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Krakow in One Day Sightseeing Tour
"Your tour begins with a short walk along the streets of the former Jewish district of Kazimierz. Next Wawel Hill crowned by Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral and the seat of royal power up until the 17th century. The Castle was home to many Polish kings and queens and the royal crypts in the Cathedral their final resting place along with several other Polish heroes.A walk up Grodzka street leads you to the heart of Krakow the Rynek Glowny or Main Market Square. There the large Gothic Cloth Hall is the perfect place to shop for local souvenirs.The last sightseeing stop is the twin-spired St Mary's Church with its famous medieval altar by Wit Stwosz and where every hour the brave trumpeter of Krakow still calls out his warning."
From EUR39.00
Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum Half-Day Trip from Krakow
"Choose your preferred departure time when you book and begin your experience with a pickup in central Krakow or from your Krakow hotel. Board your coach and as you travel watch an onboard documentary that explains the history of WWII and the Nazi Holocaust. Learn how approximately 1.5 million people — mostly Jewish Polish and Russian prisoners — were killed at Auschwitz-Birkenau from 1940 onward until both camps were liberated by the Allies in 1945.After roughly 1.5 hours on the road arrive at Auschwitz and set off on a guided tour of both the UNESCO-listed Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II-Birkenau sites. Enter the Auschwitz I compound through the gates inscribed with Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Sets You Free) and discover how it quickly turned from a detention camp for Polish political prisoners into a center for mass murder.Explore the main buildings — some still intact and some in ruins — and walk around the exhibitions that chart the fates of many
From EUR39.00
Wieliczka Salt Mine Half-Day Trip from Krakow
"Legend has it that the salt mines were part of the dowry of the Hungarian princess Kinga when she married Boleslaw the Shy over 700 years ago. You'll tour the richly ornamented Chapel of the Blessed Kinga and visit an underground salt-mining exhibition on Level 3.Your guided tour takes you from 210 to 440 feet (64 to 135 meters) under passing through galleries and chambers on three levels. The guided walk consists of 20 monumental chambers joined by 1.5 miles (2.5 kilometers) of pathways.Entering the Wieliczka Salt Mine you'll descend a 380-step staircase to Level 1. Although this walk is not strenuous and can be undertaken in ordinary footwear it will need to be considered when booking this tour. The last stop on your visit to the mine is the souvenir shop and snack bar. From here a lift carries you back to the surface."
From EUR41.00

Barbican Tips (48)


Frankly I was not impressed by this barbican. Too nice, too clean, too restored, looking weak because build of bricks. Not military enough for me. Give me rough granite stone that's what I like to see...
breughel's Profile Photo
Jan 30, 2014

Municipal Arsenal

The surviving fragment of Krakow's city wall opposite the Barbakan, where students and amateur artists hang their paintings for sale in the summer, contains the Renaissance Municipal Arsenal, which...
mvtouring's Profile Photo
Jul 13, 2013

The Barbican

The Barbican is only one of three medieval defensive structures of its kind. First, erected in 1498, it was once connected to the city walls at the Brama Florianska. The barbican is 24 meters wide,...
GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
May 23, 2013

Medieval Fortifications - the Barbican.

Krakow's main city gate had to be defended, at any cost. Therefore Europe's mightiest barbican was built in 1498 - 99 thanks to king Jan Olbracht. It's diameter is nearly 25 metres and the walls are...
Askla's Profile Photo
Dec 03, 2012

Statue of Mercury

The statue is not all that impressive, but the area it is located is very interesting. The wall at the old town by the Barbizon with large wood beams while walking on the old cobblestone streets puts...
Roadquill's Profile Photo
Sep 24, 2010

Barbakan Krakowski (Barbican)

The Kraków Barbican is a former fortified outpost and munition depot. It's the sole remainders of a sries of similar barbicans that were located around the old city.The building was constructed in...
pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2010

Barbican or Barbikan

Passing through St Florians Gate (see previous tip) we found ourselves standing behind this 15th Century fortification, that was part of Krakow's defense system. This is the only one of the pair of...
suvanki's Profile Photo
Jul 18, 2010

Barbican and Florian Gate

To get from our hotel to the central market square we would have to pass by the Barbican and through the Florian Gate, Krakow's northern defense against invaders. The Barbican was built in 1498 as an...
Dabs's Profile Photo
Jun 21, 2010

The Barbakan and St Florian's Gate

Medieval Krakow had to be well-defended. The 16th century Barbakan (or Barbican) was the main gate. It was a formidable obstacle to any invader. Nearby is St Florian's Gate. Impressive defenses made...
Tom_Fields's Profile Photo
Apr 17, 2009


The Barbican, located just north of Rynek Glowny, is one of the few remaining traces of Krakow's medieval fortifications. During the middle ages, Krakow's Old Town was entirely surrounded by a series...
pure1942's Profile Photo
Mar 21, 2009

Krakow Barbican.

The Barbican is at the end of Florianska st. It is from the citys original defences and has a admission charge. The Wawel castle is at the other end of the city , high up with a good view., of city...
alectrevor's Profile Photo
Sep 11, 2008

the barbican

the barbican was built between 1498 and 1499 after king jan olbrach was defeated by the turks in bukowina. this fort was surrounded by a moat and was connected to st. florian's gate by a corridor....
doug48's Profile Photo
May 27, 2008
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"Heart of Europe and Poland"
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"Krakow - Ancient Capital of Poland"
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"Krakow: Rome in Poland."
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"Krakow ~ Everybody's Favourite!"
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Things to Do Near Krakow

Things to Do

Florian Gate

The Florian is opposite to the Barbican one of the most beautiful Gothic towers in Krakow. This was built in the 14th century by Prince Leszek Czarny. The tower was part of the fortification system of...
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Things to Do

Grunwald Monument

This stunning statue commemorates the victory over the Teutonic Knights in 1410. At the top on his horse is the King of Poland Władysław Jagiełło, his sword pointing downwards in his right hand. At...
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Things to Do

Czartoryski Museum

The Muzeum Ksiazat Czartoryskich or Czartoryski Museum dates back to 1801 and is the oldest museum in Poland. The history behind the museum starts with the Czartoryski dynasty in the 13th...
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Things to Do

National Museum

Special Exhibition (Sept 2011)- on loan from the Spanish Royal Family. There was an excellent exhibition of various treasures from the Spanish royal family including furniture, paintings, personal...
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Things to Do

Jagiellonian University - Collegium Maius

Founded in 1364, the University of Krakow is amongst the oldest in the world. King Wladislaw II. Jagiello bought that former noble mansion from the Anjou family for the University in 1400 which became...
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Things to Do

Market Square - Rynek Glowny

Main Square is one of the most beautiful places in Poland, in my opinion. It's really huge - I've heard that it's one of the biggest market squares in Europe. You can spend all day by walking and...
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Northern end of Florianska


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