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The Bochnia Salt Mine Tour from Krakow
"Tourists are offered access to the world's only Underground Multimedia Exhibition which turns the underground tour in Bochnia into a time travel ranging from the Middle Ages to present day. Before this happens visitors are offered a train ride 200m below ground.During the tour the guide's tale is assisted by Polish kings Genoese merchants and the spirit of Cysters – a monk. With the use of modern multimedia technology the development of mining techniques throughout the ages is presented as well as mining professions and underground elements
From EUR50.00
Lublin and Majdanek 1 Day Tour from Warsaw
"Discover Lublin which was competing for the title of the European Capital of Culture 2016 because it presents an idea of integration tolerance and dialogue between cultures of the West and East. The large amount of cultural festivals galleries theaters and places for artists is very impressive. You’ll never feel bored in this city.On the outskirts of Lublin you will visit Majdanek
From EUR74.00
Wieliczka Salt Mine from Krakow
"The tours starts on the Matejko Square situated in Krakow's Old Town. The Journey by bus is expected to last between 35 and 45 minutes (depending on the traffic). The Group will be accompanied by an English speaking tour leader that provides basic inform grab drinks or snacks) the group assembles again and prepares to commence the visit with the professional guide.At the beginning the group has to descend 380 stairs down to the first level of the mine. And then the real fun starts. The guide provides informations about the excavation sites and objects of the 25 kilometres (18 miles) long tourist rout. There are more stairs on the tour. Together with the first staircase there are 820 steps but only 12 up. After just under two hours underground tourists also have a short break in the underground commercial area where you can obtain some unique salt souvenirs. Afterwards the group assembles again in the meeting point and accompanied by t and gets back to the Matejko Square in Krakow."
From EUR33.00

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The Wood Splitters ~ 2003

A view out the hotel window in cut and split mountains of wood for the winter. I remember that morning as if it were yesterday. We froze in that hotel all night. So glad there is a...
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Bicycles and cemetaries ~2003

Both bikes and cemetaries are very much a part of daily life here. Daily life moves slower than in cities and there is always the presence of the church, cemetary, and roadside shrines. Cemetaries...
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Visit All Saints Cemetery-intrigueing!

I found the cemetary to be fascinating. Of course I was excited to finally find my family's name on many of the stones, but aside from that...the cemetary was very different from what I've known at...
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Jewish Cemetary ~ 2003

We took a ride down a side road, uncertain of what we would find. We came upon a Jewish cemetary which looked as if it had been revived once or twice over the years. There was a crumbling stone wall...
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Pre-War Emblem of Kolbuszowa ~2003

The town of Kolbuszowa was at one time a mixture of 50% Catholics and 50% Jewish. There was evidentally quite a spirit of cooperation between the two groups as we can see from their emblem.Note: the...
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