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Town Hall Tower - Ratusz Tips (50)

Clocktower (former town hall)

The old town hall was pulled down in 1820 to create the big spaces we all love at market square. Only the Gothic clocktower remained. It dates back to the 13th century but got its present appearance in the 17th century. The latest addition were two lions brought from a former country house in 1962. Inside, you will find the tourist information, a café and a tourist attraction in form of a reconstructed torture chamber. The tower can be climbed, but unfortunately I missed that chance.

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Oct 21, 2013

Town Hall Tower

If you stand for this 70 meter high tower you can compare like a little bit of Pisa, the tower lean just a very little is not a result of incorrect assembly or calculation,(insider say,) a strong wind in the early 18th century make the tower leans, despite its leaning tower they're proud of the position and is even one of the best known sights in Krakow

The town hall here used associated however no longer exists and only still be found on old paintings and engravings. From the tower you have a splendid panoramic view over the city, but you have to steep 100 steps to get to the top

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Sep 08, 2013

Town Hall Tower

This stately tower is all that remains of the original building, which was demolished in 1820 in order to open up the town square. The tower was built at the end of the 13th Century and its top was rebuilt in the 17th as the original was consumed by fire. the pair of lions at the entrance date to the 19th century.
Today, one can enter and climb to the top. An admissions fee is charged.

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Jun 04, 2013

Town Hall Tower

This was part of the large Town Hall that used to be on the Rynek that the Austrians destroyed when they took over in the 19th century.

The town hall tower, which is 70 meters high, was said to have been started in the 13th century. At the time it was right next to the gothic Town Hall, which was subsequently torn down in 1820. The tower has remained. Where the basements under the tower used to contain the cities' dungeons and torture chambers it now contains a cafe and theater.

You can go up and I'm told the view is great. I'm not sure that it is open consistently though.

GentleSpirit's Profile Photo
May 23, 2013
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A leaning tower - in Krakow!!

Krakow has its own leaning tower. It is the Old Town Hall Tower at the Main Square that is leaning. Not much, just 55 cm, but still. It was built of stone and brick in the late 13th century and weakened by several fires during the years it has had its west wall supported by a huge buttress since 1680. But in 1703 an extremely strong wind(!) made the tower leaning.
The tower is the only remnant from the 13th century Gothic Town Hall which was sadly pulled down in the 1820s. It is said to have been a real gem.
Beneath the Town Hall Tower there are cellars which used to contain the city dungeon and torture chamber. Nowadays they contain a café and a theatre.
One can climb the stairs to enjoy the view from the top of the tower, but the 100-step stairs are steep and narrow.

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Dec 04, 2012

The Town Hall Tower

The Town Hall Tower which has a big clock is located at the Old Town Main Square. The gothic style tower is the only one standing because large part of the town hall was demolished in 1820 to make progress to open up the Main Square. Well I thought the tower standing alone proudly by itself is quite impressive. It would be more of a focal point for tourist if it is leaning little bit more. They should just call it Clock Tower after all the main body has vanished. Today the tower basement has turned into café and theatre. I guess it is better than torture chamber and then again it can be torture if you are served with bad coffee.

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Oct 31, 2012

Town Hall Tower

The Town Hall Tower is the only remaining part of Krakow's former town hall, which was built in the 13th century. To make space in the market square the rest of the building was demolished in 1820.

Nowadays the 70 m tall tower can be climbed for panoramic views of the largest market squares in Europe.

The Town Hall Tower stands near the south western corner of the Krakow's Market Square (Rynek Glowny).

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Apr 20, 2012

Town Hall Tower, a good rallying point

While we did not visit the tower itself, we did use it as a point of reference and rallying point during our VT meet there. Don't look for the Town Hall that the Tower should be near because the Town Hall was destroyed... According to the information I researched on the internet there is a cafe in the basement and upstairs has the tourist information office.
If you want to learn more about the history, visit -,get,id,2605,t,Town-Hall-Tower.html

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Jan 09, 2012
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"Heart of Europe and Poland"
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"Krakow - Ancient Capital of Poland"
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"Krakow: Rome in Poland."
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"Krakow ~ Everybody's Favourite!"
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Wieza Ratuszowa / The Town Hall Tower

The 70-meters high Wieza Ratuszowa or Town Hall Tower is the sole remaining construction of the former Town Hall that was built in the 15th Century. The Hall was demolished in the 1820-ies.

The basement of the tower housed the city dungeon and torture chamber; nowadays the rooms are in use by a café and theatre.

The tower got its first clock in 1524.

In 1680 a three stories enforcement was made at the West side, after the structure was weakened by city fires.

In 1685 the Town Hall Tower was heightened for 6.5 meters. Its present Baroque roof dates of 1686.

The tower leans a bit as result of a storm in 1703.

Two stone lions in front of the entrance came from a Plawowice country house in the 1960-ies.

At the ground floor a branch of the tourist information office is located.

In the summer the tower is open to visitors and you can enjoy a great lookoff after climbing the 100+ steps.

Two stone lions in front of the entrance were brought from a country house in Plawowice in the 1960s

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Aug 28, 2010

Town Hall

The tower of the Town Hall, located in the Market Square, is all that is left from the 14th century town hall which was pulled down in the 1820s by the government to free up more space. I guess you can walk up to the top for the view of the Market Square but we didn't.

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Jun 28, 2010


I was a little disappointed to read that the two stone lions that sit in front of the Town Hall entrance aren't that old, they were brought to Krakow from a country house (or the Classicist Palace of the Morstin family depending on which source you read) in Plawowice in the 1960s

In addition, they aren't doing a very good job of guard duty as they are sleeping on the job!

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Jun 23, 2010

Ratusz ~ The old Town Hall

The old Town Hall which dates to the 14th century is partially lost, but the tower remains standing and is a dramatic element of the Krakow skyline. There is a museum in the basement of the tower, altho I still haven't seen it in all my visits to this wonderful city. Seen here against a stormy sky, it is a back drop for many visiting photographers. This is where you will see the ancient stone lions which guard the entrance.

From an earlier trip:
Matcrazy1 took this photo when Gosia and I met Matt and his lovely wife, Urzula in Krakow one evening. It was bitter cold that night, but the square is always a wonderful place to be ... day or night. Activity. . . people teens going in and out of the Internet Cafe...restaurants, bars, clubs, coffee cafes...and outdoor art. The lions are centuries old, but there was also a modern sculpture exhibit scattered all around the square.

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Jul 07, 2009

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