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Private Rotterdam Architecture Walking Tour
"Meet your guide at Rotterdam Central Station from where your private 3-hour architecture walking tour will start. See the architectural sights of Rotterdam in 3 hours with a private guide. Pass by sights such as Rotterdam's Cube Houses Markthal City Hall Kunsthal Erasmus Bridge and many more. In total you will walk past about 40 architectural sights with your private guide! Learn about these from your personal guide and listen to stories about their creation and the meaning behind the architecture of this unique such as City Hall. Enjoy a relaxing break and a refreshing beverage at a central Rotterdam location after 1.5 hours into the tour. Continue touring Rotterdam after your 30-minute break and enjoy the second half of your architecture walk refreshed your tour will end in central Rotterdam.Please note: A minimum of two people per booking is required."
From EUR50.00
Skip the Line: Rotterdam and Holland Pass
"Pick up your Rotterdam and Holland Pass from Rotterdam Central Station Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or various Travelex branches throughout the Netherlands. Then choose from more than 60 museums and attractions in Rotterdam and its neighboring cities for free skip-the-line entry (see the Itinerary for a full list). Valid for one month your pass gives you your choice of two four or six entrance tickets divided into gold silver and transport tickets. Each attraction accepts a certain type of ticket in exchange for entrance. Simply show your pass to the attendant and you can bypass the queue
From EUR40.00
Private Tour: Rotterdam Walking Tour Including Harbor Cruise
"Your walking tour departs from central Rotterdam at your chosen time. As this is a private tour the exact itinerary can be tailored to your interests; simply notify your guide which sights you'd like to see.Start with a visit to one of the most fascinating architectural projects of post-war Rotterdam the Cubic Houses built by renowned architect Piet Blom. Hear about Blom’s imaginative approach and designs as you step inside these unique high-density housing cubes which are tilted on hexagonal poles. It will change your perspective on modern architecture — literally!From here walk to the Old Harbor (Oude Haven) Rotterdam’s historic harbor whose oldest parts date back to the 14th century. Now a busy waterfront offering a number of fine restaurants and cafés
From EUR55.00

Cubic Houses (Kubus woningen) Tips (37)


We gladly took the opportunity to visit the Kubuswoningen by Dutch architect Blom. Controversial and a source of inspiration for architects all over the world, but at the same time frowned upon as impractical. Some visitors complain about giddiness. To some extent, we liked what we saw. Living quarters would be large enough for the two of us, and location right in the middle of Rotterdam is OK. But we also noticed that you cannot really see what is happening outside the house, except by looking either right up into the sky or straight down upon the street below you (more often, though, this means staring down upon other people's houses).

egonwegh's Profile Photo
Jan 04, 2016

interestingly stupid architecture

Absolutely amazing that these houses could have been built at all...

The steep turning steps leading to the entryway are definitely not up to code, anyone with a slight limp could not get in or out, if you needed help nobody could get to you. In my country stairways like that are not allowed in the building permit. And that's just on the way in!

You obviously could not live here if you are elderly, or if you have young children.

This is a ridiculous creation by an architect who should be punished by being forced to live here when he retires. Someone with perhaps dreams and visions (maybe high on drugs) but obviously not thinking about how to make life pleasant or even endurable for the poor people who bought his houses. By the way there is one for rent/sale right now would be interesting too see how much it is going for.

I gave it 4 stars because it is quite remarkable and altho the museum house is under renovation and has really been neglected in terms of finishing and furnishing, you get an idea of how absolutely impossible it would be to live here no matter what you were thinking when you signed on.

As you gather from this post I can't stand architects who dream in their ivory towers, but never actually do the shopping themselves or have to lug 10 liters of water and 3 boxes pampers + baby and pushchair up the steps, let alone someone who breaks every feng-shui rule possible and creates mobile-homes tilted 45 degrees towards the ground, on prime real estate area in a place where a need for quality modern design housing is high.

May 13, 2015

De Kijk Kubus (Cubical houses)

The Cubical houses was a totally new concept of designing city houses.m The tilted cubes were designed by Dutch architect Piet Blom and constructed in 1984. The Rotterdam group of houses is known as the Blaakse Bos (as it resembles a forest).

These houses were build in Rotterdam and Helmond and outside the Netherlands in Toronto, Canada.

You can visit the so-called Kijk Kubus. It's a fully decorated museum house.

Admission: Euro 2.50 (adult)

Opening hours: Daily 11AM - 5PM

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2014

Cube Houses

Surprisingly these are inhabitable, a hostal here too, inside I guess all is pretty normal - very unusual from the outside though and worh a short trip to see them plus, there are some decent bars nearby!

bonio's Profile Photo
Aug 24, 2011
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Inside the cubic house

From outside, these houses appear disorienting, and it's quite difficult to imagine how one can stay upright, much less live inside one -- but the interior's design is very ingenious, so that when you're actually inside, everything is in its right place, except that you have to look out of some unusually shaped windows. From outside, it looks tight and cramp, but inside the space is just right, no less than what you would get for a normal sized apartment -- perfect for a couple. Every little space here is utilized for something, so it is efficient. What's great about it is the number and size of the windows so that with plenty of light coming in, the rooms seem to be bigger. The shape and height of the ceiling might cause a bit of a problem for tall people, though.

berenices's Profile Photo
May 04, 2010

See the cube buildings at the Blaakse wood

Piet Blom was commissioned to create an unusual bridge over the busy access road between Blaak and the Oudehaven (the old harbour).
The world famous result is the Cube Houses, also known as the Blaaske Bos (wood).
Each dwelling consists of three floors, with the staircase in the supporting pile.
Curious? Then pay a visit to the watch cube museum house and see a cube house from the inside.
€2,50 p.p

MATIM's Profile Photo
Nov 08, 2009

Great architecture

Those houses have been built by Piet Blom in 1984.
The complex is made by 32 cubic houses attached to eachother.

At first sight i should be really strange to live inside in such a house, they are made of 3 floors making a total of 100 square meters.

ealgisi's Profile Photo
Apr 09, 2008

Upside down!…

The Cubic Houses built by Piet Blom in 1984.

There are 32 cubes attached to each other. They are very funny to look at but imagine how strange it must be to live inside there! You can look inside one of the cubic houses. The houses contain three floors and the only room which is ordinarily shaped is the kitchen. Even there though the ceilings and windows are angled at 45 degrees! Every apartment is around 100 square meters but they loose some space because of the angled ceilings.

mindcrime's Profile Photo
Sep 08, 2007

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Piet Blom's creation

Rotterdam is famous for its architecture. The most striking for me are the cube houses (kubuswoningen) designed by architect Piet Blom in 1984. The houses look like a tree because the architect turned the cubes 45 degrees and put them on a pole. The 32 attached houses together look like a stone forest. The complex is built at a pedestrian bridge crossing a traffic road.

You can have a look in the so-called "show cube". This cube house, furnished as a normal house, is open for public. This house contains three floors. The entrance is at the ground floor in the 'trunk of the tree', the kitchen and living room are at the first floor and at the second floor are the bedrooms and bathroom.

I was very curious not only to see the complex, but also how to live in these unusual innovative houses, so I visited the complex and the showcube allready in the eighties. I was surprised about the great views from the 'treehouse' through the sloped windows. The design gives a nice combination of the more private parts of the house at the first and second floor and the entrance from an intimate public space at the groundfloor. I visited the cubehouses again in 2006. The small-scale shops and workshops at the groundlevel give the area a nice liveliness.

Opening hours of the showcube are from 11.00 am till 5.00 pm every day. In january and february you can visit the showcube only during the weekend.

sachara's Profile Photo
Oct 09, 2006


These houses are pretty strange. They're set on a big pole and look like a tilted cube. There are quite a few of them and as it looks like a forest it's called Het Blaakse bos (the forest of the Blaak). There's a museum in one of these houses, where you can learn about how they look on the inside and about the history. The museum is open every day from 11.00 to 17.00, except for January and Februari when it's opened on friday, saturday and sunday. Entrance cost 2.00 EURO.

didgeridorien's Profile Photo
Sep 21, 2006

Cube Houses or Kubuswonigen

Designed by Piet Blom in 1984 these well known Rotterdam houses are a popular *must see* for visitors to the city. I would have loved to have seen them more clearly but the rain was blocking my view. They are "abstract trees" and the group of houses makes a "forest". They are also known as "Pole dwellings - Paal woningen" because the cubes sit on top of a pole which is also used for storage.

Oh really the website tells it all much better... I couldn't even see the damned things!

Cube Houses

I'm sure they look much better in the sunshine.

Feb 15, 2006

Cubic houses Rotterdam

The houses all rest on pilons, have windows, and are all attached one to the other.
very strange to me to live here like some people do.

U can visit a "show cube", cant remember what we paid to get in....

When u enter these homeswhich are furnished like normal houses u can see
how it is possible that one can live in such weird build homes
Archictect: Blom

catnl's Profile Photo
Oct 23, 2005

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