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  • De Rijp
    by FlyingDutchmen
  • De Rijp
    by FlyingDutchmen
  • De Rijp's Great Church and Graveyard
    De Rijp's Great Church and Graveyard
    by LesHamilton

De Rijp Things to Do

  • Explore the attractive streets and...

    De Rijp is a small village and, as such, is ideal for a half-day excursion. Its streets are lined with attractively restored mediaeval houses which are particularly photogenic.

  • Raadhuis - Graft

    Only open in the peak season from May 30th - October 19th (in 2009) on Saturdays and Sundays but in July and August from Wednesday to Sunday and all days from 13.00 to 17.00. Entrance is only €1 with cheaper concessions.This is a wonderful building dating from 1613 and built in the renaissance style. There is a guide on hand but I am not sure if he...

  • Dutch Reformed Church

    The church dates from 1655 and is famous for its 23 stained glass windows. The floor consists almost entirely of tombstones, in itself a collection of small monuments.It is also famous for been the home of the tomb of the famous Rijper Jan Boon and his wife Trijntje Lakeman, ( he was the last sea-going merchant in de Rijp. He was also the last man...

  • Boating on The Eilandspolder

    Uniquely situated between the historically rich villages of Graft-de Rijp, Noordeinde, Grootschermer, Schermerhorn and Driehuizen, the nature reserve “Eilandspolder” covers an area of 1950 hectares, of which 25% is water. The Eilandspolder has a marshy, fertile bed, a paradise for many bird sorts.In the Spring you can see water-meadow birds like...

  • Get Hold of a Bicycle

    We borrowed some bikes and went riding around town a little bit. I don't know if they have a bike rental shop but they should! It's a great, quiet town for bike riding. We rode out to a cheese factory too. They had a small shop where you could buy we did ;-)

  • Glass stained windows

    It seems that the glass stained windows are in dire need of restauration. They are quite special, soft colours. Not as hard coloured and squared as they usually are.Do enlarge the photo for a better look.And there's more info here

  • Church Organ

    The people of De Rijp are mighty proud of the church organ. It is built by Bätz in 1854.Click here for the disposition of the organ and more photos.

  • The church

    We'll have to make do with some inside photo's. The church lost it's steeple during the fire of 1654. Probably there's been no money since to replace it.

  • Wind pipe organ

    Commonly known in Dutch as a "harmonium'. Very often found in protestand households. The big pedals actually get the organ going like a windbag.The usual music played were hymns and psalms. On sundays the whole family would gather round to sing.

  • Close up baby cot

    Now you can see how many children have lain in that cot. Imagine those pregnancies all following each other in very quick succession.

  • Museum Houten Huis

    OK, so I said in another tip that the museum (translates to Wooden House) shows quite a bit of local history.The museum is very new and has a small theatre where you can watch presentations.

  • Musem In't Houten Huis

    A historical museum about life in the Schermer and surroundings.It is not large, 3 floors, there is an elevator.


De Rijp Restaurants

  • Lovely restaurant in De Rijp

    Oudejans sits just behind the Waag (which houses the Tourist Office) behind Grote Dam. It has an attractive outdoor terrace, which is the place to eat, whether for a full meal, or just a snack or coffee. Apple Pancake - delicious

  • eating within a mess

    This restaurant is also in use as a cafe and you can have lunch here.The wall are decorated with all kinds of things, tea pots, pictures, tin cans, its one big collection off stuff. Notice also the trumpets and other coper blazers hanging from the ceiling in front of the bar.Best place to sit is in the conservatory or at the windows. From the...

  • Nice food

    Easy going place with nice surroundings. Nice fireplace in the main dining earea. Also this place is an cafe next to a restaurant. Good food here. This place has a decent parking space behind the terrace which is a good thing because parking can be difficult in de Rijp. Desserts and starters, they do a very good carpaccio here. Last time i had the...


De Rijp Transportation

  • pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo

    Public bus

    by pieter_jan_v Written Sep 5, 2015

    De Rijp can be travelled to by public bus line #123 of the Connexxion company.

    The bus departs from the Alkmaar main train station.

    Real time bus info on the De Rijp map.

    Wollandje bus stop - De Rijp
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De Rijp Local Customs

  • Of devastating fires

    De Rijp used to have only wooden houses up to the 17th century. There were big fires in 1654, 1657, 1672 and therefore the fire brigade was well organised.Unfortunately, De Rijp fell to deep poverty when the whaling stopped and wooden houses continued to exist because it was too expensive to rebuild them with stone.

  • Of literature

    Historie van mejuffrouw Sara Burgerhart(Tale of Miss Sara Burgerhart)The writing duo of the above book title (published in 1782) were Betje Wolff and Aagje Deken. It is compulsory reading for high school students.Betje and Aagje (both women, for those who don't recognise Dutch first names) lived in De Rijp for a number of years but the stench of...

  • Of Mennonites

    The Reformed church became the state church during the 80 Year War. Until 1581 any non-catholic group was persecuted. As were the Mennonites who distinguished themselves by adult baptism and a pacifist way of life.The Mennonites retreated to quieter regions like the isolated Schermereiland (island Schermer, where De Rijp is). The unusual thing in...


De Rijp Warnings and Dangers

  • Britannia2's Profile Photo

    Boating issues

    by Britannia2 Written Jul 28, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my highlights of my 2009 Dutch holiday was the electric boat tour my friends took me on around the waterways of de Rijp. If you do hire a boat there are a number of things you must be aware of - there are many waterways and some join others and some are dead ends. You could take a map and attempt to navigate around the area which is the best option but if you are new to the area I would follow locals if possible. The locals know these waterways as you know the streets in your hometown. On windy days the little boats have to battle against the wind and this uses extra power - I did hear that often boats travel too far and run out of power and have to be towed back to the village. Take a mobile phone with you and make sure you know the number of the boat owner or at least the local police. There may be a language problem if the boat owner is only a Dutch speaker and you do not speak Dutch but nearly everyone speaks English.
    The one good thing is that the water is shallow - even if you fell in (rare apparently) you would be wet but quite safe.

    On the water around de Rijp

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De Rijp Off The Beaten Path

  • An atttractive Dutch Village

    Far from the tourism mainstream, the beautiful village of De Rijp lies just 15 kilometres or so southeast of the more famous town of Alkmaar, and can be reached by the No 123 bus from Akmaar Station.Small enough to walk from end to end in 20 minutes, the entire centre of this village is a national monument, the many 17th century buildings...

  • Jan Janszn Weltevree (1595-1657)

    Local sailor stranded on Korean coast in 1626. Became advisor to emperor. Died in Korea, commonly known as Pak Yon (Master John). A similar statue was presented to the city of Seoul in May 1991.Enlarge the photo to see the peculiar way in which this statue was assembled!

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De Rijp General

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  • Inside the church

    The big church inside is wonderfully light and spacious. The walls are mouldy though. There should be some restauration soon if they don't want to get worse.

  • Canal boat

    I guess one can take a tour around De Rijp in this typical canal boat. I'd advise you to get information at the museum. It was not used, I was here out of season. Information

  • Lots of water

    The museum sits between a canal (Tuingracht) and another water (which I haven't identified yet). Beautiful view!


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