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Taxis Tips (6)

Taxis in Poland, not a problem!

If I had to point a few very positive things in Poland, I would definetly consider the taxis. of course if you know the rules such as don't pick up a taxi from those guys waiting at the exit of the airport (some of the tem are not legal and they will charge your more) and the fact that is not possible to pick a taxi just stopping one in the street. The taxi system is well organized, after 4 years living year I never felt cheated. What I like most is the fact that when you book a taxi, even if it is at 4 am, the taxi will always be there. Very rarely they are late and if they are someone from the station will call you. Cheers to the polish taxis

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Mar 04, 2009

Taxis - beware of some of them

Generally it is good to be aware of some of the taxis that await you in most touristy places in Warsaw as the airport, Old Town, Rotunda at Marszalkowska/Jerozolimskie Avenue, etc.

In case you have bad luck they will totally over charge you. Hard to recognize wrong taxi cabs from the good ones even for a local sometimes...

Unique Suggestions ... but you should try to use call services or look for cabs with signs showing they are from one of the corporations. If there a couple of them in a line with same top/side signs it is most probably they won't try to scalp you!

Fun Alternatives I use Extra Taxi which you can call at 96 83 but more respectable is MPT at 9191 (in this one you may have a chance to have an English speaking driver, and for sure the operator who you can talk to:-).

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Aug 12, 2007

Warsaw (and Polish in general) taxis

Much has been said about Warsaw taxis. I had no problems, but I stuck to well-known firms such as MPT (look in any guidebook)and insisted on a meter.

If you are waiting for a taxi outside the main train station, there is a ctually a sign in both Polish and English explaining taxi fares...

Unique Suggestions On the Taxi's window there should be a list of fares as well as (prominently displayed) the fare per km.

BEST IDEA get yourself a polish SIM card (bring your SIM unlocked GSM phone, the card costs about 20zl) and call for a taxi whenever you need one. They arrive within 5 minutes, all legit, meter etc. Phone operators usually speak some English.

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Sep 07, 2005

Hotel Taxi

All 4/5* stars hotels owned their own taxis, but fares will be at least 50% more expensive than the cheap local taxi companies (MPT, EDE,...).

From International airport I paid 50 PLZ with hotel taxi transfert and when I came back to the airport with local taxi I paid only 25PLZ.

Unique Suggestions Just prepare the ca$h...

Fun Alternatives Look only for official local taxi, all fares (cost per km, initial charge, day/night fare) are clearly disclosed on the rear passenger window.

You could also agreed the fare with the driver before taking the ride.

Bayer tel. 96 67
Halo Taxi tel. 96 23
Merc Taxi tel. 677 77 77
MPT tel. 91 91
Sawa Taxi tel. 644 44 44
Super Taxi tel. 96 22

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Jul 30, 2005
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Do NOT ride unregistrated taxis!

When arriving in Warzsawa taxidrivers will do anything to have you in thier car. Make sure to take a, e.i. Radio Taxi with a visible phonenumber on the side of the car. The hotel told us in advance that a taxi would costs about 5 euros, but we had to pay 10 euros for the black taxi. They wouldn't fool you unless you set the price before the ride - but they will overcharge you.

Unique Suggestions If you have to take a black taxi - makr sure that you have decided the price in advance.

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Jul 24, 2005

No small money . . .

Upon arrival in Warsaw airport, I took a taxi towards the Central station of Warsaw.

Arrived at the railway station the taxi driver told me : no small money, Sir.

It is kind of normal if you arrive in a place for the first time that you have no small money, and this taxi driver took advantage of this fact.

There is also the fact that you have no exact idea on the distance and direction towards your destination, so if he takes a detour, you can never notice.

Maybe that was the reason in the difference of the price for the first ride upon arrival - 33 zl. and only 25 zl. upon departure

Unique Suggestions I paid 7 zl. to much that is almost 2 euro . . . . He, for that price you can get a delicious local beer on one of the many terraces of the market place in Krakow.

Fun Alternatives I think there isn't much you can do, especially if you are travelling alone. When you are with two, one could go for a search for small money inside the building.

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May 13, 2005
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"Dedicated to Jacek Kaczmarski"
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"Warsaw Rising"
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"My Home Town"
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Krasinski Palace

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Monument to the Ghetto Uprising

While ethnic Poles were subject to selective persecution by Nazi Germany, all ethnic Jews were targeted by the Third Reich. In the winter of 1939–40, about 100,000 Jews were deported to Nazi...
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Marie Curie Museum

This museum, which is actually the childhood home of Marie, is located in the old town. Its a small museum but quite comprehensive with its exhibits. Some interesting photo's are displayed along...
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St Casimir's Church

St. Casimir’s church was built as a commemoration of Jan Sobieski victory against Turks in end of 17th century. Actually during Second World War it was working as a war hospital, but bombing in 1944...
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Jewish Historical Institute

It's not hard to guess that this museum isn't an easy to go place. With over 300 000 Jews, Warsaw was a centre of Jewish life in Eastern Europe with all its ups and downs. The Holocaust put an end to...
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St. John's Cathedral

This most ancient of Warsaw churches is already mentioned in 13th century records, but came to be well-known later: It was here that in 1339 a papal legate publicly condemned the Teutonic Order for...
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