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"All-Inclusive Oslo City Tour: Viking Ship Museum
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Vikingship Museum - Viking Skip Museum Tips (68)

Norwegian Cultural Treasures

The Vikingskipshuset features three of the most well-preserved viking ships in the world; The Oseberg Ship, The Gokstad Ship, and the Tune Ship are considered to be among Norway's greatest cultural treasures. These 9th century ships were Viking burial ships used to send important high-ranking citizens and chieftains into the next life, and so were also packed full of items presumed necessary for the afterworld such as sleds, wagons, clothing, jewelry, food and ceramics. The intricately carved sleds and animal heads were especially beautiful and memorable.
The exhibit is quite small, can easily be managed in an hour, and was pretty pricey for the size but not when you consider what you're looking at and the enormous efforts that must be taken to reassemble and preserve the centuries-old wood. Consider that the Oseberg Ship dates from the 9th century and is 90% original wood! The ships were excavated in 1880-1910 from Viking burial sites around Oslofjorden and were encased in rocks and blue clay so it was quite the process- the museum also does a nice job of explaining how they got the ships from the ground to the museum if you're interested. All in all it's an interesting and cool little museum that gives some perspective into the culture and lives of the vikings.

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Aug 07, 2016

Viking Ship Museum

Oslo is easy to walk around. In the summer take a ferry from the quay to the island where there are 3 museums K50, but over 67 y o it is K30 return. It is about 1km up to the Viking Boat Museum, whole boats preserved and on display. Entry is K80 or K40 for seniors.

Afterwards, follow the signs and walk to the Fram (which we really enjoyed) and Kon Tiki Musuems, and then pick up the return boat to the city quay.

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Aug 17, 2014

Museum of Viking History

When I booked the tour for Oslo, I had thought that we might get to the Kon Tiki museum the Vasa Museum or the Vigeland museum. But instead, we stopped at the Viking Museum.

Here we saw three huge old ships, the Gokstad Ship, the Oseberg Ship and the Tune Ship. These 3 ships were found in separate Royal burial mounds by the Oslo Fjord. The ships were buried with their royal owners along with a lot of other artifacts, some of which are on display at the museum.
Oseberg ship was built around the year 800 AD, In 834 it was used as a burial ship for two special women.
Gokstad ship was built in the late 800s AD. It was a sea-going ship and was found in 1879.
Tune ship was built around the year 900 AD. It was probably an ocean-going ships, with a large square sail

My granddaughter went up to take pictures of the inside from the balcony.

We didn't buy any souvenirs here - not because we didn't want to, but because the people working there weren't that interested doing the work required to get up and come to the window to take our money. This was too bad because my daughter-in-law had asked me to get her a gnome, and this was the only place I saw one.

OPEN...1. October to 30 April: 10-16
1. May to 30 September: 9-18

ADMISSION....Adults 60 nok Children 30 nok

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Feb 21, 2013


The Viking Ship Museum is another Museum on Bygdøy. It is a little away from the other group, so we caught the Bus to here.

As the name says, this Museum has displays of large Viking ships. Gee, these Ships were big!
What a sight they must have been on the oceans, and how lucky was I, being able to stand alongside one these pieces of history.

There are three Ships, the Oseberg, Gokstad and Tune, all three are believed to be the best preserved Viking ships known, all found in royal burial mounds in the Oslo fjord.
These were burial ships carrying the dead and treasures such as wagons, horses and textiles from the Viking age, all exhibited at the museum.
The museum also displays jewellery, weapons, vehicle tools and household goods from the Viking age across Scandinavia. Vikings ruled the region from the 8th to 11th centuries.

Once again, it was another interesting Museum that we both enjoyed viewing. Before heading onto the next Museum on a cold and wet day, we had a hot chocolate at the outdoor Cafe.

OPEN...10am to 6pm from January to April & October to December.
9am to 6pm each day from May to September.

ADMISSION....Adults 60 nok Children 30 nok

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Aug 30, 2012
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The Vikingship museum and other artefacts.

There are 3 original Viking ships at the Viking museum, the Gokstad Ship, the Oseberg Ship and the Tune Ship. The Gokstad Ship and the Oseberg Ship are very well preserved ships, unbelievably so, I must say. The Tune Ship is in worse condition, but still, seeing that it is so old, an excellent find. The Tune ship was the first ship to be found and is from ca 900. A skeleton of a man was found in the ship, some weapons and a skeleton of a horse.

These 3 ships were found in seperate Royal burial mounds by the Oslo Fjord. The ships were buried with their royal owners along with a lot of other artefacts, some of which are on display at the museum, f.ex. the wagon and the sledges from the Oseberg grave, and others which are on display at The Historical museum in Oslo.

The ships are more than 1.100 years old and it is breathtaking entering the museum being confronted by these old majestic Viking ships. With my Icelandic Viking roots maybe it was even more overwhelming for me than for people of other nacionalities? I don´t know, but to me it was a breathtakinging experience.

The Oseberg Ship is the first ship as one enters the museum, then on the left hand side is the Gokstad Ship and on the right hand side is the Tune ship. One can walk up to small balconies to see the ships from above. Then at the end of the museum there are artefacts found in the mounds together with the ships. The Tune Ship was the first to be found in 1867. It was built in ca 900.

Opening hours: every day from May-September from 9-18. In the winter months every day from 10-16.

Admission fee: NOK 60.

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Jun 14, 2012

The Oseberg Ship.

The Oseberg ship was built ca 820. Here the "Oseberg Queen" was buried at ca 834. There were 2 women buried in the Oseberg Ship, a rich and powerful woman and her maid servant, found lying together in a bed. At the Historical museum there are some additional artefacts from the burial mound, f.ex. a saddle that was placed in the burial chamber aboard the ship. The burial chamber held personal belongings of these women. It is amazing really that the tradition back there was to bury rich and powerful people in their Viking ship. These ships were supposed to carry them to the realm of the dead. 12 horses were buried with these women.

The ship is 21.5 metres long and 5 metres wide.

There are artefacts from the Oseberg Ship at the Vikingship museum, f.ex. a richly decorated horse wagon and tapestry, along with harness equipment and decorative harness bow mounts (made of bronze and some with gold coating), rattles and a riding crop plus a saddle.

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Jun 14, 2012

The Gokstad Ship.

The Gokstad ship was built in ca 890 and in it a Chieftain was buried in ca 900. He was in his fourties when he died.

The Viking ship is 23 metres long and 5 metres wide.

At the Historical Museum in Oslo there are artefacts from the Gokstad Ship burial, f.ex. exquisite horse bridles for a Chieftain´s horse, made of lead. There were other bridles found in Borre made of bronze and gold. There was also a game board found in the ship. One sledge, a burial chamber and small boats were also found in the grave. They are on display by the Tune ship.

Horses were buried with high ranking people and 12 horses were buried with the Chieftain, six dogs and a peacock??

There were 32 painted shields on each side of the ship, so it must have looked magnificent.

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Jun 14, 2012

Long Boats used for Funerals

There may be only three long boats in this museum, but two are in wonderful condition and extremely graceful. Thus they make great photographic subjects. Note that one of the three is in a fragile state and photography of it is not permitted. These are centuries old wooden vessels, discovered by archaeologists, and now restored. There are steps to an alcove so that the visitor can look down into the boats and see their interior layout.

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Jun 21, 2011
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"My Own Private Oslo"
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Vikingskiphuset (the Viking Ship Museum) in Oslo is part of the Museum of Cultural Heritage of the University of Oslo. You can find 3 original 9th century Viking dragonboats there: the ships of Tune, Gokstad and the probably most famous of all, the beautiful Oseberg ship!
There also is an exhibition of amazing objects found in Viking tombs in the area of Oslo and also from the Borre grave field (Vestfold) such as: jewellery, tools, harness, household utensiles, smaller boats, textiles, sledges and a wonderfully ornamented cart.

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Apr 04, 2011

Viking ships, ahoy!

The Vikin ship museum is a must-see for anybody even slightly interested in history. The museum displays three ships and founds from a viking chief's grave.

Vikings used burial ships, which took the dead to the Other World and these ships were loaded with treasures. The museum has an exhibition of these treasures.

Depending on the time of the year, the museum is open 9-18 (May-sep) or 11-16 (Oct-apr) every day.

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Apr 04, 2011

Old sailors

The first museum we opted for was the Vikingship musuem. There were so much museums to choose from and only so much time :-(

Immediatly when you enter this museum you can see the huge vikingship which gave the museum its name. They come from a digging in Vestvold where they were discovered early 20th century. These ships were used as burial ships. They date from around 900 AD.

Have a look here Gokstad to have a look at the original finding place of the Gokstad ship.

Sorry for this picture. I hope that on the roll still in my camera is a better pic.

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Apr 04, 2011

The Viking Ship Museum

contains three 9th-century Viking ships that were excavated from ritual burial mounds in the south of Norway. They are in excellent condition due to the clay in which they were embalmed. Viking ships were used as tombs for royalty who were buried with everything they might need after death.

The biggest and best preserved of the ships is the Gokstad, and the finest is the Oseberg, a richly ornamented dragon ship with an intricately carved animal head post, that was the burial chamber of a Viking queen.

Opening Time: Daily 9am to 6pm (May to September)
11am to 4pm (October to April)

Admission: NOK40 (adults), NOK20 (children)

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Apr 04, 2011

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Getting to Vikingship Museum - Viking Skip Museum


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