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Segway Tour of Bergen
"We offer you the complete experience: - A great orientation.- Informative historical and current-day information.- Heaps of unique and fascinating stories.- Fantastic photo ops.- Superb personal service from your guide. and more. Highlights on our tour: Fishmarket Nordnes Park Famous Bergen Aquarium Some different beautiful Smau´s (streets) The National Theatre The Blue Stone Lille Lungegårdsv 12:30 15:00 17:15 18:30 and 22:00. Address: Øvregaten 4A 5001 Bergen."""
From NOK645.00
Best Views of Bergen - Segway Day Tour
"This tour will really show you all the sweet spots in Bergen both in the city and in the mountainside. We will stop for great photo opportuneties along the way and will have lots of fun while showing you the city. We guarantee you a good time."""This Segway tour will show you the best sights in Bergen and leave you with time to explore the city after the tour is complete.title=Highlights&1=Enjoy+fantastic+aerial+views&2=Informative%2C+friendly+and+professional+guide&3=Comprehensive+tour+of+the+city&4=Small-group+tour""
From NOK645.00
Segway Experience in Bergen
"This tour is all about the Segway ride and experience. We have several different routes and will go on a route that suits the groups for maximum fun. We have both beginner routes and advanced routes. This tour is unlike any other segway tour you have been on before."""This Segway tour will show you the beautiful city of Bergen and you will get a once in a lifetime segway experience in the mountains.title=Highlights&1=Choice+of+several+departures+throughout+the+day&2=Flexibility+to+customize+your+itinerary+to+your+own+preferences&3=Get+inside+tips+from+a+local&4=Small+group+ensures+personal+service"""Bergen
From NOK498.00

Preikestolen Tips (13)

Race To The Summit ~ Hiking Preikestolen

As most people know, one of the biggest draws to the city of Stavanger is its proximity to and availability of travel to "Preikestolen," aka "Pulpit Rock" -- that 2,000 ft. towering rock formation almost above the Lysefjord. I previously mentioned that my husband and I chose a Lysefjord cruise to see Preikestolen while our son chose to hike it. This tip contains only information strictly relating to our son's trip to the trail head, and the hike itself. All photos accompanying this tip were taken by him and posted with his permission. (Unfortunately, for some reason I was unable to upload some of his very best photos.) See more photos in the accompanying Travelogue.

We booked this excursion to hike Preikestolen for our son as a gift and it was quite expensive. However, there are several different and much less expensive ways to reach Preikestolen: driving to the start of the trail head, booking separate legs of transportation, or booking a combination roundtrip ferry & bus to the start point. For those without a car or a booked excursion/transportation combination, you will first need to catch the ferry (Norled Ferry Co.) at Fiskepirterminalen in Stavanger to board a local ferry taking you on a 35-minute harbor crossing to Tau. From Tau, it's approximately a 30 - 35 minute coach ride passing through scenic landscape to the starting point which is near the "Preikestolen Fjellstue" or "Preikestolen Mountain Lodge", the Youth Hostel-Preikestolhytta, and the Vatnegården dorm all of which are in proximity to each other. This is the area where the trail head to Preikestolen begins. Before beginning the hike you can load up your backpack with snacks and drinks -- some hikers taking the hike as part of an excursion receive boxed lunches at this point.

The trail to the top of Pulpit Rock is a combination of types of terrain from hard-packed earth to boulders, rock steps to uneven rock, some areas of constructed rock trail, and fjord rock formations. You may see red arrows painted on rock to keep you on the trail. Hikers can enjoy many different types of scenery along the way to the top -- forest, marshland, ponds and/or lakes. The distance to the top is about 2½ miles and the climb ascends about 1,100 feet (the trail head starts at approximately 886 ft above sea level). The most challenging part of the hike may be the last 600 yards (give or take) where hikers must navigate a heart-stopping section of the trail -- a narrow path with steep cliffs on one side and the Lysefjord thousands of feet below. Hikers who finish the trail are rewarded with a spectacular vista!! The top of Preikestolen is much, much bigger and flatter than can be imagined from anyone who has only see it from the bottom on fjord water level. The day my son hiked to the top, local guides told everyone that they were extremely lucky to have climbed Preikestolen on a day when there was an absolutely perfect and clear view once at the summit because very often there are mist and clouds shrouding the view.

My son navigated the climb in approximately 1 1/2 hrs, said it was a great hike and really enjoyed it although it was not necessarily an easy one. Some hikers starting with him did not finish or finished later. Rigorous even when dry, the trail can be dangerous when conditions are wet and slippery. Be sure to wear the right clothing and footwear, and be prepared for weather changes. Always take water and a bit of food for energy.

Interesting fact: my son's group was told, as we were also told while on the fjord cruise, that Nepalese Sherpas are hired either yearly or or on a periodic basis to build, and groom trails here!

Companies to contact:

For roundtrip transportation to Preikestolen, see:

For a helicopter tour over Preikestolen & fjord, see:

The window for ferry/bus travel closes rather early -- in 2016, it's September 30th.

Once we were all back in Stavanger, we quickly returned to our ship for lunch then set out to see as much as possible of the city on foot. There is another option for sightseeing in Stavanger and that is the popular Stavanger Hop On Hop Off Bus.

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Oct 06, 2016

Preikestolen ~ A View from Lysefjord

While the cruise on Lysefjord aboard the M/S Rygerprinsessen was wonderful in every way, many visitors' main purpose for taking this particular cruise was to see one of the most famous attractions in Norway -- the geological rock formation called "Preikestolen," or "Pulpit Rock." Priekestolen is actually the top of a sheer, sharp-angled rock cliff overhanging the fjord which rises approximately 1,982 ft. above water. The top surface of this rock formation is almost completely flat and measures 82 X 82 ft. In many photos it appears as though its jutting over the fjord which makes it seem all the more breathtaking. It was formed approximately 10,000 years ago during the last ice age when glacial ice reached just beyond the top of the mountain.

It must be explained that seeing Preikestolen while at the top or its surface level is wholly different than seeing it from water level on the fjord. Looking up at the rock from water level, it only appears as a columnar, vertical section of rock and not too much different from many of the fjord's other granite walls except that the top is squarish. However, from this point at water level on the fjord I thought the shape almost looked as if it was a poured concrete structure.

Therefore, I guess you could say that the magnificence of it is only revealed when you are actually on the top of the rock itself, and a sweeping vista is before you and even below you! My son made the climb (in 1 & 1/2 hrs) to the top of Preikestolen and recorded the climb on his camera phone. The photo taken at the top is my son's. Unless you are at the top of Preikestolen or at another even higher fjord cliff, mostly likely you will not be able to envision just how large the rock surface at the top is (versus seeing it from below), nor the beauty of the fjord. If you are able, a hike to the top of Preikestolen is really the way to see it.

Rødne Fjord Cruises from Stavanger to Lysefjord & Pulpit Rock:
Departure from Skagenkaien Quay in Stavanger; Duration of cruise is approximately 3 hours.
Guiding in several languages. Tickets must be purchased at in advance or on board before departure.

Scheduled departures as listed are a little confusing. Make sure to verify months, day and time of cruises online before booking. Currently cruise departures are scheduled for:

January-April & October-December: Wednesday-Sunday at 11:00
(No departure on 1 January, 24 and 25 December)
May – September: Daily at 10:00 and at 14:00
July & August: Extra departure at 12 noon.

Prices for 2016:
Adults NOK 480,-
Children 4-15 years NOK 300,- (Free if under 4 years); Family ticket NOK 1300,- (2 adults + up to 4 children)

Next tip, the Hike to Preikestolen.

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Sep 18, 2016

Preikestolen - Incredible views

The walk to Preikestolen is a must!

I’ve made this walk several times since coming to live in Stavanger and hope to do it at least one more time before I leave. The walk and climb to Priekestolen is enjoyable in itself - there are some impressive views on the way up looking back towards Stavanger. However the icing on the cake is the stunning view from Priekestolen itself. If you have the nerve, try peering over the edge - my feet tingle just thinking about it! The first time I did this walk I can recall one Norwegian calmly sitting with his feet dangling over the edge while taking in the view!

Personally, I find the first half-kilometre of the walk to be the hardest. The path is very steep and I always set out too fast! After that, the walk is straightforward with a couple of moderately hard sections of climbing. It should take about 2 hours to walk up at a steady pace with occasional stops.

Advice and tips:

- You should be in reasonable health before tackling this walk
- Take a packed lunch and plenty of water
- Take at least one warm layer plus windproof/waterproof layer
- Good walking boots or stout shoes are recommended

Those points might seem obvious but I’ve seen people who’ve been totally unprepared for walking or hiking. As an example; when I did this trip in April 2004, the weather varied between sunny and warm at the bottom to snow and hail 2/3 of the way up. At the top, Preikestolen was sheltered from the wind, the sun came out and it was warm but on the way down, the wind became very cold with flecks of snow in the air - I was glad to have my fleece and windproof jacket. Incredibly, on my way down I saw one person climbing up in casual clothes and wearing a pair of Italian designer shoes. I also saw someone else wearing tee shirt, shorts and open toed sandals. Utter madness!

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Sep 28, 2011

The Walk

From Stavanger with the ferry to Tau.
If you take the 10:00 ferry, then with the bus to Preikestolen resting place. You are not to late, and have enough time to make the 2 hours journey, up the mountain, rest and enjoy the views and another 1,5 hours journey back.
Otherwise you are walking / scrambling up the hill, while loads of people are coming back.

The walk is tough for people who are not fit, and it is really 2 hours, don't forget that. Bring enough water (better too much water then too less), and something to eat. Also light rain cloths in the backpack is a must.
Make sure to have proper shoes, the walk goes over boulders, wood, is flat, is steep, could be muddy, slippery etc. We saw people with flip-flop's, who probably thought it was a walk in the park.

Do not get upset with people who walk faster, especially on the way down. Just leave them go. And be courteous, if the people in front of you are just a bit slower then you, don't push, but take a step back and respect their speed. It will prevent people from falling and hurting themselves.....!

Do enjoy the whole trip, because the views are breathtaking...!

fomhuirean's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2008
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The hike to Preikestolen is 3.8 kms..It takes 2 hours.In fact is very hard because of the steep path ( there is a 330 meters height difference from the starting point),with big stones and rocks,but it's worth.Really.Looking at the people with their feet dangling over the abyss is hair-raising,scary.
The ferry departs from Stavanger Fish Port (very agreable trip) and a bus is waiting in Tau.

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Jun 26, 2008

Pulpit Rock

The Pulpit Rock is a unique place. As the name indicates this looks like a pulpit when seen from below. The plateau at the top, which measures about 25*25 metres, was most likely formed by sucessive periods of frost 10000 years ago. On clear days you get a great view of the Lysefjord.

Cristian_Uluru's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2005


The path leading up to Preikestolen is not very easy and in a couple of part is very hard. As the height difference suggest it is a bit of a climb at some places so bring some water, some snack and maybe even some dry clothes. Finding the way to the top you must follow the path and if you can't see a path then you can look for the red T's. The path varies from gravel path, rocks and wooden paths. On the way up you will also find some benches and tables that can be used if you want to take a break and enjoy some of the food that you have brought along. Along the path you can see nice landscape.

Cristian_Uluru's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2005


Preikestolen is one of Stavanger's most popular tourist attractions. Preikestolen is know as the Pulpit rock in English and from it you have a great view over the Lysefjorden.
You can arrive to the Preikestolen Parking located at 270 metres above sea level and from it your start to hik the path towards the Pulpit Rock. In distance it is about 3,8 kilometers but it will take about 2 hour to the top and 1 hour and 30 minutes to come back. The Prekestolen is at 600 meters above the sea level which means that there is a 330 height difference from the starting point..
In the Preikestolen Parking there is a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Cristian_Uluru's Profile Photo
Nov 12, 2005

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Climbing Prekestolen

During my year in Norway, I lived in Sandnes, near Stavanger. The Prekestolen is an easy day trip from there, and climbing it is really something you should do!
You leave in the morning, walk up in about two hours, stay up there for a while and can be back late afternoon/early evening. The hike up isn't too hard really, and not so experienced hikers should not have big problems.
One of the greatest amusements up there is to sit on the famous edge and eat your lunch there with your feet dangling over the abyss! The rock wall falls down steeply a few hundred meter into the fjord below. Spectacular! I have pictures of us sitting up there that made my parents hearts stop. It really isn't so bad though, when you are there yourself, and I'm pretty sensitive about heights myself. But I've also been told nobody ever fell down the Prekestolen.

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Feb 21, 2004

Preikestolen (The Pulpit rock)

Preikestolen is one of Stavanger's most popular attractions. Here is a bit of info on my trip to Preikestolen on May 25th 2003.

I got in touch with a Canadian girl named Caroline on LP Thorn Tree and I bragged about how beautiful my hometown Stavanger is and the great view that you can get from Preikestolen. I ended up being a tour guide for Caroline when she came to Stavanger and the first thing I wanted to show her was Preikestolen. We got up early on Sunday morning to catch the 07.20 ferry to Tau and it was worth it. When we came to the parking at Prekestolen I think we were the first ones there.

The hike to Prekestolen is a 3.8 km but it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to the top because there is a 330 meter height difference. The path leading up to Preikestolen has been improved a lot in the last years but you still need a pair of good shoes/boots. Remember to bring water, some snack and maybe even some dry clothes. Finding the way to the top is not a problem at all. The path varies from gravel path, rocks and wooden paths. There are some benches and tables along the route that can be used if you want to take a break.

We started walking about about 8.30 and we walked alone all the way up to Preikestolen. I was quite surprised that we were alone because it can be pretty crowded in the summer time. But I guess it was early in the season, it was early in the morning and the weather forecast was not great. But it made it into a really special experience. When we got up to the top we were more or less alone there (a couple had spent the night in a tent there) so we could enjoy the view and take some pictures of the place.

So what is unique with Preikestolen? Well, it looks like a pulpit when seen from below. The rock itself is 25 by 25 meters and when you stand on the edge it is 600 meters straight down. On clear days you get a great view of the Lysefjord. The path leading up to Preikestolen is also very scenic.

I hope that this has been of some help to people that want to see Preikestolen.

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May 26, 2003

Pulpit Rock /Prekestolen...

Pulpit Rock /Prekestolen
Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen (Prekestolen) in Norwegian is one of the areas most profound turist attractions. This natural rock formation with a 25 meter squared plateau stands 604 meters above the sea. Thousands of tourists visit the Rock every year. The trip takes about two hours by foot, but the rock formation can also be enjoyed from the sea by boat. The original name of the rock formation is 'Hyvlatonnå' - which means the tooth of a woodplane.

Pulpit Rock or Preikestolen (Prekestolen) in Norwegian is one of the areas most profound turist attractions. This natural rock formation with a 25 meter squared plateau stands 604 meters above the sea. Thousands of tourists visit the Rock every year. The trip takes about two hours by foot, but the rock formation can also be enjoyed from the sea by boat. The original name of the rock formation is 'Hyvlatonnå' - which means the tooth of a woodplane.

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Sep 07, 2002

Defanitly go to Preikestolen! ...

Defanitly go to Preikestolen! The view over the fjord is gorgeous, and scary. There is no safety bar to keep you from going over, so I had to crawl to edge to look over... I enjoyed the hike up there also.

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Aug 25, 2002

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Forsand municipality in southern Ryfylke, Norway is Pulpit Rock, Lysefjord.


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