out the friendly attitude of the city, even in the "darkest places."

draguza's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2006

Don't be shocked or offended in the RLD.

If you think you are going to Disneyworld,stay away. This is sex and drugs we are talking about. Don't go if you are a prude or slightly closed minded. Just look forward and don't even acknowledge the dealers. The natives don't condone anything harder than weed. I went on a Sunday afternoon and only saw two porkers in the windows. I guess a Saturday night is better to go.

Sep 12, 2006

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