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The Bochnia Salt Mine Tour from Krakow
"Tourists are offered access to the world's only Underground Multimedia Exhibition which turns the underground tour in Bochnia into a time travel ranging from the Middle Ages to present day. Before this happens visitors are offered a train ride 200m below ground.During the tour the guide's tale is assisted by Polish kings Genoese merchants and the spirit of Cysters – a monk. With the use of modern multimedia technology the development of mining techniques throughout the ages is presented as well as mining professions and underground elements
From EUR50.00
Lublin and Majdanek 1 Day Tour from Warsaw
"Discover Lublin which was competing for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016 because it presents an idea of integration tolerance and dialogue between cultures of the West and East. The large amount of cultural festivals galleries theaters and places for artists is very impressive. You’ll never feel bored in this city.On the outskirts of Lublin you will visit Majdanek
From EUR74.00
Auschwitz Shared Group Tour from Krakow
"The network of Nazi concentration camps is located in the vicinity of Krakow. During World War II this was the largest deadly prison of all time. Among them there were Poles Jews Gypsies and other nationalities. In 1947 almost immediately after the war ended the camps were transformed into museums. Since then visitors can see the conditions people were forced to live in and literally feel the enormity of atrocities perpetrated upon them."
From GBP90.00

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The Miracle in Cmolas

The miracle recorded in Cmolas involved a young boy's vision of the Transfiguration. Later the boy became a priest and eventually he was able to engage an artist to do a painting to reflect his...
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Visit the "Hospital" church

This church is known by the name "hospital church" built in the 1600's for the elderly people who lived in a home built for them close by. When the modern day 1960's church was built, the little wood...
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Outdoor Mass for the pilgrims of summer

This enormous structure stands at the rear of the church grounds and is used to conduct mass out of doors in the summer. Very impressive, indeed. The designation of "Sanctuary" has been given to the...
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Geneologists must find a priest like this one

So many people have written to me about my search for grandfather's village. They are people who have seen me on VT or and they either have our family name or they are trying to find...
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