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John Paul II Route from Krakow
"We invite you to discover the history of an exceptional man whose pontificate has a unique place in the recent history of the world previously the Krakow archbishop Karol Wojtyla more commonly known as Pope John Paul II. His timeless message sent to people all over the globe is an expression of incredible wisdom and understanding of contemporary issues. Stressing the role of true values – common to different cultures religions and beliefs and calling up to reconciliation cooperation and solidarity Pope John Paul II gained a widespread respect and became a moral authority for millions of people.At the same time John Paul II and his pontificate have a special place in the history of the Catholic Church in Poland and abroad. His whole life was an unceasing discovering and loving God and staying faithful to his words
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Private Day Tour from Prague to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum
"Once you are picked up at your hotel your driver will take you to Auschwitz-Birkenau. During your journey you can make use of free magazines WiFi refreshments information brochures about Auschwitz or minibar. Once there you will walk through the entire complex
From EUR600.00
Auschwitz- Birkenau and Wieliczka Salt Mine in One Day
"Oświęcim is a town located some 50 kilometers west of Krakow in turn known as a place of martyrdom suffering and death of millions of lives it's a grim witness to history. The concentration camp Auschwitz - Birkenau also a UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular place in the vicinity of Krakow.Wieliczka is one of the most beautiful places in close proximity to the city. The famous UNESCO World Heritage Site
From EUR65.00

Most Viewed Things to Do in Wadowice

Things to Do

Family Home of Pope John Paul II

Admission to this museum is free (Donations expected) This was the home of the Wojtyła family of Karol, his wife Emilie and 13 year old son, Edmund from 1919, where they rented two rooms on the...
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Things to Do

Basilica of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The distinctive clock tower of the basilica, with its onion domed cupola shows the time for the people of Wadowice and visitors, the 4 clocks are easily visible from different directions. On the...
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Things to Do

Statue of Pope John Paul 11

This is one of many statues of this Pope in Wadowice. Apparently it is known by locals as 'The Cream Cake Statue'! The reason? - During John Pauls visit to Wadowice in 1992, he sat very near to this...
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Things to Do

Muzeum Miejskie - Town Museum

There is a town museum (Muzeum Miejskie) opposite to the pope's family house. There was a temporary exposition of photographs "Ground Zero - A Tribute to America" when we were there. We were too late...
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