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Kristiansten Tips (7)

the old fortress on the hill

Kristiansten fortress was built on a small hill above Trondheim and it dates back to the year 1691. There is a museum. but that was under reconstruction, while I was in Trondheim in September 2009. At least I was able to enter the innercourt and see some old cannons and get a great view over the city from up there.

globetrott's Profile Photo
Oct 08, 2009

Spectacular views from the top

It is quite a walk uphill, but every step is worth it! Once you reach Kristiansten fortress you will be rewarded with the most wonderful view of Trondheim!

The fortress itself, built in the 17th century, does not have much to offer, it is mainly ruins now, but the view is spectacular!

tini58de's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2006

Kristiansten Festning

The Kristiansten Fortrees was erected by Johan Caspar von Cicignon after the great fire of 18 th April 1681. During the Second War World the German used the fortress as a prison and execution place for the people of the Norwegian Resistance.
From the fortress you can see a nice of the town and of the fjord.

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May 11, 2006

Kristiansten Fort

Cross Gamle Bybro and head uphill for a bird's eyeview of Trondheim. Along the way, you'll see a machanised gadget for cyclist to push themselves to the top. Don't be stupid and try it if you're not on a bike. You'll just have a fall just like Jack and Jill. So unless you think that head bandages are in vogue, trudge uphill for 10 minutes till you see a stone structure. It's interesting to note that this fort, constructed in 1681 to guard against Swedish invasions, was used as an execution ground for the Norweigian resistance movment. But we didn't see anything spooky there. All we saw was a panaromic view of Trondheim, an old gate and a cannon.

Click here to see more photos of Kristiansten Fort.

We stayed for a little while, then proceeded downhill to Kj?pmannsgata . We stopped at the intersection at Bispegate, turned right and proceeded west on Bispegate till we reached the famous Cathedral.

bpacker's Profile Photo
Dec 07, 2005
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Kristiansten Fortress

The gates of the fortress is open as long as the flag is up. But if you want to go inside you have to visit in the summer months (june-august). You also can have a tour in the defensetower with a guide. It is an cafe there, but it is only open in summer months too.

The fort was built after the great city fire in 1681 (finished in 1684) and today there is a spectacular view over Trondheim and it surroundings, the fjord and mountains. The fort saved the city from conquest by Sweden in 1718, but under the German occupation from 1940 to 1945, the fort was used as a place of execution for Norwegian members of the Resistance.

If you want a great tip listen carefully; the surroundings of the fortress is a big area with grass. If you visit in summer (and the weather is good) you can bay a minigrill and some food before you go there. Remember to take with you a blancet to sit on and a fotball to play with. I guarantee you that you wont be alone! So enjoy the bautiful wiew of the city and a cold sixpack of beer! Maybe we meet? :)

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Oct 14, 2004


After the great city fire in 1681 this fortress was built. From here you have an incredible view to the city, fjords and mountains.

It saved the city from being conquered by the swedish in 1781.

During the german occupation in the second World War this fort was used as a place of executing the Norwegian members of the Resistance.

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Oct 02, 2004

Kristiansten Fort

The Kristiansten Fort was built 1681-1684 after a great fire in 1681. In 1718 it saw it's only "action" when it was used to stop the invading Swedish forces.

The view from the fort is great and it's free. It's open as long as the flag is raised inside the fort...

Also a great place for a little picknick during summer :-)

Apr 25, 2004

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