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John Paul II Route from Krakow
"We invite you to discover the history of an exceptional man whose pontificate has a unique place in the recent history of the world previously the Krakow archbishop Karol Wojtyla more commonly known as Pope John Paul II. His timeless message sent to people all over the globe is an expression of incredible wisdom and understanding of contemporary issues. Stressing the role of true values – common to different cultures religions and beliefs and calling up to reconciliation cooperation and solidarity Pope John Paul II gained a widespread respect and became a moral authority for millions of people.At the same time John Paul II and his pontificate have a special place in the history of the Catholic Church in Poland and abroad. His whole life was an unceasing discovering and loving God and staying faithful to his words
From EUR54.00
7-Day Highlights of Slovakia Tour from Vienna
"Start your 7-Day Highlights of Slovakia Tour from Vienna by having a drink in one of Bratislava's famous pubs and walk around it's most unique locations such as the Bratislava Castle the St. Martin’s Cathedral and the historic centre of Bratislava. Spend the remaining of your afternoon in Piešťany one of the best-known spa resorts in Slovakia.Enjoy breakfast and travel north to visit the open-air museum of folk traditions and meet locals presenting their craftsmanship and folk culture. Explore the Orava Castle before heading on the the Hig one of the biggest medieval castles in Central Europe. Take a lunch break before continuing your visit to the St. James Church in the medieval town of Levoča (UNESCO). Spend the night in a picturesque village perfectly located under the peaks of High Tat enjoy it's unforgettable atmosphere and witness panoramic views in the Štrbské Pleso – the most popular mountain resort in Slovakia. Continue to the city of Banská Bystrica and witness an amazing collection of tanks guns and military uniforms from WWII. Explore the town of Zvolen where you will see an armored train from WWII and a medieval castle and it's unique architecture.Take a short ride to the medieval mining town of Banská Štiavnica and enjoy a tradit""
From EUR959.00
Private Day Tour from Prague to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum
"Once you are picked up at your hotel your driver will take you to Auschwitz-Birkenau. During your journey you can make use of free magazines WiFi refreshments information brochures about Auschwitz or minibar. Once there you will walk through the entire complex
From EUR600.00

More Shopping in Sopotnia Wielka


Artykuly spozywcze

Artykuly spozywcze means exactly: food products (articles) in Polish. It's used to call grocery story. Usually small one. Food - not big choice but you should find something you like and not to die...
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In front of Stara Karczma (Old Inn) restaurant

I found a local artist trying to sell his wooden sculptures (with no luck) in front of Stara Karczma (Old Inn) restaurant in nearby village of Jelesnia. Wooden sculptures. First price for small...
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Look at the picture: there is a food store, but you can buy there much more: batteries, films for your camera, newspapers, boose, beer, basic cosmetics etc.And it was opened in Sat and Sun when I was...
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Artykuly spozywcze

The only shop is opened (what a good surprise) everyday. On Saturday and Sunday from 9am to 6pm. Food, drinks, camera films.
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