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Segway Tour of Bergen
"We offer you the complete experience: - A great orientation.- Informative historical and current-day information.- Heaps of unique and fascinating stories.- Fantastic photo ops.- Superb personal service from your guide. and more. Highlights on our tour: Fishmarket Nordnes Park Famous Bergen Aquarium Some different beautiful Smau´s (streets) The National Theatre The Blue Stone Lille Lungegårdsv 12:30 15:00 17:15 18:30 and 22:00. Address: Øvregaten 4A 5001 Bergen."""
From NOK645.00
Best Views of Bergen - Segway Day Tour
"This tour will really show you all the sweet spots in Bergen both in the city and in the mountainside. We will stop for great photo opportuneties along the way and will have lots of fun while showing you the city. We guarantee you a good time."""This Segway tour will show you the best sights in Bergen and leave you with time to explore the city after the tour is complete.title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+fantastic+aerial+views&2=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&3=Comprehensive+tour+of+the+city&4=Small-group+tour""
From NOK645.00
Segway Experience in Bergen
"This tour is all about the Segway ride and experience. We have several different routes and will go on a route that suits the groups for maximum fun. We have both beginner routes and advanced routes. This tour is unlike any other segway tour you have been on before."""This Segway tour will show you the beautiful city of Bergen and you will get a once in a lifetime segway experience in the mountains.title=Highlights&1=Choice+of+several+departures+throughout+the+day&2=Flexibility+to+customize+your+itinerary+to+your+own+preferences&3=Get+inside+tips+from+a+local&4=Small+group+ensures+personal+service"""Bergen
From NOK498.00

Hansa Bryggen Tips (39)

World Heritage site Bryggen

For the visitor Bryggen (Norwegian for the quay) is what frames Bergen beautiful waterfront with dozens of beautiful old wooden buildings with building styles from a period of time before the English settles built a hut in the new world. The place became a city in 1070 and now is full of Chinese, Japanese and other global tourist visiting the houses museums, shops, restaurants and pubs. I got up at first light before the cafes open to get some photos. Took some time to read about the pre-Hanseatic Hanseatic period when the cafes first opened. .

Ekahau's Profile Photo
Sep 07, 2014

The famous houses

The soul of Bergen are the old warehouses Bryggen (translated from Norwegian - dock), overlooking the harbor. The distinctive facade of the houses is the face of Bergen.
In the past they were the center of the Hanseatic League. Now they are converted into shops and galleries, ethnographic workshops and are part of the World Heritage of UNESCO. It’s really interesting to go in the back yard also.

mirchica's Profile Photo
Feb 22, 2013

Waterfront old Buildings

By the time I reached to city center its almost evening.I had just 3 hours in hand so I was literally on run to see whatever comes in front of me.I reached this place without asking any direction.After reading on internet I came to know this building history is as old as 900 years,my god cant even imagine,these building is just near to fish market.
For me Still i dont know anything about fish market, but this place is easy to locate no big deal,The good part around this place is there are lot of food joints local as well as chinese also,and during late evening you can see bikers park their sexy and hot bikes near to this place.Its nice show for me.I dont know whether they are coming there all the time or I was just lucky at that time.
My picture is not that good but when you will get to see this place I am sure you will love it.But for me just 3 hours I had so cant help it.

mehulraj's Profile Photo
Sep 18, 2011

Explore the Hanseatic Warehouses

This is a series of timbered warehouses on the north quay that have survived for centuries and now house shops of arts and crafts items. Bergen was once a leading commercial city in Northern Europe as a member of the Hanseatic League. This is a must see place within Bergen. Walk about, explore, window shop and spend the day. Most people stay on the water, but you can walk around behind the buildings and look down on them from a linear park park a block or so from the water. There you will find benches to rest your weary feet in peace and quiet.

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Jun 18, 2011
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Historical Bryggen

Tour of "Bryggen" is a "must" activity. You will comprehend 900 years of history - Bryggens Museum, old wooden buildings and Hanseatic Museums. These are building are on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

There are also interesting shops dealing with local products. Museum tickets are NOK 100.

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Jul 22, 2009

Hansa Bryggen

The harbor in Bergen is a very nice place to stay, have a look around and find something to eat. It is famous for the fishmarked where you can buy fish that is still alive, they will kill it before they wrap it for you though ;) Also remember to check out the SS Statsraad Lempkull (huge sailing ship) if it is in its home harbor.

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Jun 06, 2008

Historic wharf area

The preserved wooden buildings that front the wharf have to be the cities highlight. They now house souvenir shops, bars & restaurants. The passages inbetween them are worth exploring too. The many coloured buildings just look so beautiful when the sun is shining on them.

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Feb 24, 2008

Bryggen - the famous old hansa house area

When talking about Bergen, everyone must have heard of the Bryggen. This area and a group of very old hansa style houses is very special looking and has a special athmosphere too. It might be a tourist trap (and I would not recommend to eat in any of the restaurants right around unless you are wealthy), but it is a must in Bergen.

I enjoyed a beer in a open air bar/restaurant just in front of the most famous houses and enjoyed the view and watched people passing by. It was also pleasant to watch boats and ships, even huge passenger ships anchor themself in front of me. It was interesting to watch one huge Hurtigruten-ship (named Nordkapp) arrive and people come out to wander around.

Otherwise too, the area nearby is very beautiful with the harbour athmosphere with white sailing boats.

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Jan 13, 2007
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"Bergen - The city between the seven mountains"
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"Bergen in Norway"
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"The Fjord' Capital City"
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"Welcome to the land of the Vikings!"
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"Bergen in Fall"
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Brygge in English means wharf or quay, and Bryggen is the area where old timber buildings stood along the harbor front when Bergen was an important centre for the Hanseatic League. Its 800 years old buildings are now placed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.

Try and go back to Bryggen at different times of the day.. as the light changes, their colours change too..... they really are spectacular. Lots of restaurants, pubs, museums and expensive souvenir shops there to explore, too...

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Sep 29, 2006


It's the obvious thing to do in Bergen.
Bryggen (formerly known as Tyskebryggen - the German quay) is what is left of the old hanseatic town of Bergen. Some of the foundations of the houses date back to the very beginnings of Bergen, even though the site was damaged by various fires in the past. The rows of old wooden houses along the fjordside are now a UNESCO world heritage site. What is nice about them is, that it is still possible to walk around, look into the houses or eat and shop in some of them. This way they are more than just a tourist site but still a vital element of the city.

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Jul 04, 2006


This waterfront, wharf, is world famous. It is composed by a maze of wooden buildings with pointed gables facing to the harbor. Bryggen is listed by UNESCO as one of the world’s most important examples of the history and culture of a medieval settlement.

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May 19, 2006

Bryggen street

A great experience is to meander through Bryggen's narrow alleyways, amde ever darker and more mysterious by overhanging balconies, is to step back in time to the Middle Ages. Bryggen is not a museum however, but part of the cultural heritage that is still in use in a living historical area of the city.

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Apr 18, 2006

Things to Do Near Bergen

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Ole Bull / Lysøen

Samething didnt knew anything about this sculpture when I took this picture got to know from internet that its called "Ole Bull" made by stephen sinding and first time presented in 1901.Actually bus...
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Fish Market

The picturesque and lively Fish Market in Bergen is one of Norway's most visited outdoors markets and has a charming location in the heart of the city between the fjords and Bergen's 7 mountains. The...
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Mount Fløien

Fløibanen at sunset beautiful. The cable car in Bergen is its top attraction and one of Norway's most famous the only cable car of its kind in Scandinavia. I would agree with the claim that you have...
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Mount Ulriken

Bergen is surrounded by seven hills/mountains, of which Mt. Ulriken is the highest one. One can go by a nice cable car up, but there are also many paths for those who want to make it on their own and...
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Bergen akvariet was found in 1960. It has about 60 aquariums, representing one of the most extensive collections of marine fauna in Europe. There are seals and penguins in large outisde pools. They...
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Mariakirken / St Mary's Church

This church was closed for restoration when we walked over to it from the Rosenkrantz tower residence. It was built in the early 12th century and is an example of Romanesque architecture. While the...
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