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Oslo Bike Rental
"Pick up your bike near Karl Johans Gate in central Oslo. Get a safety orientation to ensure you’re comfortable on your bike and receive a bicycle helmet and bicycle lock. If you wish take advantage of the three included city maps complete with route descriptions to create a tailor-made route for you through and around the city. Alternatively feel free to go wherever the day takes you.Once you’re ready hop on your bike and hit the city! You have approximately eight hours to enjoy the sights on two wheels
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Oslo Bike Rental
"Pick up your bike near Karl Johans Gate in central Oslo. Get a safety orientation to ensure you’re comfortable on your bike and receive a bicycle helmet and bicycle lock. If you wish take advantage of the three included city maps complete with route descriptions to create a tailor-made route for you through and around the city. Alternatively feel free to go wherever the day takes you.Once you’re ready hop on your bike and hit the city! You have approximately eight hours to enjoy the sights on two wheels
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Segway Tour of Oslo
"This 2 hour Segway tour is the perfect opportunity to check out the latest cool transportation device while taking in some signature Oslo sites! We will start by giving you the basic training you will need before we will hit the streets of Oslo. Our first stop is the National Opera House from there we will drive past Bar Code to our Sentral Station. From there we will glide to the Cathedral Parliament National Theatre
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Karl Johansgate Tips (32)

Karl Johns Gate

This is the main street in Oslo, connecting the Central Oslo Station (famous as Oslo S) and The Royal Palace. Except the shops and the nice architechture buildings, the street includes many of Oslo's tourist attractions - The Royal Palace, Stortinget (The Norwegian Parliament), The National Theater, The Old University Buildings, Park Spikersuppa which serves as a skating rink in winter

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May 28, 2013

The main shopping street in Oslo.

Karl Johansgate street is the main shopping street in Oslo. It stretches from Oslo S train station and right up to the Palace. In parts it is closed for traffic, but you cross a lot of side-streets so you have to watch out for traffic.

Here you can find all the main high street stores and in streets leading from Karl Johansgate, like Akersgate you can find the more expensive brand stores, like Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton. There are also a lot of restaurants and cafés here, some off Karl Johansgate.

What troubles me when walking on this street from Oslo S to Aker brygge f.ex. are all the gypsies, which seems to have popped up at every single corner in Karl Johansgate. And not only here but all over town. There are so many of them that it has become a nuisance really. Some of them play beautiful violin music and I think that is ok, that is a way of making a living, but most of them sit on the street or walk up to you begging or wanting to sell you "gold" or flowers. I even had two gypsie ladies following me into a grocery store wanting to sell me fake gold. They had heard us speaking in Serbian and one of them spoke Serbian and didn´t want to leave us alone.
And there are a lot of people here as well wanting you to take part in a charity of some sort. It just gets plain annoying. I give to charity and don´t want to be asked to do so every time I walk this street or have people beg money of me. So I started taking some streets paralell to Karl Johansgate.

Closer to the Palace there are more restaurants and cafés and the Parliament building and parks and squares, a lovely area, with the National Theatre and museums in the side-streets.

The street is named after Karl Johan, who was a king of Oslo from 1818-1844.

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May 02, 2013


The city's grand boulevard, Karl Johans Gate (street) runs from the train station through the center of town to the Royal Palace.
This is one street you must walk down. There is plenty to see along here. I started with a view of it from the Royal Palace, then walked down the hill to actually walk along the street. There were lots of people along here, and no wonder, as there are heaps of shops, restaurants, gorgeous parks for the city workers to sit and enjoy lunch or for people to meet each other. Lots of important buildings are on this street.
I saw the Theatre, Cathedral, Parliament and Stortorvet Square, the latter which has a produce market.
This street was "abuzz!"

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Aug 31, 2012

Karl Johan

This must be one of my favorite streets, with shops all over from Oslo, Norway's main train station and up to the castle where the king and queen live! The street is full of stores, shopping malls, cozy cafes, restaurants and famous hotels like Grand hotel. You will also find the little shop that is cold for Freia who sells Norwegian chocolate

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Jul 19, 2012
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Karl Johans gate

Karl Johans gate is the main pedestrian street of Oslo, which is called after the Norwegian king Karl III Johan. The street is the main orientation, especially for those of you who arrive in the Norwegian capital by bus or train in Sentralstasjon. The street connects Sentralstasjon (central station) with Slottet (Royal Palace).

On both sides of the street, you will see shops of all kind (including a sex-shop ;-) ). Okay, I will include a separate tip on shopping of Norway, if shopping may be recommended in this country at all but just imagine what prices you have theoretically in the main commercial street of the capital of the most expensive country of Europe if not the world ....

Among the shops and malls, you will see here some institutions and attractions like Oslo cathedral (Domkirke), the bazar (Basarene med Brannvakten), National parliament (called Stortinget in Norway), national theatre (Nationaltheatret) and university buildings (Universitetsbygningene).

After all, this is the most important parade street of Norway. Most special the street is each year on May 17, the national holiday of Norway. At this time, Karl Johans gate is full of children, who go on the street up to the royal palace (Slottet) where they see the royal family congratulate and wave the people.

A place for street musicians and singers, whose season is from May till Octomber (bear in mind cold Scandinavian winters).

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Apr 24, 2011

the main street of downtown Oslo?

Karl Johans gate is a nice street to stroll on and look at their several shops, places to eat and people walking by.

The street begins at Jernbanetorget, where Oslo Central Station is located and ends at the Royal Palace. The street got its name from Karl Johan, one of the kings during the period where Sweden and Norway were one country. From this street it's a short walk to the City Hall (Rådhuset) and its pier. Part of the street is for pedestrians only.

Like any other busy street like this one, you'll find a lot of street musicians, people selling merchandise and beggars, all trying to make a buck.

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Sep 28, 2009

Walking along Karl Johansgate

My hotel was near this grand boulevard which was actually named in honor of the popular French Prince Jean Baptiste Bernadette (1818-1844) who ruled after Sweden took Norway from Denmark.

So, my first impulse was to walk along the expanse of this road and see the commercial places as well as all of the tourists who were (like me) just snooping around. It does start from the train station and ends at the Royal Palace.

I discovered a little park with nice little fountains which I later found out was the Eidsvollsplass, just after the Parliament and Stortinget (if you are heading northwest towards the Palace). If you happen to be here on May 17, the are would be full of revellers and bands because this is the day of Independence of Norway. During that time, the Royal Family would be watching from the palace’s balcony.

Indeed, all visitors of the city pass (and should pass) this famous street in one way or another

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Oct 27, 2008

Karl Johans Gate

Karl Johans Gate is probably the best known street in Oslo. With the Royal Palace perched at the top, this central thoroughfare stretches downhill to nearly reach the central station.

This road is interrupted at regular intervals, by smaller streets crossing through.

Along the roadside are some of Oslos most important buildings, including the Parliament Building (Stortinget), National Theatre, and University.

The Grand Hotel (No 31)(where Nobel Peace prize winners, heads of state, and the rich and famous stay), plus restaurants, shops, bars catering to all tastes and budgets (well not if on a Very tight budget!) can all be found.

On 17th May (syttende mai) Norwegians celebrate their National Day (Constitution Day).

In Oslo, Karl Johans Gate is the place to see Norwegian traditional costume (bunand), as almost every family dresses in their finery, to join a parade, leading upto the Palace, where the Royal Family stand and wave to the children passing by!

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Nov 07, 2007
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"The fantastic capital of Norway"
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"My Own Private Oslo"
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Karl Johans Gate

Karl Johans Gate (KJG or Karl Johans Street) today runs in one long line uphill from the East ( near the railway station) to the West (The Royal Palace)

The eastern part was originally part of Christian 1V's old city,which was surrounded by the city ramparts. Removal of these to make way for the City Cathedral, enabled 3 sections of roadway to join and become Ostre Gade.
When it became necessary for the Royal Palace to be connected to the city, the western roadway was constructed.

The building of the Parliament building , in the centre of this area, caused the two sections to join to form one long thoroughfare. King Karl Johan had recently died, and so the street was named in his honour.

In the photo, you can see the statue of King Karl Johans, looking down 'his street'

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Nov 07, 2007

karl johansgate

Karl Johans gate (Karl Johan Street) was named after King Karl Johan and it is Oslo's main pedestrain street. It is about 1 mile long and it connects the central railway station to the Royal palace, passing by many other attractions and monuments (like the Parliament building and the National Theatre)

In fact the reason why you'll end up going there will likely be more trivial... first of all for shopping (the street is lined with shops and department stores), then for food or drinks (plenty of restaurants and cafes) or if you're really lucky/rich, to sleep... there's some very fancy hotels in this street, including one (whose name I'm not sure of, maybe the grand Hotel) that seems a copy of the legendary Ritz.

It's full of people at ant time of the day, and especially in the evening... so it's also good for people watching.

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Nov 13, 2006

A pleasant walk

The centre of Oslo is attractively laid out and you can have a really pleasant walk along the length of Karl Johanns Gate, from the central station past Stortinget, the parliament building, to the royal palace at the far end. On the way you'll pass a large number of cafes, bars and restaurants, and can stop for a rest in the calm of the central gardens that run the length of the lower half, from Stortinget onwards. Here there is an attractive fountain and a good little open air cafe. In the winter the pond is frozen and you can ice skate.

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Aug 02, 2006

Karl Johansgate

This is the main street in Oslo, with a variety of architecture, shopping places, and performers to see. It starts at the Oslo Central Station and ends at the Royal Palace. There are many attractions along the way, such as the Parliament, the Oslo Cathedral and the National Theatre.

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Apr 05, 2006

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