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Best of Kaliningrad City Tour
"City tour with visits to historical sites and the most important monuments. You will see the unique character of the city where intricately intertwined era from the Middle Ages to the present. Will be held on the island Kneiphof where the tomb of Kant and the Cathedral. See the bridge of the old city - ""Honey"" ""wooden"" the city gates - ""Sackheim"" ""Royal"" ""Rossgarten"" fortifications fortress town and miraculously preserved neighbourhoods garden city (district villas Kutuzova)
From EUR100.00
Curonian Spit - The Road to the dunes Day Trip from Kaliningrad
"Curonian Spit - a unique corner of the planet Earth. A narrow strip separates it salty Baltic Sea and freshwater Curonian Lagoon. Within the national park there are three villages: Forest Fishermen and Marine. By its dimensions length and altitude of sand dunes beautiful landscapes the richness of flora and fauna the Curonian Spit among similar formations in Europe is unparalleled. Curonian Spit - one of the most famous and visited tourist centers. Tourists are attracted by an unusually pure nature the highest dune in Europe.There are rare plants that are not found anywhere else in the world. In the local woods found a lot of wild animals and rare birds.Curonian Spit you will appreciate svezhekopchёnoy fish that are for sale right there
From EUR180.00
One Day Warsaw Trip from Krakow
"Phoenix city of Warsaw.We invite you to visit a city full of contrasts where historic buildings are adjacent to modern architecture. Polish capital was almost completely destroyed during World War II but great care of authorities and inhabitant restored city’s former glory. Today modern glass skyscrapers tower next to reconstructed medieval and renaissance pearls of architecture and create totally unique landscape. If you are visiting the city for the first time you will be surprised how much the capital has to offer. Diversity and atmosphere of Warsaw will surely attract you to come back for more. In your program: Royal Castle Palace of Culture Old Town Market Square
From EUR180.00

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