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Porsgrunn Things to Do

  • Porsgrund Porselensfabrikk

    The Porsgrund Porcelain Factory was founded in 1885 and they have produced high quality china since then, non-stop. In the "Porsgrund" collection you will find china for all occasions. Porsgrund is very proud of their production of china for the Royal Castle. They have delivered Royal China to the three Norwegian "royal generations" that have...

  • Galleri Porsgrund

    An in-house museum gallery with theme exhibitions changing every three months. Mainly porcellain art by guest artists attached to the Porsgrund Porcellain Factory.Opening hours as for the sales outlets.You can also visit the factory departm,ent where tha hand painting artists are performing their work.

  • The Porsgrund Museum

    Newly established factory museum celebrating the 120 years history of Porsgrund Porselænsfabrik. Complete history.Guided tours at 10, 11, 13 and 14 o'clock. all days of of the week incl. Saturdays and during advertised Sunday opening hrs. Check for the latter. Factory guided tours shows the entire porcellain making process from A to Z. Presumably...

  • The main street, west bank

    Porsgrunn is split by the river.Both sides of the river have a riverbank parallel road. The one on the west bank ("Vestsiden")is more "domestic" and housing oriented in contrast to the shopping/business road on the east bank.The Vestregate-Bybakken streets are idyllic.

  • The main street, east bank

    This is the main shopping and business street in Porsgrunn- Storgata (= "big street"). It runs parallel to the river from herøya and way up, and you get a feel for the city by walking this road from Downtown to a small canal just past the Østre Brygge-located toruist office. Start at the southern end with the Downtown mall and proceed up to the...

  • Worth seeing: tourist info

    I incidentally followed directions to the tourist info (the infamous "i") and came to the "House of Pain Tatoo". They did a piercing job on tourist information. A sideline? Maybe it's pain in the winter and tourists in the summer?My advice: try their web site instead. The tourist info web site, not the torture one...

  • Statue of children

    Norwegian cities are in fact known for all their statues in public places. porgrunn has a less than average share of these.But they have certainly one statue nicer than the average: this one of children playing in the rain, watching intntly a butterfly they have found.

  • War memorial park

    Porsgrunn has a very sober and solemn war memorial which commemorates heroes and victims of 2nd World War and the German occupation of Norway.

  • Fjord trips

    For charters, this ship is available for parties, tour groups, conferences and just simply cocktail or dinner cruices. The trips may take you all thorugh the Brevik current and out to open sea.


Porsgrunn Hotels

  • Hotell Vic

    Too expensive for what they offer. Business clientele oriented. We were offered room for NOK 800pp...


Porsgrunn Restaurants

  • Porsgrunns beste mat

    Michel Seylmager`s Hus er opprinnelig et gammelt seilmakerversted fra 1750, det eldste seilmakerhuset i landet blir det påstått. Og enda bedre, huset ligger der det engang ble bygd like ved Porsgrunnselva. Veggene, tak og gulv bærer preg av fordums tid, men så er også restauranten stedet for de store anledninger. I usually go for the fish here.

  • Porcellained out

    This cafe is located at the Porcellain Factory's main outlet store "Magasinet" a bit in the back of the store. Chance is that you have very glassy eyes by the time you arrive here, ripe for a coffee or something.Caspara doubles as a factory workers cafe, so the fare beyond regular cafe stuff is also sturdy Norwegian lunch-paket style food with...

  • Fish restaurant

    Down by the harbour I finally found one sea food specialist restaurant. However, the opening hours did not suit my schedule, so i never got to taste their food.I guess things are quite seasonal here, too, as is my guess for all restaurant life in Porsgrunn - February doesn't give any spring or summer mood and leisure time.Nice outdoor spot...

  • Out for a beer

    If I was let loose and could have my beer where it fancied, I'd go to Eigil's Pub for a beer. Definitiely a brown place, with live music. My female company backed off after a peep through the curtains.

  • Good bakes

    The apparently best bakery in town is located to the far end of the shopping mall "Downtown" (what a name!) in Porsgrunn. Any kind of cake and bread you'd wish to taste withing the framework of Norwegian conservativism can be had here.A bit of French and Italian slang is getting into the picture, too.Seems to be a very popular hangout for...

  • Best - and only! - Chinese restaurant in...

    Finally, a good quality Chinese restaurant that doesn't compromise spice and taste with Norwegian blandishness. Very odd interior decorations, with a mix of south Chinese dark wood panneling and ornaments with Greek nubiles and Norwegian pub--style sitting arrangements and tables. South and Hunan Chinese dishes with an emphasis on hot spice and...


Porsgrunn Nightlife

  • Saagar's Profile Photo

    several: Some kind of pub crawl...

    by Saagar Written Feb 23, 2005

    There are a number of brown pubs that attract a somewhat sombre clientele here. The places seem to have their own sort of clientele with small tribal differences. However, the discern all these seems difficult, manageable only for locals. A pub crawl could be an interesting option here.
    Eigil's Pub seems interesting, especially by the look of the lady poster inside (seen through window). I was denied access by my companion because of this!

    Dress Code: Dress in black, dig heavy metal music and leave your hair long and straight.
    Well, just by the look of it.
    Anything goes, I suppose, as long as you are class conscious. This is a working class town - presumably also by culture.

    Sailor's Pub
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Porsgrunn Transportation

  • Access to Herøya

    Herøya petrochemical industrial complex is located just south of town. See the map (photo) to get a feel for the way there. You can stay in Porsgrunn's hotels and have easuy access by local bus or taxi or own vehichle to Herøya, just 10 minutes south. There are sightseeing tours of the area per appointment. Check with tourist authorities in...

  • Access to porsgrunn

    Porsgrunn is close enough to E18 (Oslo-Kristiansand (Stavanger) highway to be able to comfortably drop by for a stop. The E18 runs closer to the coast, so about 10 km upriver is the city area. It's also a possibility to run up to the mountains of Telemark from E18 through Porsgrunn-Skien.Check the map.

  • Train transport

    There are several trains and bus-train connections with Porsgrunn on the Vestfold railway line. Trains connect Porsgrunn to Skien and Oslo-Lillehammer. For international transfers from Porsgrunn, get off at Larvik for the Hirtshals and Fredrikshavn Ferries (Denmark), at Sandefjord for connecting to the Torp Airport (better take the direct bus from...


Porsgrunn Shopping

  • Factory outlet - 2nd sorting porcellain

    This is the largest factory outlet of Porsgrund Porcellain Factory. They carry most of their current production series of tableware, including glasses here, but in 2nd sorting quality. But you have to really look hard on the finishing to find any blemishes on most of the stuff for sale. The price may be 20-80% lower than the top quality stuff. Lots...

  • Top quality porcellain and glassware

    Glasshjørnet and Porselenshuset are the top quality factory outlets of Porsgrund Porcellain Factory. Shares entrance with Kremmerhuset (separate tip) and the Porcellain Museum.Opening hrs:Mon-Fri: 09-16 (summer 9-18)Thu : 09-18 Sat: 09-13 (summer 9-15)Sun: summer only: 13-17 All sorts of goods made from glas, chrystal and porcellain. I guess you...

  • Factory outlet - cheap porcellain

    Located next to Glasshjørnet, Kremmerhuset is the factory outlet of Porsgrund's out of production stuff, industrial size kitchen wares and supplementary production for old (but still popular) series of tableware.Some of the things here are seriously cheap.Opening hrs:Mon-Fri: 09-16 (summer 9-18)Thu : 09-18 Sat: 09-13 (summer 9-15)Sun: summer only:...


Porsgrunn General

  • Saagar's Profile Photo

    A sign for all occasions!

    by Saagar Updated Feb 28, 2005

    Favorite thing: Traffic on Porsgrunn's maze of one-way streets is cumbersome for those not aquainted with it.
    Now try this... follow signs for parking in Porsgrunn... we eventually found parking...
    Click photo.

    Sign jungle
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