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Private Full-Day Tour to The Hague and Delft from Amsterdam
"Meet your professional guide at 10am in your hotel in Amsterdam. Start your tour with the visit of The Hague. The Hague is Holland's third largest city and the seat of the national government. The Hague is known as the international city of peace and jus you will see:- Hofvijver- Mauritshuis: world renowned museum with major works from the Dutch Masters. The collection includes Girl with a Pearl Earring by Vermeer The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp and a Self-portrait by Rembrandt The Goldfinch by Fabritius and many more- Binnenhof (Houses of Parliament)- Ridderzaal- Prison Gate- Noordeinde Palace (current 'working palace' of the king)- Lange Voorhout Palace (former 'working palace' of the queens).You w Delft Blue pottery painter Johannes Vermeer and its association with the royal House of Orange-Nassau. You will take a 1mile (1.6 km) walk through the heart of the city. Historical buildings and other sights of interest include Oude Kerk (Old Church) Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) which contains the Dutch royal family's burial vault and the William of Orange's mausoleum
From EUR349.00
Skip the Line: The Hague and Holland Pass
"Pick up your pass from The Hague Central Station Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or various Travelex branches throughout the Netherlands. Then choose from more than 60 museums and attractions in The Hague Delft and neighboring cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam for free skip-the-line entry (see the Itinerary for a full list).Valid for one month your pass gives you your choice of two four or six entrance tickets divided into gold
From EUR40.00
Admission for Escher in Het Paleis in The Hague
"The art of Escher instills a sense of bewilderment and wonder and fascinates young and old alike with his magical world. The exhibition includes famous ‘impossible’ prints such as “Day and Night” where the Dutch landscape appears to morph into a flock of birds and “Climbing and Descending” which depicts rows of people perpetually ascending and descending a flight of stairs. His fantastical structures which couldn't possibly exist in the real world are optical illusions that play with perspective.As well as showcasing his famous prints The Palace also houses a collection of Escher’s early works
From EUR10.00

Culture and arts Tips (28)

Museum Mesdag

This museum is usually overlooked. People flock to see the Panorama Mesdag. But during his life Mesdag and his wife acquired a vast collection of paintings from dutch and french artists from the 19th century. And the museum is in the house where Mesdag and his wife lived and still breaths that atmosphere.

I was suprised with some of the paintings i found there. Such good works. And besides the paintings there are Dutch and Asian objects on display.. Quite a diversity in one museum...

And it has a nice small garden where in summer you can sit and just relax a bit.

Laan van Meerdervoort 7F

The museum is opened from tuesday till sunday from 12 till 17 hours.

Price: 4 euro (2003)

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Jan 30, 2004

Escher in the Palace...

The palace Lange Voorhout nowadays houses the Escher Museum. There is much to see.. from famous work like Ascending and Decending, Babel's tower and Day and Night to the announcement card he made for his son's birth... as well as letters, diaries and much more.

On the top floor you can experience Escher's work via virtual reality. And there are several computers programmed with Escher games.. for you to enjoy..

In the Basement there is a cafe. Kids can play there. The door comes from the ceiling, the table is hanging on the wall and the stairs are unclimable. The cafe serves lunch and hightea. But you can also sit down to a cup of coffee or tea.

Location: Lange Voorhout 74

Opening hours:
Tuesday-sunday 11.00 till 17.00
Closed on 25th of december and 1 January

Admission fee:
Adults 7,50 Euro
Kids between 7-15 5 euro
Kids under 7 are for free
Family ticket 20 euro

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Apr 04, 2011

The Hague Sculpture

From the 4th of June the new Sculptures will be on the Lange Voorhout and remain there till the 12th of september evry year though i'm not sure about the exact dates. but early june till early september in any way

The theme of this year (2004) is 'Art the great communicator' because of the expansion of the EU with 10 countries. As a special part all the foreign ministers of the new European countries ahve been asked to make available a sculpture of an artist of their country.

So stroll along under the trees and admire all the work of renowned and new artists on display.

And there are more artworks to be seen at the lane next to the 'Hofvijver' and an 'l'Art de Triomphe' in front of the Central Station

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Jul 06, 2005

Scuptures along Spuistraat and Lange Poten

I'm not sure whether these are permanent or temporary..... or perhaps the bases are permanent and the sculptures are occasionally replaced by new ones. But I was pleased to see them along Spuistraat and Lange Poten: they added interest to the streeetscene (almost entirely focused on shopping on Spuistraat, which is lined with shops on both sides).

I couldn't always see the name of the sculpture or artist, and when I could the information was in Dutch (quite rightly and not a surprisingly). So I have no real idea what each sculpture represents. I just enjoyed looking at them.

My favourite was the realistic girl on her knees but, ironically, that was the one I could not photograph well. Her position on the corner of two streets with tall buildings added to the position of the sun at the time made it very difficult.

Forget the's worth a walk along both streets just to see and enjoy the sculptures, though probably best not to do this when Spuistraat is packed with shoppers (as I discovered!). :-)

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Apr 13, 2013
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Zeestraat 35, The Hague, 2518 AA, The Netherlands
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Sophialaan 2, The Hague, Zuid-Holland, 2514 JP, The Netherlands
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I didn't realise Den Haag has a 'Chinatown' and it was sheer luck that I spotted the rather nice gateway as I wandered along Spuistraat.

Through the gate, on Wagenstraat and the surrounding streets, you'll find a variety of Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian restaurants and eating places as well as shops selling all types of Asian goods.

Worth exploring (I didn't have time to give more than a quick look).

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Apr 13, 2013

World-famous Philosopher Spinoza

Ofcourse some names of famous people contribute its mite and one of them is Baruch/Benedict Spinoza. Born in Amsterdam in 1632 he settled down at The Hague where he got the famous philosophical formulations. In The Hague you'll find the Domus Spinozana, the house where the philosopher died in 1677. You can arrange for a visit and read some texts by Spinoza.

Find and see the statue of his image in front of the house, in the centre of The Hague. I do love philosophy and this place got very special to me, just around the corner of my humble living-place ...

"Desire is the very essence of man"
Paviljoensgracht 72-74, The Hague

see some more >>>
Famous People Who Had Visited The Hague

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Aug 13, 2005

Look up!

I spy with my hawk eye ... old canvas pulled up and held together by something ..
Saw this when we came up the stairs to the Panaroma Mesdag, guess it is the original because it is old and faded.
It accentuates the cylindrical form of the panaroma *makes ya kinda dizzy too lol*

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Jan 05, 2004

Theater festival

De Parade is a traveling theater-festival that goes around the 4 main cities (Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Den Haag) every year. In each city the festival will reside for 2 weeks. And it has everything from new upcoming artist, very experimental stuff and the occasional try-out of big names.. Theater, dance, film, and music are all included. The festival area is furthermore full of places where you can have a bit or something to drink.... And the people.. i can watch them for hours.. the young and hip, the hippies and everything and all in between...

The webside has an english version too
And they have much stuff for kids to do to. Kids theater, or baking 'poffertjes' , a small play ground...

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Jul 13, 2003

Top 5 The Hague Writers

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"The Hague, where the King resides"
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"Den Haag"
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"Den Haag"
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"Den Haag"
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"The Hague - The Political Center"
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A 'hidden' Escher

The main postoffice which is located in the city centre has an original Escher above its counters. It's an original Metamorphose.

And if you ask, you're even allowed to take a picture of it.

The postoffice is opposite the Nieuwe Kerk (new church)

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Feb 18, 2004

Museum of communication

This used to be the old PTT-museum and most of the ground floor is still dedicated to that. But it also has a lot on telephony and more..

And it is a great kids museum. There are loads of things you're allowed to touch and try out. Little games on determining which mode of transport was the quickest in a certain time period.. or trying to decipher morse-code...

Entrance fee is 6 euro for adults and 3 euro for kids up to 12. (prices 2004)

Monday to friday it is open from 10-17.
Saturday and sundays from 12-17
Closed on december the 25th and januari the 1st

Locaton Zeestraat 80-82.

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Feb 26, 2004

Know-How Of The Hague

A very interesting know-how >>>

Once, in the beginning of the 13th century a Dutch Count built a living on a dune top nearby a pond. Because of the hedges surrounding this living its name became "HAGA" (=hedges-land) which turned into 's-Gravenhage (hedge-of-count). Ofcourse a royal palace was built and the place around grew into a village. And 's-Gravenhage (The Hague) stayed a village until the first King of Holland (Lodewijk, brother of Napoleon Bonaparte) granted some city rights. In present days the pond is the Hofvijver/Court Pond, next to Binnenhof, and the Palace is the Ridderzaal/Knights Hall. You can find the Know-how story about The Hague here, get some info about ...

Read more about The Hague's name >>>

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Jul 13, 2005


The Year of the Rooster/Chicken, that was 2005. The Chinese prophesy told we would have a better year as 2004... Well, did it work out for you? Better find out in 2006, the Year of the Red Flaming Dog... wowww!!!

The photograph shows the beginning of the Chinese New Year 4207, officially celebrated in The Hague. Indeed The Hague got its own Chinatown! A super cultural highlight in The Hague by the Chinese with the famous Lion and Dragon Dances, and fireworks (starting with 2x 100.000 bangs!).

Info The Hague:
Stichting Chinatown
St. Jacobstraat 15
2512 AN Den Haag
Gedempte Burgwal 20C
2512 BV The Hague

please, see some great pics by Jeroen Jansen >>>
Jeroen Jansen Chinese New Year

and more The Hague Events by
Jeroen Jansen

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May 18, 2006

Things to Do Near The Hague

Things to Do

Koninklijke Stallen

The Royal Stables was established in 1815 by King William I. The present quarters at Hogewal in The Hague came into use in 1878. The Royal Stables houses the gala tack room. The equipment is used for...
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Panorama Mesdag

The Panorama Mesdag is a cylindrical painting, more than 14 metres high and about 40 metres in diameter. We were able to see it from an observation gallery in the centre of the room. The cylindrical...
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I have to admit that I was a little surprised by the gallery, there was a huge queue, and I waited in line for some 50 minutes. I should note that the queue was badly managed, and it was for those who...
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Set out on a journey of discovery in The Hague. In Omniversum, the only Dutch IMAX Dome Theatre (giant picture cinema), you'll discover too much, so tilt back your seat, relax and enjoy this dynamic...
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Madurodam - The Hague

excellent place spend a few hrs, reasonable prices, excellent gift shop and the model village is breath taking all the detail easy to see and walk around and quality cafe too so easy to park on site...
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Madurodam, Miniature City

In July 2015 I visited Madurodam in The Hague (Den Haag). Madurodam was founded in 1952 as a war monument. It was in memory of warhero and partisan George Maduro who died in concentration camp...
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