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    The Borghuis Brothers
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  • Oldenzaal
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Oldenzaal Things to Do

  • Oldenzaal history on display

    Visit the Museum "Het Palthe-Huis".It is located in an old big family house from the 18th century.You can see how people lived in the past and decorated their houses. There's a library and a seperate building for the horse drawn carriage. Furthermore you find the history of Oldenzaal, the textile industry and Oldenzaal culture on display.Entrance...

  • Oldenzaal's Museums

    The town has a trio of little museums showcasing different aspects of its history and culture. These are located on the two streets (Marktstraat and Hofmeijerstraat) on the north side of the square around the basilica.The Palthe-Huis is a former merchant's home restored with the richly onrnate furnishings and fittings of the period and a couple of...

  • If You're Not Old Enough For The Pub!

    This little ice-cream parlour on Bischopstraat was doing a roaring trade with the local youngsters every night I was here. Just before it is a little mini-square with benches and low walls for them to congregate and it really was a pleasure to see them enjoying the simple things in life, unlike back here in the UK where the teenagers just seem to...

  • The English Garden

    The English Garden is a hidden part of Oldenzaal at the South East side of town, just North of the railroad. It's a different name for the "De Haer" park, located on a hill South of the Tankenberg (which is much higher) founded by Gelderman. One of his sons married an British lady and to avoid homesickness she ordered an English garden to be...

  • Visit De Engel

    An excellent bar, good choice of beers, some tasty snacks and a friendly welcome, just what Bonio likes about a cafe. Recommended and hope to revisit in the future.

  • Boeskoolmenneke

    De Boeskool (white cabbage) symbolises the former rural Oldenzaal, where the cabbage was one of the mean products on the fields.


Oldenzaal Hotels

Oldenzaal Restaurants

  • CLOSED: Libanese at Oldenzaal

    Chez Asfour is a classy Lebanese restaurants.Owner Asfour Saed started working in the Netherlands at age 17.2015 Update: Although it looks from the outside that the restaurant is still there; it is closed.

  • Lunch and diner café

    De Tijd is a part of the Driehoek Shopping Mall; Oldenzaal's newest shopping experience in the center of town. The café has a French style and is a good stopover for a cappuccino.There is a terrace, but also the first floor is a perfect lookoff point to the everyday Oldenzaal life.Business hours:Mo: Noon - 7PMTu-Th: 10AM - 7PMFr: 10AM - 10:30PMSa:...

  • Homemade applepie

    Café de Gulle Lach is a typical family place. The café is run by the Aveleijn organisation which has work projects for people with a handicap.The place is great for a drink and one of the small homemade specialities of the kitchen.A separate is is available for business meetings or small parties.Catering is available.Free WiFi.Business hours:Mo:...

  • Great breakfast, lunch or dinner

    Christoffel's is a friendly place for quality breakfast, lunch or dinner.Their baquettes, sandwiches, wraps, salads and other small dishes are just good.The setting is nice as the business is housed in a monumental building.Business hours:Mo: 10:30AM - 9PMTu-Sa: 9:30AM - 9PMSu: Closed

  • Café, bar & Tapperij

    Annu Nu is housed in a former farmhouse like building at a dead end. This location is ideal for having a party indoors and outdoors.Every last Sunday of the month live music.Business hours:Mo-Th: 2PM - 1AMFr-Sa: 2PM - 3AMSu: 2PM - 1AM

  • At the corner of the Market

    Markt 19 is a bar and eatery/bistro. The latter is named "Iets Anders".Before 5 PM all kind of buns are available; after 5PM up to full dinners.Kitchen hours: 5PM - 9.30PM


Oldenzaal Nightlife

  • The local theater

    The Stadtheater De Bond is an old building extended with a complete new section.It houses a great theater bar as well.

  • If You're Looking For A Proper Brown...

    Since the Netherland's smoking ban many of the traditional "Brown Cafes" have lost a lot of their character, and characters. There are still a few scattered around tho' where smoking is still allowed and the one I discovered here in Oldenzaal is a true gem of its genre.This is a friendly one-room bar complete with pool table and big TV which I...

  • One Of My Favourite Dutch Pubs

    As a "Bierlokaal" De Engel has everything that a perfect pub should have, including of course lots of beer - 15 on tap and another 25 or so in bottles. Situated on the corner of the market square its terrace, heated in the evenings, is ideal for watching the world (ie the pretty women) go by whilst inside the characterful bar area, with its...


Oldenzaal Transportation

  • Steamtrain

    On very rare occasions (National Steam Days) you can travel to Oldenzaal by steamer.That's rather different from the times around 1900 when the tracks saw many steam trains loaded with coal for the fabric industries in Twente.

  • Train

    Oldenzaal can be reached by train.From Hengelo you have to change trains to the local Syntus train.Real time Public Transportation info on the Oldenzaal map.

  • Bus

    Local Syntus bus:- 65-Station - De Thij (Hulsbeek)Intercity Syntus buses:- 60-Station - Enschede Central Station- 62-Oldenzaal - Denenkamp- 64-Almelo - Oldenzaal - Overdinkel- 66-Station - Almelo Center-593-Station - De Lutte (Buurtbus)


Oldenzaal Shopping

  • Go nuts!

    De Zuivelhoeve is a shop that offers a wide range of nuts. But their strong point is the farmer's yoghurt produces in the area. The newest flavor is with berries and nuts.They also sell many cheese flavors and more farmer's products and also tapas.Business hours:Mo: 9AM - 6PTu-Th: 8AM - 6PMFr: 8AM - 9PMSa: 8AM - 5PMSu: Closed

  • Like a Dollar store

    The Action is a low price shop for household goods. There are weekly offers.Business hours:Mo-Th: 9AM - 6PMFr: 9AM - 8PMSa: 9AM - 5PMSu: Closed Low prices

  • Second hand goods

    De Beurs is a shop with second goods and recycled items.The shop is integrated with the local garbage disposal facility.In the shop you'll find clothing, furniture, toys, music and books.Business hours:Mo-We: 10AM - 5PMTh: 10AM - 9PMFr: 10AM - 5PMSa-Su: Closed Second hand goods. Depending on the quality. For a second hand goods store prices are...


Oldenzaal Local Customs

  • The Local time

    During day time the local time can be read from the sun dial at the side of the St. Plechelmus Basilica.

  • But Who Was St Plechelm?

    The town's main church, and most recognisable landmark, is the grey sandstoned Catholic Basilica of St Plechelm. A place of worship has occupied the site since the 8th century and the building of the present edifice was begun in 954 by Bishop Balderik who dedicated it to St Plechelm.Despite being one of the Netherlands' patron saints there seems to...

  • Street Statuary

    No Dutch town is complete without its public works of art dotted around almost randomly and Oldenzaal is no exception which is ideal for my style of random wandering (between bars that is!). One of the most common themes here is the "Boeskoolmenneke" (the white cabbage boy), who is the town's much loved mascot, whilst others include celebrations of...


Oldenzaal Warnings and Dangers

  • Escaping Oldenzaal By Train

    Oldenzaal's train connection to Hengelo is operated by the private company Syntus which means that the OV Chipcards are not valid for that section of any journey and a separate ticket is required. I didn't have a chipcard but the problem I encountered was that the ticket office in the station's restaurant wasn't open and the automatic machine on...

  • Poeproute

    Hahaha, I just find this a fun sign :-) I always wonder what they will think of next. This is what you have when you live in an overcrowded country; there is hardly any place to walk with your dog. So in Oldenzaal you have a special "poeproute" for your dog; a designated areas where you can take your dog for a walk. Bweh.... not so nice when you...

  • The parking meters!They are...

    The parking meters!They are everywhere in the centre of town! So annoying, but it is like any other city in Holland, parking meters everywhere. So don't forget to always have some change with you when you come here by car.


Oldenzaal Off The Beaten Path

  • The Losser Voetpad

    For ages this footpath is the direct connection to the neighbouring village of Losser.It's a local gem, so if you happen to stay in this area, explore this path on foot or by bicycle.There are more path like this, even going over the border to Germany.

  • Rododrendon laantje

    Between the Zuid Berghuizen part of Oldenzaal and the Boers forest is a small road with rododrendons at both sides.These plants are at full blossom in mid-May.

  • The Boers woods

    At the South East of Oldenzaal at the old postweg (postal route) you come into the Boers forest, a great place to relax.The stone reads:1873-1973DIT WAREN DE GELIEFDE BOSSENVANJ. SPITSHUIS EN A. SPITSHUISBOSBAZENBIJ DE FAMILIEMR J.H.A.M. ESSINK


Oldenzaal Sports & Outdoors

  • Bicycle racing

    At the Hulsbeek there is a cycling course called the Herman Siers Baan.It's managed by OWC or the Oldenzaalse Wieler Club; the local cycle club. Their club house is at the course, but their activities are all over Europe.

  • Karting

    At the Hulsbeek there's a karting course.Surprisingly is called Karting baan Hulsbeek.The total track length is 700 meters long and the lane is 6 meters wide.The Kart course is in steady business for 50 years already.

  • Up the Tankenberg

    The Tankenberg at the NE-side of Oldenzaal is a 84 meter high hill, ideal for cycling or hiking.The small roads are a bit steep at some points, but the hill gives you a great view to the area towards Denekamp and (on a clear day) to the German border,


Oldenzaal General

  • Town Signposts

    For a small compact town, which probably doesn't get very many tourists, Oldenzaal's visitor attractions are really well signposted . Despite the fact that nothing is much more than 500 metres radius from the market square and that the inner ring road (which probably follows the foundations of the old city walls) kinda tells you when you are...

  • The Local VVV Tourist Office

    The Netherlands' official tourist service is the VVV (whatever that stands for I don't know) and every town of note has at least one office. The VVV has multi-lingual staff who can assist with pretty much any tourist's query from accommodation to zimmer frame hire (I just made that last one up 'cos I couldn't think of anything else that began with...

  • The Walled City

    In the 17th century Oldenzaal was a walled city, complete with moat and all the other bits and bobs that walled cities have. Unfortunately the modern town has lost much of its historical remains over the years (although the centre is still pretty much laid out as it would have been in those days, it's just the buildings that have changed) but a...


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