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  • Sunflower plants
    Sunflower plants
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Glogoczow Restaurants

  • Inside view from the loft

    A shelf with many potions for the lunch and dinners.OK, many are empty, I guess that is why it is a peasant restaraunt. Is there much food? Of course there is and very tasty also. :o)

  • CHLOPSKIE JADLO which means: Peasant's...

    CHLOPSKIE JADLO which means: Peasant's FoodI had Pierogies and soup. I was really full from a wonderful breakfast that Urszula made, so we ate light. The soup and Pierogis were fantastic. I think I could easily be a peasant in Poland :o)))

  • English and German menu

    There is a menu in Polish, English and German available. Just ask a waiter. What to drink? They offer compote, juices, hot wine and beer, mineral water to drink (no coca-cola).What to eat? They offer various kinds of pierogi (filled with minced meat, cheese or sauerkraut), simple salads, roasts, bigos and all sorts of soups including traditional...

  • Mizeria? What's that?

    Mizeria is a cucumber salad made of sliced fresh cucumbers with added sour cream - thick and not sweet. It's one of the most popular and inexpensive Polish salads.They added green, cut leaves of onion, some herbs, a little salt and pepper to mizeria in Chlopskie Jadlo. It tasted very good in my opinion. Hmm... I like celery salad most but they...

  • Salad bar

    There are a few kinds of local salads stored in clay jars in Chlopskie Jadlo Restaurant. They are made of local, seasonal and inexpensive vegetables like: fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, red beets, carrots and boiled potatoes. Some contain various local herbs and/or... sour cream but never mayonnaise. Mayonnaise was rather royal than peasants' food....

  • In authentic interiors

    They offer real Polish country cuisine served in authentic interiors. If any doubts: look at my picture.As for now I visited two restaurants of this chain: in Glogoczow (twice) and a new one (opened September 2003) in Bielsko-Biala. This one in Glogoczow served better food. I heard that the same group restaurant located in Krakow's downtown (Ul....

  • Awarded restaurant

    "Chlopskie Jadlo" ("Peasant's Food") is relatively new, small chain of restaurants in Poland - as for now in southern Poland only. The first restaurant in the Chlopskie Jadlo group was established in March 1995 and was located along the national road between Krakow and Zakopane, in the village of Glogoczow. The restaurant became very popular and...

  • Sauerkraut

    Sauerkraut is a cabbage which has been cut into small pieces and preserved in vinegar. It's still quite popular in Poland available in most groceries. It's cheap (very cheap) Eastern European food. Usually it's served as a salad together with some addings like some herbs, pepper and/or cut into small pieces fresh carrots - just like in Chlopskie...

  • PIEROGI! What's that?

    "Pierogi" are one of the most popular traditional Polish (Central and Eastern European) dish. "Pierogi" is plural from a word "pierog". What's that?Hmm... no exact English word to name it or I don't know. Imagine a food made from mixed flour, water and sometimes egg (like pasta) which is formed in various shape with filling (meat, vegetables or...

  • Peasant's appetizer :-)

    When we came in and sat by a table a waiter gave us home-made bread (very thick slices!) and Polish traditional peasant's lard. The lard was made of pig fat with fried, minced onion and crackling (hard skin of cooked pork) added + some secret addings. It was served in metal pot with a handle and tasted... better than looked :-). And it was...

  • Forest mushroom soup

    We ordered forest mushroom soup last time with Kathy. I must admit that it was delicious although generally I don't like soups. And what a fragrance!First time there I ordered grochowka (Military soup=pureed bean soup) and it was delicious as well. Forest mushroom soup.

  • Who ate there?

    Chlopskie Jadlo is real a very good restaurant chain although inexpensive. That's why many people including VIPs ate there. Who? Do you want the whole list? OK, just top 3:1. Kathy (Kodi01) from Dallas, Texas,2. Roman Polanski - did you watch his movie Pianist awarded La Palme d'Or (Gold Palm) at Cannes Movie Festival in 2002?3. Andrzej Wajda -...


Glogoczow Transportation

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    BY CAR
    Glogoczow is located by main Higway E77 Warsaw, Poland - Budapest, Hungary, 21 km (13 mi) south of Krakow's downtown and 12 km (7.5 mi) north of city of Myslenice. From Krakow follow direction signs to: Chyzne (border crossing point to Slovakia) or Zakopane.

    BY BUS
    Alternatively you can get there by a scheduled bus of PKS (Polish Transportation Company) from Krakow's main bus station at Pawia Street: many direct connections daily. Schedule: call or follow the link below.

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Glogoczow Local Customs

  • 9" 22"

    This is the dorrstep to the restaraunt for peasants.Again you can see the lovely sunflower plants that line the entrance.I was there in October and I am sure it gets much more beautiful in spring and summer.

  • Old, local fence

    There are usually metal fences or brick/cement walls around houses in Glogoczow now. But you can find old, wooden, a little neglected fences as well. Add clay pots which locals used to dry on them. The wooden fence of Peasant's food restaurant dipped in green plants looked very beautiful.

  • Sunflowers

    Sunflowers seem to be quite popular plants around Glogoczow. They are used to produce sun oil and first of all to decorate local yards. Hmm... I didn't see any sunflower fields around Glogoczow. I saw a lot of them in... Hungary, former Yugoslavia and Romania that is more to the South.


Glogoczow Off The Beaten Path

  • Beautiful sunflowers

    They grew beautiful and high sunflowers just by the entrance to Peasant's Food restaurant. They looked very beautiful especially with a little neglected wooden fence by them. They were over 2 m (6.5 ft) high that was higher than me.

  • Peasant's house

    Chlopskie Jadlo restaurant is located in typical, original, 19th century wooden countryside cottage. Beautiful inside, and... not so pretty outside - just my opinion.Most coutryside houses were painted in white in the past. Nowadays there are many more colors popular.

  • Peasant's chamber

    Chlopskie Jadlo restaurant consists of a few chambers located on ground and first floor. There are authentic peasant's interiors with wooden tables and benches. Add wooden floor - not so easy to maintain, I suppose :-).


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