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  • The entrance
    The entrance
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    The interior
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  • My pork fillet in roquefort sauce
    My pork fillet in roquefort sauce
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Krokowa Things to Do

  • Zarnowiec - the cloister

    Zarnowiec is a village situated 4 km west of Krokowa, best known for the planned construction of a nuclear power station, which has now been abandoned partly due to protests from the local, and not only local, people. The current plans speak of a gas power station in the same location. The village, the first records of which come from the 13th...

  • Regional Museum

    The Regional Museum of Krokowa is situated next to the castle and park, but it was closed when we were there on Easter Saturday. Fortunately, part of its collection is housed in the castle itself and is well worth seeing. You can even do that while you are waiting for your meal in the castle restaurant or cafe. The collection comprises wonderful...

  • Castle and park at Krokowa

    Krokowa is an old Kashubian village with records of it dating back to 1288. The oldest building in the village is a 14th century castle/palace re-built in 1784 and again in the 19th century, formerly with fortifications and a moat with a bridge. The moat and the bridge are still there. The castle used to belong to the von Krockow (Polish version:...

  • The sea, oh the sea! Baltic beaches.

    From Krokowa , the nearest and best beach is Debki ( pronounced Demki). Many people consider this the finest beach in Poland and of the 7 or 8 I saw while I was there, I would see no reason to disagree. It's a long beach with some pretty inlets like the one in the photograph and is never too crowded. There are facilities, at least two bars on the...

  • von Krokow Museum aka Archivum...

    This small museum, situated in one of the side wings of the castle is only of interest if you want to know more about the family who lived here for seven centuries and were more or less reponsible for the entire village. The name 'Archivum Crocovianum' is very relevant as this archive of family history chronologically recounts how 'Crockau 'becomes...

  • Notre Dame?? St Catherine's Church

    Krokowa's church, like its castle, is a lot more impressive than you would expect to find in a small village. It's a large redbrick, neogothic building prominently situated and built right on the street. Because there is no churchyard, or trees in front of it, there is nothing to distract the eye and it makes a very strong visual impact. Yet...

  • Fruits of Reconciliation: Krokowa...

    This may look like a small country museum for the very good reason that it is a small country museum but it is the ONLY Polish-German museum in the country and a joint project between the Polish Museum of the Puck region and the German Museum of West Prussia. So is it worth visiting? Well, if you're in Krokowa and stop to see either the church or...

  • Zamek Krokowa: A Little history

    In Ireland our castles are grey and forbidding with tiny slitted windows, turrets and battlements, so for me, the appearance of Zamek Krokowa was quite a surprise. West facing, with deep-yellow walls and rust-red rooftiles, warmth and colour seem to radiate from it all day long. It's built on a small island surrounded by a moat and peeps out...

  • Beaches at Bialogora

    While staying in Krokowa, you may like to spend some time on the beach. The beaches near Karwia just north of Krokowa should be your first choice, but if you want to do some sightseeing on the way and visit for instance the monastery at Zarnowiec, you might as well drive on and see the beach at Bialogora. The only argument against it is the...

  • Neo-Gothic church at Krokowa

    This neo-Gothic church in the centre of Krokowa was built in 1850. If you happen to find it open, you may want to see the tombstone of the Krokowski/von Krockow family dating back to 1641. Notice that there is specially built access to the church for wheelchairs, which not many Polish churches can boast.

  • Moat and more

    The castle/palace in Krokowa is surrounded by a moat (partly covered by duckweed) with some bridges and the picturesque park with many hegdes, old trees, very trim greens with grass and numerous colorful flowers...Perfect for walking (also with children). But not long since the park is rather tiny.

  • Castle / Palace

    The first gothic castle here was replaced by the new one in 14th century, and then expanded in 16th. Many times rebuilt, the last time the bigger change were in 19th. After 1989 (collaps the communism system in Poland) the castle/palace was supposed to be a symbol of German-Polish reconciliation. Its former owners had a Pomeranian blood, sometimes...


Krokowa Restaurants

  • Super Food Off the Beaten Path

    This stylish restaurant is run by a couple who seem to know everything about cooking.The food is freshly made so it takes some time but, while you wait, you get some hors-d'oeuvres on the house. In our case it was herring in cream sauce served with excellent bread. The rest of the meal was just as great and the waiter (the owner himself) extremely...

  • Excellence in every detail

    The restaurant and cafe are located on the ground floor of the castle and furnished with wonderful period furniture. As this floor is also a museum, waiting for your meal, you can stroll around admiring the great pictures, Gdansk wardrobes, cabinets and the like.You may have to wait a little for your order to arrive but it is all freshly prepared...

  • Don't miss the delicious pastries

    The atmosphere is felted you will enjoy the restaurant. Most of the dishes are Polish, I can't remember the names.

  • Deserts to die for

    There is an indoor restaurant at the castle in Krokowa but they serve drinks, coffees and deserts seperately in what they describe as the Cafe. In fine weather you can avail of this service out of doors and have desert and drinks in the beautiful setting of the garden. Wherever we ate, during our week at Krokowa we never had desert, because every...

  • Beachbar par Excellence

    Posiedon is the most frequented bar/restaurant along the strip at Debki and after you've eaten there once you will understand why. The food, mainly fish ( although there are other options)is fresh and wholesome and the chef seems tohave a magic touch with evrything he cooks. There are probably several chefs, but I say he, because on the three or...

  • Good food, great decor.

    The decor of this restaurant really surprised me. It's in the cluster of newer buildings along with the bank and the pharmacy in a little complex obviously designed to fit in with the architecture of the castle. I expected a standard pizzeria type decor but Louisa's owners have been really clever. Step inside and you could be in your own...


Krokowa Transportation

  • Arriving by Air.

    The nearest airport to Krokowa is Lech Walesa Airport, Gdansk, about one hour's drive away. The easiest way to get to Krokowa from Gdansk is obviously by car but you could take the train to Wejherowo and catch a bus from there. To get to Gdansk from Cork we flew to Warsaw with Aer Lingus and from Warsaw to Gdansk with LOT. Both flights, booked...

  • Efficient local bus service.

    The bus service in Krokowa was excellent. From the local stop you could go to Debki or Wejherowo at very regular intervals and to Hel, twice daily. The route to Hel is an excellent one for sightseeing and takes you through practically every beach resort in Northern Kashubia but be careful on Sunday. If you don't read the schedule carefully you...

  • Krokowa Hotels

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Krokowa Shopping

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    Regional Museum shop: Kashubian art and craft

    by Ekaterinburg Updated Sep 28, 2007

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    This shop is in the same building as the Regional Museum and the Krokowa Tourist office.
    You don't have to go to the museum to access the shop though, you can just walk in off the street.
    The shop has a fine selection of carved wooden objects also some books and textiles.
    Most of the carvings are representations of people, carved in the traditional Polish fashion but there are also lots of children's toys

    What to buy: I bought two large carvings of people: a woman with a cat dressed in red with a white headscarf and a small gnarled old man, knotty as the wood he's carved from, carrying a lantern. I also bought some paiintings of the ocean on wood carved from pine trees . A little twee perhaps, but acceptable souvenir type gifts. I also bought some carved miniature wooden animals for the children in my life.

    What to pay: Very little. My purchases in total cost me around EUR 30

    Kashubian crafts
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Krokowa Local Customs

  • Do you speak Kashubian?

    Many of the local people in the area of Krokowa are the descendants of the Kashubians, the autochthonous population of Pomerania. As I have already shown on my Hel and Jastarnia pages, streets are given dual names in those places, Polish and Kashubian. But the inhabitants of Krokowa have gone one step further. The words under the colourful picture...

  • Krokowa - Historical & Cultural Contexts

    Krokowa is situated in Pomerania, an area of Poland which has seen large parts of it treated like 'pass the parcel' over many centuries. This is par for the course in Poland where 'Partition' has been a term used and abused since 1792 when Russia divided the territory between itself, Prussia and Austria. Pomerania's strategic 'corridoor' location...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Krokowa Tourist Traps

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    by Skeptic-jr Updated Sep 4, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Close to the Krokowa's castle/palace there is a very, very small museum. Its character is regional (limited number of the old tools on the exposition) and artistic (but dominated by the local authors). In my opinion nothing interestining - and the tickets are not so cheap. But - on the other side - the next to this museum is a little shop where you can buy souvenirs or handicrafts looking prettier and sometimes even more original.

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Krokowa Off The Beaten Path

  • Sahara on the Baltic - Leba's shifting...

    From Krokowa there are several interesting trips you can take, some more off the beaten path then others. On my Poland page I have given detailed descriptions of all these places so I won't repeat the details here. To briefly recap: the beaches at Debki and Bialogora are both very close to Krokowa; the tiny village of Zarnowiec with its Benedictine...

  • Lighthouse Stilo

    Lighthouse Stilo is situated near Sasino, which is also worth visiting for the great restaurant (see my restaurant tips). The Lighthouse was built when the area belonged to Germany in 1904-1906. Its name may derive from the German word 'stille', meaning peace or silence.But the life of the lighthouse keepers there has not always been peaceful. In...

  • Lubiatowo - another beach

    Eager to explore as much of this part of the Baltic coast as we could, we drove even further west of Krokowa to see what Lubiatowo looked like. But, no matter how hard we looked we couldn't see a village there. Just a few summer cottages dispersed in the dwarf pinewood, uninhabited off season. In April, the place was deserted but there were some...


Krokowa General

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  • Lodgers of the moat

    They send shivers down some people's spines but I simply love them and always have. My mother still remembers me putting them with my hand into my little bucket when I was just a toddler because she thought it was a disgusting thing to do. I didn't care. I may have frightened them - I didn't think of it at the time but I didn't do any harm to them,...

  • The road to Debki

    The bus trip between Krokowa and Debki was another aspect of this trip that gave me endless pleasure. I've already spoken of how much I loved the conifer forests in the area but almost equally beautiful was the open countryside before we reached the forest and the sea. In July, at the height of summer the fields were golden with wheat, the trees...

  • A walk in the woods

    One of my fondest memories of Krokowa is the many opportunities it gave me to walk in the forest.This may not seem very exciting to someone who has regular access to forests but for me it was a five star treat. The forests around Krokowa were every bit as dark and deep as you could wish and gave welcome relief from summer heat. I have a very low...


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