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Private 3-Hour Historical Tour of East Berlin City
"The tour begins at the Brandenburg Gate where in June 1987 President Ronald Reagan famously called on Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev to “tear down this wall!” Nearby is the former Soviet Embassy a grandiose monument built in 1945 amid the rubble of World War II as a bold declaration of Stalin’s ambition to control all of Berlin. We will discuss how the Allies’ post­war division of Germany into four parts led to decades of Cold War tensions.< a key crossing point between East and West Berlin. When families were torn apart by East Germany’s iron­fisted immigration laws they said their sad goodbyes here in the office known as the Palace of Tears. At Nordbahnhof
From $390.00
Castles 1-hour Sightseeing Flight from Prague
"Enjoy an hour’s sightseeing flight over the Bohemian Paradise on a four-seat plane. We will transport you from the hotel to an airport at the edge of Prague on a luxurious mini-bus. An experienced pilot will take you north of Prague via Mělník and fly yo the landmark of the romantic Mácha region. You will see Sychrov Castle before you enter the heart of the Bohemian Paradise with the castles and ruins of Valdštejn Hrubá Skála and Trosky. Returning to the airport in Letňany Prague you will fly over Kost Castle Mladá Boleslav the seat of well-known car-making company Škoda
From EUR784.00
"Private Modern Berlin Walking Tour: A Diverse
Private Modern Berlin Walking Tour A Diverse Vibrant and Exciting New German Capital"Explore ­the courtyards of Mitte where the previously worn and neglected buildings were quickly restored to their former glory after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now a hub of artistic culture consumerism and IT start-ups these labyrinthine passages provided the breeding ground for Berlin's post-unification cultural scene.Visit trendy Prenzlauer Berg scene of a demographic upheaval that has seen an influx of well-heeled and upwardly mobile young families. We chronicle the fundamental changes that have transformed this one-time working-class district into an area favored by dynamic entrepreneurs and y an old brewery complex which has been totally refurbished into a center for culture and the arts. Its transformation mirrors the metamorphosis that continues in East Berlin.Experience the exciting alternative districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuz
From EUR320.00

Top Hotels in Zielona Gora

Ul Ceglana 14 A
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Aleja Konstytucji 3 Maja 1 A, Zielona Gora, 65 805, Poland
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Ul. ?eromskiego 23, Zielona Gora, 65-066, Poland
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ul. Kapielowa 26, Drzonków, Zielona Gora, 66-004, Poland
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ul Sulechowska 37, Zielona Gora, 65-022, Poland
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ul. LeSna 15B, Zielona Gora 65-794 , Poland
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