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Trams Tips (16)

Explore Warsaw by tram

Warsaw has an extensive tram network, which is part of the public transportation system. Trams are usually much quicker than buses and operate between 5:00 h and 23:00 h on working days.

Tickets are available from kiosks with the RUCH logo, ticket machines or directly from the driver (subject to an additional charge).

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Mar 31, 2012

The Trams

Tram is a fast mean of transport during rush hours! When everyone else is stuck in a traffic jam you are still going....But not in the rush hour I`d advise to take a bus- they are faster then.

Remember about the tickets!

Ticket's general rule is - one trip one ticket. Although now you have a chance to choose between different options e.g. tickets for a certain period of time (1h, 1,5h), day tickets, week or month tickets. Punch a ticket immediately when entering the bus or the tram. Tickets can be purchased at all KIOSK and post offices POCZTA. Also, you can get them from the driver- if so, do it right after entering!

TIP! Beware, when caught with no valid ticket you will pay a fee of 120 zl. Having no ticket for your luggage (a big suitcase, a bigger bag) would cost you 48 zl.

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Jul 16, 2004

Public transport in Warsaw

Public transport in Warsaw consists of rather well developed networks of buses and trams and a single metro line.

Metro is overcrowded in peak hours. Probably the trams are the best because they are most immune to traffic jams and they don't pollute the streets as buses do. However the trams won't get you everywere in the city, so sometimes the buses will be the only option.

Usually the tickets are bought in kiosks or vending machines.
The timetables and tariffs for tickets and passes are available on the web page below (some information there is in English).

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Nov 23, 2003

Professional Beggars

Warsaw now has its own group of professional beggars who ride the rear tram cars, usually a female telling you some hard luck story with a small child in tow to make you feel more sorry. I watched them one day work a tram and as they got off, they stopped and then met up with another couple who were just about to board the tram. They all knew each other very well.
Don't fall for this scam and give them money, they don't need it. They are usually dropped off as a group during the day to work the trams. I have seen similar scams involving a baby which needs feeding and does the rounds with a different mother every day.

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Apr 05, 2006
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Warsaw's extensive tram system

Warsaw also has an extensive tram system, though I only rode on it twice because there was no line close to my hotel. You can find a helpful map for the tram system here.

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Sep 08, 2004

Trams and Buses in Warsaw

For those of us who don't have the wherewithall to use taxis all the time, there is public transit. In Warsaw, this is very easily accessable and fairly cheap. One buys transit tickets at most street kiosks. (They are located near every bus/tram stop) They are privately owned but have a public transit logo on the booth/ store somewhere. The tickets cost about a dollar US for a day pass and about 7 dollars US for a week pass. One can use any bus or tram with this ticket. When one enters the bus or tram, there is a red ticket validator that looks like the take-a-number-for-service dispenser one might see at a meat or deli counter to the right of the doors on the vehicle as one faces them. One one runs the ticket in and it prints the date and time and how long the ticket is valid for. You are then good to go for the length the ticket is valid.
The transit cops in Warsaw DO patrol the public transit and will yank you off and fine you if you do not have a valid ticket on your person! I saw them bust several people while I was there.
The bus/tram tickets ARE NOT valid to use on the metro, one must purchase seperate tickets for that, they are one-time use tickets and cost about a dollar US.
Buses and trams travel along all major thoughroughfares in Warsaw and run very frequently, one usually has to wait just a few minutes for a bus or tram. Kiosks also sell tram maps. There are also route maps in the buses and trams as well and what lines they connect to.

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Nov 19, 2004


If the Underground and the buses don't get you everywhere you need to go, then you'll probably be able to get there via a tram. The trams also operate between 5 am and 11 pm. Be sure that you validate you ticket and if you have large luggage, you'll need an extra ticket. If you buy the ticket from the driver they are more expensive, so buy them from the Ruch Newsstands or the post offices.

Check out the website below for information on routes.

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Nov 20, 2005

Commuter Trams in Warsaw

Although I never used their service there were a remarkable number of commuter trains running close by my hotel (Westin Hotel) and in other places I visited in Warsaw.

Although they seem to provide convenient transportation for a lot of people each day, I suspect that a foreigner might find them less than satisfactory to use. On several other VT pages there are warnings about how unsafe these trains are - especially at night. And with the pickpockets that roam Warsaw, getting onto a crowded commuter train might be asking to be relieved of your wallet in a hurry.

But I can give no practical advice, as I never tried to ride these interesting vehicles.

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Oct 25, 2004
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Warsaw tramwaj (trams)

There are about 40 tram lines in Warsaw. Trams (tramwaj) operate all days of the week. Although most trams are old and noisy, they seems to be reliable. The tram stops are normally right next to the bus stops so switching between busses and trams is easy. If you are staying in Warsaw more than one day it might be wise to buy a 3 day tram ticket. It costs only 12 zlotys (about 4 euros). Tickets are valid for metro, bus and tram and they can be bought from Ruch kiosks (not from the driver). The tickets must be validated when entering tram.

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May 01, 2003

El Tranvía / The Tram

Our hotel was not very central, so we moved primarily by tram but also used the Metro and buses. The ticket is for any of the three transports
The tram is very comfortable and has good service. Tickets can be purchased from the driver, if you have change and also it can be bought at kiosks (Price: 2.40 zl 1 trip, 24 hours 7.2 zl and three days 12 zl )

Nuestro hotel no estaba muy céntrico , así que nos movimos principalmente en tranvía aunque también utilizamos el Metro y los autobuses . El billete sirve para los tres
El tranvía es muy cómodo y tiene buen servicio .Los billetes se pueden comprar al conductor , si tienes cambio y si no se pueden comprar en los estancos ( Precio : 1 viaje 2,40zl , 24 horas 7,2zl y tres días 12 zl )

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Nov 25, 2011


The tram system is an excellent way of getting around the city. Tickets are the same as those used on the buses and Metro so you should always carry a supply of them with you - or alternatively buy a pass for the length of time that you are there eg. a week or a month. It not only saves money but it also saves fighting to get to the machine to validate your ticket at busy periods. The trams connect well to the Metro and bus networks.

If a tram and a bus cover the same route, take the tram because it is usually quicker - especially in the centre.

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Aug 10, 2006

Ride #1

We found the tram system in
Warsaw fun to ride, because
we do not have trams like the
ones in Warsaw back home.

The are fun to ride, even though
they can be a little crowded at times.

It is worth just getting a ticket, ride
to the end of the line and return.

You will get to see another side of
Warsaw that way, part of where
the locals live and work.

The first picture was our stop near
Old Town ......

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Dec 26, 2006

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Krasinski Palace

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Marie Curie Museum

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Jewish Historical Institute

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