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Central Station area Tips (14)

SUMO: Sushi & Grill

SUMO is a Sushi and Grill restaurant; part of the Sumo chain.
They operate according to an All You Can Eat formula.

A newer branch opened at the Markthal.

Business hours:
Mo-We: Noon - 10PM
Th-Sa: Noon - 10:30PM
Su: Noon - 10PM

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Nov 15, 2014

De Blauwe Olifant: Dim sum/thai/indonesia...

The dim sum are in big portions. Food wise, not too bad. Yet to try out other dishes, as 6 types of dim sum for two already made us so full in the afternoon.

You have to ask the waiter for attention, as they are always busy with their own tasks, and do go earlier, or else rather busy in the afternoon.

The lift from the entrance is rather shabby. One of the other lift which lead to their Japanese restaurant isn't working (broke down).

The main entrance to the chinese restaurant should be more tidier. The toilets are clean, but the washing table and the washing units are not that clean and outdated.

Favorite Dish Would say the ha kau and siew mai. Wor tip also not bad.

Chinese tea are free for customers, then on top of this we got 10% discount on the total amount of our bill, nice treat.

Strange enough, when I click and have a look at their website, it seems this blue elephant restaurant actually serves Thai dishes as well as Indonesian rice table!!!!

So, I take it dimsum is an extra attraction of additional for in the end it should be a dutch Thai, Indonesia and dim sum restaurant after all???

Should be interesting to find out how good are the quality of food they could produce for each different country cuisine.

Rosey-K's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2010

Grand Palace: chinese food

The taste and the quality of food are just average.

We tried their babi pangang and 'soja chicken', and some dim sum.

The interior of this restaurant is quite nice.

Favorite Dish Sorry no particular favourite for me this time.

Rosey-K's Profile Photo
Jul 14, 2010

Engels: Beer and Bittergarniture

This is a big old place (though I use the word "old" fairly loosely as the place is 100 years old but has been recently modernised), just round the corner from the central railway station. I'd had a bit of spare time on my way to the Hook and had decided to see what else there was to Rotterdam apart from the construction site surrounding the station.

Well, I didn't get very far. The light was fading on a late autumn evening and the glass and concrete edifices were kinda claustrophobic and so I nipped in here for a bite to eat (and of course a beer!).

I'm not quite sure what Engels actually is - there's a pubby-type bar, a sort of coffee shop, a formally-laid restaurant section and about 8 million different menues kicking about. (OK I may be exaggerating slightly about the millions).

Judging by the other customers this seems more of a transit place for those of us awaiting our trains rather than a locals restaurants (but I'm more than happy to be told otherwise).

The place comes across as slightly upmarket but service was friendly and unstuffy and although the prices were a little on the expensive side it is quite a pleasant place to sit and break your journey when you've got those couple of hours to spare.

Favorite Dish The bittergarniture, though not the cheapest and all bought-in deep-fried stuff, were OK and the beer cold and the toilets clean and so no real complaints.

johngayton's Profile Photo
Nov 03, 2008
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Central Station area: Don't miss the Chines-Surinam food

Near the central station, there's a little China Town, with lots of foreign restaurants. I would like to suggest the Chinese-Surinam restaurants at the beginning of the Kruiskade

Favorite Dish - broodje kip kerrie, It's a sandwich with chicken and curry sauce, you just have to try this most famous sandwich..

-Nasi goreng, It's like chinese food everywere over the world, only much better!

-Roti, a Surinam dish

Valeggua's Profile Photo
Aug 30, 2006

Thai Thani: Thai food, dutch style

Like any typical thai restaurant, with the carvings and statuettes decor.

The staff were friendly and service was good.

We were a large group (22 people) so we had a set menu which included:

mixed starter (spring rolls, prawn toast, fishcakes, chicken satay, battered prawns and some little quiche-like things). There was a vegetarian version of this too.

a variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian starters with fried or plain rice and fried noodles.

We also had some pineapple rice.

All the food was good even though some of it was too spicy for my taste.

Favorite Dish Can't name a favourite dish . . . but I really liked the king prawns in a creamy coconutty sauce.

stiab3's Profile Photo
Jun 07, 2005

Central Station area: Greatest pizzeria in Rotterdam!

This is one of my favourite restaurants in Rotterdam. The pizzeria began in the 50's /60's as an gelateria, but nowadays the sons of the original owner have made it into one of the most trendy restaurants in Rotterdam. The pizza's are just great; my favourite is the melanzana. I've never had a better melanzana-pizza (not even in Italy!). The atmosphere in the restaurant is very funny. It's a restaurant where you can meet everybody: black and white, young and old, rich and people like me.. ;-) The decoration is trendy. When you go there, be prepared that after 18.30 you'll have to wait at the bar to get seated (sometimes for more than half an hour!) It's an ideal way to make new friends and joke with the owner of the restaurant...

Favorite Dish Pizza melanzana.
A nice pizza with fresh melanzana, oignons and parmesan. It's delicious, I really can't say more. When you're up to something different you can order a melanzana with pesto instead of parmesan.
It's divine...

May 22, 2005

Tai Wu: Another Dim Sum restaurant:...

Another Dim Sum restaurant: Tai Wu. I usually visit this restaurant on Sunday afternoons when it is always busy with groups of friends or entire families consistign of four generations...

I recommen dthe seats upstairs, whereit is less crowded than in the main area downstairs. Downside is that you get less attention from the waiters as well. Though the food is good, you have to be prepared for chaotic waitressing service..

But, food-wise, I consider this onf the best Dim Sum restaurants in Rotterdam. My Chinese friends always do the ordering because I trust them to get all the good stuff really on the table such as little baked, semi-sweet bread rolls filled with shrimp, pork and veggies & deep fried dumplings filled with shrimp and a tiny boiled egg. (Don't know the bird's name in English..)

Like most dim sum restaurants you can get a complete meal here for bargain prices. Average of € 7,50 per person for a full lunch!

Tai Wu is located at the Mauritsweg somewhat across the street from the other formentioned dim sum restaurant Orient.

Wenasje's Profile Photo
Jul 28, 2004

Top 5 Rotterdam Writers

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"Rotterdam, the most vibrant Dutch city !"
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"Rotterdam - Ik ben een 010er!"
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"Rotterdam: new territory for tourists"
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"Rotterdam a BIG small city"
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Grandcafe Restaurant Engels: Good Food, Indifferent Service

Conveniently located next to the Rotterdam Centraal Station, Caf? Engels is an upscale restaurant with brass rails, linen tablecloths, and classical music. Their dinner menu is very innovative. The first time we went to the Caf?, with Pieter Jan's family, we had only coffee, and we had an attentive waiter.

On our last night in Rotterdam we had dinner there and weren't so lucky. Our waiter forgot us for long periods of time and even when he was at our table, he seemed totally disinterested in us. However, the quality of the food made up for what he lacked.

Favorite Dish I had vegetarische flensjes, cheese and mushroom crepes in a light curry sauce -- very yummy. The Caesar salad had bacon, walnuts, and sun-dried tomatoes in it, a creative combination.

Rixie's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2004

Dunya Lokanta: Dunya Lokanta

Turkish restaurant, with a bit of a marketplace atmosphere. Make reservations, it is very busy and not expensive.

Favorite Dish Dish from my village, this dish is called. It's a mixed grill with rice and bits of bread covered in garlicy yoghurt sauce.

ATLC's Profile Photo
Mar 05, 2004


THIS PLACE IS SITUATED only a few steps from the entrance/exit of the RAILWAY STATION in the city centre of Rotterdam...

A fine start of the day (that is always the first place where I enter to have my hot chocolate!)

It is quite stylish and has a nice atmosphere and many, many nice corners and windows.

Favorite Dish Dinner in the evening is here very nice and the service is also very fine! Service can make such a difference, don't you think so??

It is also a nice place for lunch but then you will have to be in time or make a reservations because lots of Rotterdam businessmen and secretaries and other people come here to have lunch!!!

eden_teuling's Profile Photo
Mar 18, 2003

Trattoria A Proposito: Trattoria A Proposito

Really cheap, pasta-dishes will cost you $8 pp. Delicious, tastful, and original. Not a regular pastarestaurant. They don't serve pizza's (thank God !), but have tasty wines as well. Veeery okay when you are a low-budget traveller.

Favorite Dish Pasta

Kozzmozz's Profile Photo
Aug 25, 2002

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