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  • Kristiansand.
    by cachaseiro
  • Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda
    Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda
    by Terje1966
  • Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda
    Scandic Kristiansand Bystranda
    by Terje1966

Kristiansand Things to Do

  • Dyreparken in Kristiansand

    Update 2014/15:During my last visit in July 2014, the food service had improved with a wider variation and generally better food. Less fast-food-ish, and the overall service was much better.New sponsors, too - there is a connection! Children can have all-you-can-eat buffets for NOK 29 at Kjuttaviga Vertshus restaurant and at SOKU. You wouldn't find...

  • Go to the beach.

    If you are in Kristiansand during the summer and the weather is nice then you actually have a very nice little beach in town.I was very suprised to see that as i was not exactly picturing Norway as a beach destination.But in the eastern part of Kristiansand you have a nice little beach that is very popular with the locals if the sun is out and i...

  • Dont miss the 2nd largest cannon of WW...

    Dont miss the 2nd largest cannon of WW II in Møvik: it is a fascinating place of history, even if you are not so very much interested in military things.These cannons were built in order to control all of the entrance into the baltic sea from here and from the opposite shore in Danmark. The 38 cm calibre cannon has a range of about 55km and you...

  • the cannons of the fortress

    The old fortress was built on an peninsula and there were some cannons in front of that fortress to defend it. They are another tourist-attraction of Kristiansand nowadays, take a closer look at them, they have nice engravings and ornaments as well.Take a look at the handles of the cannon in my 3rd photo, it is an elephant !

  • great wooden architecture in...

    Take a walk through the centre of Kristiansand and you will see that most of the interesting buildings will be found in the very centre of the old town, just like this great wooden building in my 1st and 2nd picture, that I saw in a short walking-distance from the main square, opposite of the cathedral.The other buildings I saw while strolling...

  • Byhallen & Brandvagt - the townhall &...

    Brandvagt is the norwegian name for the firebrigades and Byhallen means townhall. Take a look what a pretty house they are located in, directely at the main square of Kristiansand, and opposite of the cathedral. A realy pretty building in the norwegian Art Nouveau-style made of red bricks.


Kristiansand Hotels

Kristiansand Restaurants

  • The southern version of the East

    On the second floor of the main pedestrian road (Name+number) is "Restaurant Østen" ("The East"). The interior is fancy, the food is quite on the regular side. When staff understood we were familar with "the east" less blandness was disernable...The big item appeared to be a Mongolian buffet. Now, I have been to Mongolia, but never saw a Mongolian...

  • for a great Bacalao

    Eating the local fish-speciality "Bacalao" was included in the price of the Hurtigruten-daytour from Kristiansund. There was free icewater on the table, white bread and complimentary tea or coffee served after the maincourse. Beer and wine and softdrinks were extra, a glass of beer was 12 euros when I remember that correctely (a usual price for...

  • We liked it!

    We liked its atmosphere and of course the food they serve. But I most appreciate they have in the children menu not only hamburgers and chips, but as well a healthy choice: salmon with baked potatoes.

  • Best steak around!!

    Be sure to vist this place before it closes. It`s soon becoming a shoppingmall!! The poor owner has to shut the place down to give room for a god damned shoppingcentre!! Juciest burgers and steaks in town. Also great irish stew, even if the owner is norwegian.

  • Pizza and steak

    There are several Egon restaurants around Norway. I do not know whether the kitchen holds the same quality in all of them, but I can recommend the one in Kristiansand. Among other things they serve pizza, steak, taco and lasagne. I loved the bacon-wrapped tenderloin with baked potatoe, and the others were very satisfied with their choises, too....

  • Good food at Caledonien

    Casablance is located in the Radisson SAS Caledonien Hotel, ground floor. The interior decoration and the place as such is weird: it is as if the decorators could not decide wether to go for a movie theme or a maritime one. So, here's the mix... The service is very good, the food excellent, and you do not need to kill your entire budget in one go...


Kristiansand Transportation

  • take the ferry to Hirtshals in Danmark

    Another quite easy way to get to Kristiansand is by ferry from Hirtshals in Danmark. That ferry will be the fastest way to get to the southern tip of Norway from central Europe.Once that you came that far up in Danmark, dont miss to take a sidestep to SKAGEN where the Baltic Sea meets the Atlantic and forms a permanent rush of waves that is quite...

  • get there by train

    Unfortunately you cannot go to very many places by train in Norway, but To Kristiansand you can get easily by train or overland-buses, from Oslo for instance the train takes about 6 hours and will take you through a scenic landscape.Below you will find a link to the train-system in Norway, timetables and prices !

  • Train

    In addition to the three daily trains to / from Stavanger and the four to / from Oslo, there is an overnight service. Passangers to Oslo can board in the evening and go to sleep in one of two sleeping cars parked at the station, which are connected to the Oslo train later. Likewise, when travelling from Oslo, the two Kristiansand sleepers are...


Kristiansand Shopping

  • At the MALL: Buy a "Troll"

    by Servicern Written Jul 18, 2007

    A big MALL located just east of the city-center, with over 100 shops and 3.000 parking lots.
    The biggest shopping mall in the this region of Norway.
    Bus-connection to the city-center is excellent.

    What to buy: All kind of norwegian souvenirs, clothing, shoes ................

    What to pay: It is up to you.

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Kristiansand Local Customs

  • The tragedy in Baneheia

    Kristiansand is a small place where the innhabitants are closed linked together.In year 2000 a terrible incident took place in Baneheia, a small place in Kristiansand. Two girls, (Stine Sofie)8 and ( Lena),10 years old were found raped and killed inside the wood of baneheia. The day the girls were burried was an official murning day for the...

  • great art nouveau streetlamps

    You will find some interesting and great art nouveau streetlamps in Kristiansand as well ! The one in my main picture is situated in front of the cathedral !

  • the pot-holes of Kristiansand

    For me it always again a lot of fun to watch out for the local pot-holes, when I come to a new city. In Kristiansand they also use their own design for it, shownig the Domkirke, the townhall and another house I did not recognize.


Kristiansand Warnings and Dangers

  • Saturday Nights

    Like other places in Norway, Kristiansand can get a little rowdy on Saturday nights downtown and fights can occur. It's not exactly something to be woried about but definately something to know about.

  • Harbour teeming with jellyfish

    Be very careful around the harbour (probably the beach as well) as the water is full of jellyfish like the one pictured here. Even the seagulls floating on the water stayed well clear of them, when people were throwing in bread.

  • Kristiansand Hotels

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Kristiansand What to Pack

  • Synch_X's Profile Photo

    Don't forget your camera!!

    by Synch_X Written Oct 21, 2003

    Photo Equipment: As with all good holidays, it isn't complete without photographs of the great time you are having. So don't forget to pack a camera, and if it needs regular recharging (as my one does) don't forget to bring a european plug adapter (I forgot to bring one and had to buy another, d'oh!). Always bring plenty of film or have a large capacity memory card for your digital camera (I bought a 128mb card which allows me to save hundreds of nice pictures).

    My digital camera

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Kristiansand Off The Beaten Path

  • K.Y.S. - a strange catamaran

    Take a closer look at this strange catamaran in the port of Kristiansand. It was built as an art-object in 2002 and sailed to Sweden already and through some canals in Germany and the Netherlands.In the port of Kristiansand you will also find a lot of traditional yachts and sailingboats of all sizes.

  • Some other great buildings

    Here you can see some other great building with interesting architecture, that you will see , whem you will take a walk through the old part of the citycentre of Kristiansand. It should be enough to dedicate about 1-2 hours to see the most interesting places, and most of them are conveniently situated quite close to each other.

  • Camilla Collett

    Camilla Collett (1813-1895) was a famous norwegian novelist, and she was born in Kristiansand. You will see her monument next to the fortress, in a park by the sea.


Kristiansand Sports & Outdoors

  • Synch_X's Profile Photo

    Start Kristiansand

    by Synch_X Updated Oct 21, 2003

    Start has for the last two years been down in the 1st division, but after a very dramatic qualifying match against Strømsgodset they reached the premier divison.
    Kristiansand Stadium has one stand and two terraces. The main stand has a capacity of around 4,000 seats, the terrace at the opposite side has a capacity of around 7,000 spectators. The third one (on one of the ends) isn't acually a proper terrace, but can be used when higher capacity is needed.

    There is plans to build a new stadium in Kristiansand, or at least rebuild the old one. In both cases the stadium will be a football ground without an athletics track around it, and with a capacity of around 12-15,000 seats.

    Equipment: None, just bring yourself and your friends.

    IK Start fan's

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Kristiansand General

  • Sørlandspasset - way to save money:

    Sørlandspasset - "The Southern Counties' Pass" - gives you access and discounts to many activities and experiences in the Sørlandet region. The pass can be bought at the tourist offices (check for tourist office locations and 2005. discounts). The pass is valid for one adult and one child (below 18).You also get free parking in...

  • Accessible for the handicapped

    Kristiansand prides itself for being the most accessible city for the physically challenged/handicapped.You will find more information on this at and then check "tilgjengelighetsguiden" (the access guide).Worth considering, since most Norwegian cities do not really belong to the easy-access league...

  • Beautiful wood houses

    There were no stone houses around! Everything made out of wood. We stayed one night in this one on the photo, the house has got beautiful wood made interior (of course! :-)....I loved it!


Top 10 Coastal Drives: Kristiansand

Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Located in the fjord area of Norway, the Atlantic Road connects a series of islands along the Western coast. Even though talk of connecting the islands began as early as 1909, the Atlantic Road didn't open for another eighty years, in July of 1989. Although the road, known as Route 64, is relatively short compared to our other chosen drives at just over 5 miles long (8274 meters), you may recognize it as it's been the site of numerous car commercials. Many locals use the bridges for cycling and fishing. Surprisingly, an area along the route, Hustadvika, is incredibly popular for scuba diving due to the number of wrecks along the route before the bridges were built.

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