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  • Maria magdalena church
    Maria magdalena church
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Tychy Things to Do

  • Stained-glass windows in Europe

    Look at another stained-glass window inside St. Maria Magdalena Roman catholic church on my picture.Where to find famous, old stained glass:In POLAND stained glass by Mehoffer (to be found in Fribourg, Switzerland as well) and by Wyspianski:- Wawel Castle Cathedral in Krakow- St. Mary Basilica in Krakow- Franciscan Church in KrakowHmm... add Tychy...

  • St. Maria Magdalena Church

    Here is a picture of the stained glass window inside of St. Mary Magdalena church.I love stained glass windows and this has the Pope in it. Many bright colors in the stained glass.

  • Grave sites at St Mary Magdalena Church

    Beautiful flowers and candles in loving memory of special people. There are very important people buried at this gravesite right next to the church.


Tychy Hotels

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  • Hotel Tychy

    Actually, Matt and I wanted to meet at the station but I have no clue what "Station" means in...

  • Hotel Piramida Katowice Tychy

    Paprocany ul. Sikorskiego, Tychy, 43 100, Poland

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 5 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Stara Poczta

    ul. KoÅ?ciuszki 24 43-100 Tychy

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Families

Tychy Restaurants

  • Great place to meet friends

    I kidnapped Urszula, Mischka and Fernando there. We ate some Polish food there and tasted (except me, I was designated driver hehe) Tyskie beer.Opened Mon-Sun from 10.00 am to the last consumer, hot dishes served till 10.30 pm.Credit cards accepted. Sirloin steak with green pepper for 18.00 zl.Borsch (betroot soup) with Polish raviolis for 5.00...

  • Swedish-Hungarian-Polish drink :-)))

    Look at my picture, please. There are three bottles:1. Glogg (funny "o" = with two dots above :-) - Swedish soft drink made of forest fruits,2. Red dry or semi-dry wine: Egri Bikaver which means... blood of a bull hehe on my picture ----> Hungarian wine3. Dry (white) vodka - Polish Smirnoff on my picture.Mix the same amounts of the above liquors...

  • Great place to taste beer

    It's more then a pub, it's a restaurant as well - with usually delicious polish and vegetarian food.Nice, a little dark interior, summer garden with tarasse, delicious polish dishes and natives make this place unforgettable.Opened Mon-Sun from 10.00 am to the last consumer, hot dishes served till 10.30 pm.Credit cards accepted. Favourite...


Tychy Nightlife

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  • Beer with natives

    Better do not disturb young natives during their blood alcohol experiments with Tychy beer in many (I think about 200) bars, restaurants, pubs... Rather join them. They are very friendly for very rare foreign visitors and many of them can speak at least a little English or/and German. Tychy is the city of young people - 27,0% of the population are...

  • Tyskie beer

    If your city has it's own brewery, guess what they drink at the night clubs?Yes Tyskie beer, this is the factory in Tychy.Sad to say, it will not be imported to USA, so you must go there to try it. :o)

  • The European best guitar festival!!

    Silesian Guitar Autumn - an International Guitar Music Festival and Guitar Contest dedicated to J.E. Jurkowski is held every two years in October. The festival first organised in 1986, was conceived by Jan Edmund Jurkowski, a lecturer in the Guitar Faculty of the Musical Academy in Katowice. After his death in 1989, the contest part of the festival...


Tychy Transportation

  • FREE transportation

    There is scheduled bus line free of charge linking Tychy, nearby towns and villages with Tesco Hypermarket . Buses are run by TESCO hypermarket.Timetable:www.netblok.tychy.net.pl/~noltychy/tesco.html

  • Katowice - Pyrzowice International...

    Tychy is located 20 kilometres (14 mi) south of Katowice (capital of Silesian Administrative Province) and 58 kilometres (36 mi) south of the Katowice-Pyrzowice airport. .There are direct flights to Katowice-Pyrzowice Airport (KTW) from: 1. Frankfurt Am Main (Germany - daily; german Lufthansa Airlines),2. Dusseldorf (Germany Mon-Fri; german...

  • Air tickets

    .For airfares and online ticket reservation:look at my transportation tips on my Poland and Krakow page..1. LOT Polish Airlines:http://www.lot.com/app/index.jsp?lang=en2. Lufthansa Airlines: http://www.lufthansa.com/index_en.html3. Swiss Air:http://www.swiss.com/net/..


Tychy Shopping

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  • Do you need glasses/develop your pics?

    FOTO-OPTYKA contains of two seperate parts: FOTO (photo store and lab - developing pics is 30% cheaper than in Wal-Mart in the USA there) and OPTYKA (glasses and accesories). It is the best store with glasses in Tychy. They sell hundreds types of glasses: either sunglasses and corrective glasses. Add glasses for driving at night, at daytime,...

  • Tyskie beer

    I have never seen this size of packaging for beer in the USAWe have large kegs for college partying, but they are much bigger than this.

  • More than Tyskie beer

    Beer (over 100 types, I suppose) is sold in Tesco supermarket. Hmm... not so easy to choose from. Most people buy Polish beer because it's cheaper, usually at least twice than foreign beers. Will it change since 1 May 2004 when Poland join European Community (no more customs for beer).But sometimes you can buy foreign (European mainly) beer at...


Tychy Local Customs

  • Home-made non-diet breakfast :-)

    Enlarge my picture to see breakfast by Urszula (matcrazy0). What's there?- morning coffee (with a lot of 0.5% fat milk = almost water :-),- orange juice,- hot toasts (made of Polish wheat toast bread),- butter (Polish Delma),- Swiss or Polish cheese (yellow with big holes is the best),- fermented cheese (Bree for example - what an aroma, he? :-),-...

  • Religion

    In Poland 95% of population declares to be Roman Catholic and approx. 60% - 70% declare to practice. I don't know official dates for Tychy but I think they are similar, maybe a little bit fewer people are religious like in almost every city. There are 16 Roman catholic parishes and there is evangelist parish in Tychy as well.For a visitor it may be...

  • Meeting the locals

    My intention for the visit was a meeting with Maciek aka Matt, or even better known as matcrazy1, and his wife Urszula. We met at the hotel Tychy for a beer and went to a nice restaurant. After an excellent dish we went to their flat where Matt showed me his little amount of photos. I can't believe someone can take so many pictures. On his trip to...


Tychy Warnings and Dangers

  • Unavailable in Tychy

    I was glad to meet Mary-Lou (marylou11) and her fiance in Tychy. Haha, it was my first VT-meeting ever. We were very glad to receive a bottle of KAHLUA produced in the USA, bought in Canada which we didn't know before. I was looking for Kahlua in Tychy liquor stores but unfortunatelly it's unavailable. Hmm... maybe soon when I ask for it a few...

  • Are these poisonous?

    i am always cautious of mushrooms unless I buy them at the grocery store.Matcrazy1 says" Polish autumn/fall speciality = forestmushrooms, no worries - all are checked by authorisated speciallist = nopoisoned hehe"

  • TUI

    TUI? What's that? Typing Under Influence (of alcohol/booze)!Although it's legal better not to do it even if you taste delicious Tyskie beer or Irish Kilkenny beer. That means do NOT follow neither me nor some of my visitors (don't ask me who? - top secret!).


Tychy Tourist Traps

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    It's a real big tourist trap. Although I hope you will rate this tip as not helpful and not accurate i.e. 2x1 :-).

    Unique Suggestions: Under construction!

    Fun Alternatives: Forget it!


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Tychy What to Pack

  • Good humour!

    Look at Mischka (Sympathisant) at my picture please. Depends on season. Hot summer days (I mean over 30C = 86F) and only a few days of really cold winters sometimes (I mean below -10C = 14F). If you are going to take pictures at night don't forget to bring a tripod or buy one in Tychy. You can develop your films (cheaper than in the USA) in 1...

  • Climate in Tychy

    There is no special rainy season Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 6 – 18°C ( 43 - 64°F ); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 - 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 19 – 22°C ( 66 - 71°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 4 – 17°C ( 39 - 62°F); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 – 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 1 – 3°C ( 33 - 38°F); min: -3 - -1°C ( 27 - 30°F )

  • Can't take em with ya! :o)

    I wish I could stuff him in my luggage....but sorry NOT allowed on American Airlines. Kodi dreams of a European vacation.


Tychy Off The Beaten Path

  • Chapels

    There are quite many small, stone and old chapels in Tychy. They were put along tracks and roads leading to church and to Czestochowa - most famous destination of pilgrimes and especially on crossroads where the pilgrimes used to stop and pray. Well, nowadays some of the chapels are located in the middle of downrown/centre, just among Soviet style,...

  • Stone figures of saints

    Keep your eyes open while walking around Tychy and... you will find a lot of old, stone figures of various saints in usually small chapels like this one, of St. Mary, in the chapel put at John Paul II Avenue. I was told that there were wooden chapels in the past but they were destroyed either by fire (thunderstorms) or by... unknown people during...

  • They have to grow off the beaten path,...

    So many berries in Tychy.......is there anything besides beer and berries?My family used to pick berries when I was a child in the wild country side. What fun it was for us!


Tychy Sports & Outdoors

  • Sports and leisure activities

    The city provides the following sports and leisure facilities: - yacht club (Paprocany Lake), - indoor swimming pool (renovated recently with water-slides added!), - sports stadium (for football players), - tennis courts (by GKS Tychy sport stadium - covered as well), - carting track, - winter stadium (for ice-skating and hockey fans). Skates for...

  • Do you know Czerkawski? (about hockey)

    Hockey is one of the most popular sports activity in Tychy. You may practice or watch it in winter stadium.Why hockey? It dates back 1990, when Mariusz Czerkawski (born 1972) played in GKS Tychy hockey team. He and GKS Tychy was on the top of hockey in Poland that time. Czerkawski left Tychy for Sweden in 1991and he became the top hockey player in...

  • Sport events

    Tychy has a number of sports clubs, including the ice hockey team of the GKS Tychy sports club and soccer (European football) team of the GKS Tychy sport's club.A number of sports events enjoying domestic and international recognition are held there. The most important of these are: - All Family Bicycle Race, - obstacle race, - international...


Tychy General

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  • Plattenbau (houses of prefabricated...

    Most parts of the town were built in the 1970s in the so-called "Plattenbau"-style (prefabricated elements of houses). The roads are mostly four-lane and under an excellent condition. The ground plan of this part of town is like a chessboard. Well, Matt told me there's also an old core of the city. Hope to see it when I'm here again.

  • Film development.

    I got my first roll of film developed in Poland and the one hour cost less than in USA, almost half the price. Grota-Roweckiego Street where we also exchange money for Slovakia and Czech Republic.

  • Tyskie and Pilsner Urquell beer

    Tyskie Browary Ksiazece (Prince Brewery) are housed in meticulously refurbished buildings being under the care of the local conservator of historical buildings. The are a gem of Polish industrial architecture and a unique tourist attraction. Tours are organized according to current demand. For private and organized inquiries please call +48 32 327...


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