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  • Haugesund
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  • Søre Åsen-A "green" Valley hidden in the...
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  • Reflections on the Storavatnet
    Reflections on the Storavatnet
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Haugesund Things to Do

  • Avaldsnes Church

    It is a big history behind that church in Avaldsnes and this is why I have preferred to write a special "tip" for it only.First of all, you'll be impressed by the location on the top of the hill, dominating the entire area, and the simple, early gothic shape.It is somehow specific to the early gothic (even more specific to the one on Northern...

  • Don't miss Avaldsnes-10 min. drive from...

    I was first time in Avaldsnes few years ago but being again in the area in October this year, I have used my opportunity to go back there, on a Saturday.Being as lucky as usual, I have participated by chance at a wedding ceremony in that old church in Avaldsnes and I was, of course, impressed by it.So simple and decent, so pure and quiet......

  • A short trip to Våga

    If you have a car and some free time, Våga is not so far south of Haugesund and it is another place telling you more about Norway and Norwegians.Only few houses lying in a quit area, with a small port, where I've tried (whithout success, as usual) to get at least a makerel :)

  • Trolladalen

    Disappointed that it was possible to drive up to the antenna on Steinfjellet, I have decided that it could be a good idea to use some of my energy exploring the swampy valleys and rocky hills around.It is a good idea indeed, but I would recommend wearing good boots instead of the sport shoes I have used.And don't forget that there is a lot of mud,...

  • Steinfjellet-Haugesund seen from above

    Before starting the "exploration"of Haugesund, I have thought that it might be a good idea to have the overview of the city, the first point I have found on the map being Steinfjellet.I was really surprised that I could go to the top by car, but I have compensated with a four hrs trip on the valleys around Steinfjellet.You'll get some photos and...

  • THE NATIONAL MOUNUMENT - Haraldshaugen

    the monument was build by the norwegian people in 1872 as a celebration that it was 1000 years since norway became one country by king harald , it was belived the king was burried here. The big oblisk is representing the new country and the small ones (29) is the many kingdoms that got together as one kingdom. The saga by Snorre tell us that the...

  • Krosshaug \ The Crossmound

    Near Haraldshaugen there is a hill with a kross on that is called krosshaug in Norwegian. This is one of the oldest cross in Norway it's 1000 years so the historians says.

  • Haraldhaugen / Harald Hairfair Monement

    This is a monement of Harald Hairfair the first Norwegian king. He was the king who unite Norway to one kingdom, before it Norway was divided into many small and medium countries. There was small kingdoms ruled by other kings that was called small kings in Norwegian history. Harald Hairfair died near where the city of Haugesund was build. the...

  • St.Olavs Church at Avaldsnes

    This is a beatiful small church that has a nice wiew over Nordvegen , the seaway between Stavanger and Bergen, Its belived ito have built on a ancient pagan cult site that was formed around a circle of 5 large stones. The church was buildt in a early Goyhic style around 1250AD when Norways power and influence was at its mightiest. This site also...


Haugesund Hotels

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Haugesund Restaurants

  • jazz and fish soup

    at saturdays around 1ish if i remeber rightstroll along the quay passed the hotel maritim u will find høvleriet...a jazzband plays for free and they have a great fish soup there, great for lunch/dinner its a great atomspher there in the old fishing house fish soup

  • indoor, outdoor restaurant and bar

    A little history that i found on the restaurantes websiteLothe's mat og vinhus has existed in this house since 14th April 1989.The property was built early in the 1850's and has been a famouslandmark in and around Haugesund harbour.The house was seriously damaged due to a fire in 1905. Rumor has it that the person killed in the fire , can still be...

  • eat as much as u want......yummy

    this place has only open on sundays and is something that is mostly used by the localsfor a little amount of money u can choose from atleast 5 diffrent courses, 8 diffrent desserts, and to finish the meal a cup of coffemost people have a little of each to try the diffrent kinds of food and its all traditional sunday dinners special price for kids...


Haugesund Nightlife

  • a place with many names and dancefloors

    this place has been here for years and are very popular. it has had diffrent name but the locals just say krashna (used to be called krashnapolsk) and is located north in the pedestrian streeetit has diffrent dancefloor with its own music and a lot of bars( pub, pianobar etc) its a nice place but can be packed after midnight on saturdays

  • a quiet night out or a coffee in the day

    If u wanne sit comortable and sip to a strawberry daqaurie, drink beer, coffee or wine...this is the place. Its down by the habour and the play soft relaxing music. There are many sofas there so dont fall asleep after a hard day of beeing a tourist :-))U can also get some food there. no dresscode

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Haugesund Transportation

  • bergen-haugesund-stavanger and return

    time table from bergen -haugesund -stavangerto get to haugesund make sure u pick the right departure because sometimes it goes past and dont stop befor aksdal which is 15 min outside haugesund...u then will need a another bus or taxiin haugesund the bus stops at the bus station ....10-15 min walk from down town and the habour... if u need to get to...

  • Catamaran passenger ferries -flaggruten

    this is a boat that conects stavanger- haugesund and bergen with more stops along the routeits called flaggruten

  • ferry to england or denmark

    there is a car ferry both to newcastle(UK) and hanstholm (DK)update: the ferry to newcastle (UK) is taken over by DFDS seaways so new link is http://www.dfdsseaways.com/dfdsseaways/choose.html http://www.dfdsseaways.co.uk/dsw/enthe ferry to hanstholm (DK) is still run by fjordline


Haugesund Shopping

  • queen maud

    its a butchershop in the pedestrian street where they sell the best ever dessert called queen maud (dronning Maud) and other yummy kinds off food :-)))and its the only place u can get this dessert..it was created when queen maud came to visit the town many many years ago dronning maud pudding

  • Clothes for the colorful

    Wonderful colorful clothing from Save the Queen, Milieu, Boheme and others with wonderful shoes from Think!, Earth, Camper and more. Scarfs, purses, shoes and dresses. A pair of shoes around 1000 kroner, scarf 300 kroner, purses 1500 kroner, dress 300 and up.

  • handmade stuff

    its a small shop in a back alley from the pedestrian street where they sell diffrent things from local designers...clothes handbags etc the town is often been called norways fashion town because some of the norwegian clothes cains headoffices are located here


Haugesund Local Customs

  • old herring barrowls

    the old way of preserve and store the herring this is shown on the yearly maritim old boat festival in august

  • national day 17th of may

    NATIONAL DAYNational day here is very specialit starts with the canon wakeing up everyone early early in the morning7am ...the morning parade starts and anyone ( even tourists :-))) can join in) , it starts from diffrent parts in town and meet up with the fishermen statue in town where the flaggs goes to the top just befor 88 am ....starts a...


    do as the local and go for a walk either in Vangen (see picture) or to EvindsvatnetIn Vangen there is a small lake with swans and duck that many feed so they are not afraid of people , in the forest its a playgorund for kids,and a cafe. Nearby its the swimmingpool, and the football clubs (3 of them - Vard, Haugar and Djerv1919) all situatet around...


Haugesund Tourist Traps

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    by SORHUS Written Oct 14, 2004

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    Its hard to find any special tourist traps....it has to be that its a western coastal town that sometimes...often have "some" rain :-)))

    Unique Suggestions: so bring an umbrella...it might get windy too espesially if its not summer ....so get the old raingear out of the closet instead

    Fun Alternatives: ther is no other alternative just have fun :-)))

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Haugesund What to Pack

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    Be ready for hiking-you'll have a lot to...

    by adema29 Updated Oct 16, 2011

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    Luggage and bags: A small backsack for hiking

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Good shoes/wind proof jackets and trousers

    Photo Equipment: A good camera with full batteries and a huge memory if possible... there are a lot of things waiting for you to "capture" them :)

    Camping/Beach/Outdoor Gear: Fishing rod-be always ready for the big capture.

    Miscellaneous: I have never realised that is so "muddy"in Norway :(
    Is it probably because it's raining almost all the time!? :)

    Muddy paths-��rna Slippery paths-everywhere in Norway Swamps-Sandbekken Have a good camera ready for amazing photos There is water everywhere-be ready for fishing

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Haugesund Off The Beaten Path

  • Søre Åsen

    I knew that it should be a place like this around Kårsto and I found it at last :)It was of course another surprise, as the wildness is even more visible and the feeling of being so small in that “swampy” Norwegian World is even bigger.How I knew it? It's so simple.Around each "BY" (village or town) in Norway, the locals have organised a place for...

  • Rossafjellet-Sandbekken

    I was looking for a "mountain" named Rossafjellet and I found instead a small stony hill. It is probably because in the area there are a lot of peaks having the same name...Even if it was an error, I will let you see the trip through my camera's eye :)If you want to go there, you shall only follow the traffic indicatorto Sandebekken from Tysvær or...

  • Climbing 454 m to Orna, near...

    I have started, a bit too late, this year to "climb" up to all the mountain peaks in the area.Orna is one of the first peaks I have reached, not so easy as I have expected.First of all, what Norwegians call "easy" was not so easy for me :)After that, the marking is not the best I have expected and my sport shoes were not the best option for the...


Haugesund Favorites

  • Haraldshaugen (Harald's mound)-Haugesund

    It is believed that here is the Harald's Hårfagre (Fair Hair) grave and it is one of the most important monuments on Norwegian's history.Harald Hårfagre (IX-X century) was considered the first king of Norway as, after the fight in Hafrsfjorden (I have some tips about this place too) he have unified all (!) the 29th kingdoms (represented by 29 small...

  • june -july

    VIKING FESTIVAL (7-10 JUNE 2007)its a festival with viking marked, theater, concert, exebition, historic walks etcsee how the viking lived in this village http://www.vikingfestivalen.no/SAFE AS MILK (july)is a music festival that started in 1999 and the special thing is that if you are traveing from outside norway you can applay for free...

  • may

    MAYnight to 1st of may is a night on the town...mostly young people getting pissed ;-)17th of may -NATIONAL DAY*7 AM who ever who want to attend the mornign parade can do so from diffrent starting points around town ( please wear nice clothes ..men suit etc)* 8 AM rowing competition down the habour* 10 AM children parade ( every school in town with...


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