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  • Katowice
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Katowice Things to Do

  • Silesian Theatre of Stanislaw Wyspanski

    Silesian Theatre of Stanislaw Wyspanski was founded in 1907. Designed by Carl Moritz in modern style. For the first 15 years it used to be a German Theatre. When Silesia came back to Poland Polish Theatre began its avtivity in the building. The Theatre has currantly many international contacts and plays roles in such cities as: Moscow, Lviv, Paris,...

  • Teatr Slaski

    Founded in 1907 the Teatr Slaski stages a wide variety of productions from Polish drama to opera and Shakespeare and in May 2005 a version of Irvine Welsh's 'Trainspotting'.

  • Church of St. Michael Archangel

    Church of St. Michael Archangel, that has been transported in 1930's to Katowice from the village of Syrynia. It is an all wodden small church that comes from 1510 and includes also a wooden bell tower.In mostly industrial Katowice it is like an object from other world, hidden in Kosciuszko park among trees. No wonder it is quite a popular place...

  • Spodek

    Spodek is one of the best symbols of Katowice city. This is the biggest concert and sport hall in Poland. It was opened in 1971. Such artists played in Spodek: Charles Aznawour, Susi Quatro, John Mayal, Eric Clapton, Drupi, Sting, Jean Michel Jarre, Chris Rea, Toto Cotugno, Clif Richard, Joe Cocker, Tina Turner, Brian Adams, Elton John, Dalida,...

  • Mickiewicza High School

    In 1871 the choold is opened and till the end of WW I becomed the only secondary school in Katowice. In 1898-1900 the building was built, designed by Jozef Perzik.

  • Statue of John Paul II

    After the death of the pope John Paul II members of Katowice government decided to build a statue to commemorate the pope who is became a honorary habitant of the city of Katowice. John Paul II visited Katowice in 1983... The statue costed 190 thousand PLN and was founded in June 2006.The statue was deisgned by Gustaw Zemla and it is a kind of copy...


Katowice Hotels

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Katowice Restaurants


    Had it not been for their large windows and an observant passer-by – I could have been had my passport burned up in the fire. What fire? These enterprising individuals leave small burning tea lights out across their customer drinking/dinning counter in their front window. Yes, live flames in the middle of the morning. I didn’t realise they were...

  • Tatiana Restaurant

    This is really niceplace to have luch, supper or just to sit, rest and drink beer or so. The interior is originally designed and this seems to make the athmosphere of the restaurant. Both, the outside and the Tatiana's interior are nice and make impresion. The service was fine. Credit cards accepted.The restaurant is open in the summer from 9 am...

  • The best thing I found in Katowice!

    Tatiana is really the best "discover" in Katowice! There we found the first (and only) English speaking person in Katowice (a very nice waitress) and we had a great dinner! The interior is very nice, in Russian style, and the eastern dishes we tried were very good indeed! The price is absolutely low, one of the best restaurants I've been in this...


Katowice Nightlife

  • Automotive museum, a music club and...

    The Old Timers Garage is the music club and theatre localized in Katowice. Inside is a hudge collection of retro cars eg. Ford T Speedster, DeLorean DMC-12, Pontiac Silver Streak. The collection has more than 30 exhibits. Hosts a concert and theater performances. The place is open from Thursday to Sunday from 17:00 - 1:00. Inside the club, you can...

  • INTACTO Friendly Club

    This is one of my favourite place in Katowice. The place is very nice and it has an interior well designed. The club was opened in Septmeber 2004 and shortly became popular with tollerant people.;)You may feel a magic place here: with fireplace, candles, music: chillout, jazz, sometimes a little bit of pop and rock - sometimes even live!The club is...

  • Scena Private Club

    This is a place where you may sit and drink or even dance. I have not beed here on weekends when there are some dance nights but the club is quite big. There is a place to sit and a dancing floor...The atmosphere of the place is rather dark... I mean that courtins are closed but it looks quite nice. I was said that the club had not a good...


Katowice Transportation

  • Katowice Airport Krakow bus

    Hi I booked the bus to Krakow from Katowice Airport (KTW) at www.pyrzowiceekspres.pl, the bus is run by Wizzair so if there are any delays the bus waits for you. You can ask about timetable via Skype pyrzowiceekspres.pl

  • Bus

    In the past I've often travelled to Poland by bus from the UK - prices approx. 130 pounds return (as at 2011) - a large Polish carrier is Sinbad with services from most UK cities,I used them in 2011 and found them to be very good, below their website which is only in Polish :-http://www.sindbad.pl/pl/euroticket/index/

  • Train

    The main train station is in the centre of the city, next to the local bus station. There are frequent trains to Krakow (78km), Wroclaw (180km),Oswiecim (for Auschwitz)(33km),Warsaw (303km).International trains to Berlin, Prague, Vienna.As at June 2011 the old station has been demolished and work is underway on its replacement.


Katowice Shopping

  • Silesia city centre

    Silesia City centre is a new development (previously a coal mine). There are a plethora of stores, including saturn and a large food hall.

  • Silesia City Center

    This is the biggest department store in Katowice and one of the biggest in Poland. There is about 250 shops! There is a hypermarket - Tesco, shops, restaurants, bars, cinema, banks and everything what you can imagine.:) The is also a chapel where you may stop and pray... The store was built in a place of an old coal mine called Gottwald and was...

  • Workshop in Giszowiec

    This is an artist's studio where you can find artistic joinery, sculpture in the wood and souvenirs made from the cole. The studio is open from Monday to Friday (7 am - 5 pm) and on Saturday (8 am - 1 pm).


Katowice Local Customs

  • Hospitality

    The hospitality that I experienced in Silesia was absolutely awesome! My Polish family did EVERYTHING for me - they invited me to stay at their house, I even had a room to myself, they invited me to dinner and made the most delicious breakfast and lunch, they showed me around and gave me so many presents that I had to buy a larger suitcase!!!Other...

  • Silesian folklore

    I was fortunate to see a performance by the group "zespol Slask". They danced and sang a whole variety of Silesian folk songs and dances and wore different beautiful costumes! All the costumes were hand-made and embroidered - absolutely awesome!The men's costumes were basically miners' costumes, since Silesia is a mining area, but the girls'...

  • Grey City...?

    Katowice is said to be a grey city... Maybe it is one of the less colorfull city in Poland but during summer months you may find some good examples of places that are full of colors... I love such places and visit them often.:) In the picture you may see a carpet of flowers just in the main market square...


Katowice Warnings and Dangers

  • Maricka Street. Very dangerous place!

    Mariacka Street is the flagship of the city promenade. The municipal authorities had to create this neglected street entertainment center. On the street, there are basically only two places worth recommending - Club Katofonia and Lemoniada Club. Both of these organizing events with live music. The street is very dangerous and neglected. They play...

  • Roads

    Some of the roads in the city are simply terrible, apparantly they have improved a lot recently. Beware the tramlines when driving and the inaccurate motorway entrance signs!

  • Crime in Katowice

    Katowice is one of the most dangerous cities in Poland. Accodring to police statistics, there are 1542 crimes for 100 thousand citizens... This number is the higest crime rate compering to other cities in Poland. Second on the list is Krakow with a number of 1535 crimes.However, the number is high it seems to me a little bit strange as during my...


Katowice What to Pack

  • If you are traveling by motorbike

    If you are traveling by motorbike, better make sure that you have all spare parts for your motorbike because the motorbike market is very poor in Poland and you could have problems with buying off-hand something you need.This is the address of the best service station for motorbikes in Katowice:CDM - Centrum Diagnostyki MotocyklowejJozefowska...

  • Climate in Katowice

    There is no special rainy season Avg. Temp. in Spring: max.: 6 – 18°C ( 43 - 64°F ); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 - 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Summer: max.: 19 – 22°C ( 66 - 71°F ); min: 10 - 12°C ( 50 - 53°F )Avg. Temp. in Autumn: max.: 4 – 17°C ( 39 - 62°F); min: 0 - 8°C ( 32 – 47°F )Avg. Temp. in Winter: max.: 1 – 3°C ( 33 - 38°F); min: -3 - -1°C ( 27 - 30°F )

  • Katowice Hotels

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Katowice Off The Beaten Path

  • Military cemetery

    Military cemetery in Meteorologow street was founded between wars. It is a place where are thombs of normal soldiers and generals and other military service.There is also a Thomb of Unknown Soldiers who died during the wars and Silesian Uprisings...

  • Gestapo in Katowice

    The information sign says: "Look! Those walls are full of crime!In this building in 1939 - 1945 Gestapo had its headquarter and in 1945 - 1954 the building belonged to the Provincial Office of Public Security (Wojewodzki Urzad Bezpieczenstwa Publicznego). Both, Gestapo and the Office detained, tortured and murdered the most important sons of Polish...

  • Jewish Cemetery

    Jewish Cemetery is one of the oldest necropoles in Katowice founded in 1868, extended in 1927, 1945, the original arrangement of the necropolis preserved, the tree complex, tombstones from the XIXth century. A place of burial of persons of merit for the story of Katowice: Goldstein, Schalsch, Grunfeld and others. You may see that there is the older...


Katowice Sports & Outdoors

  • ZiOOlek's Profile Photo

    Ice-rink Jantor

    by ZiOOlek Written Jan 31, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Everyone how is fond of ice - skating or ice - hockey or other sports connected to ice should come here. You can use the rink to have fun for yourself or watching matches. The rink is pretty new and modern.

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Katowice General

  • Industrial

    The Katowice region is heavily industrialed with many factories in the smaller districts that encircle the city.

  • Curreny exchange

    I always change currencies at Kantor Wymiany Walut of Andrzej Tomczyk in 12 Mickiewicza street in Katowice. The exchange office is located in the city center. It has good exchage rates. Moreover, it is possible to chage here (buy or sell) not only popular currencies but also currencies from such cuntries like: Bulgaria, Denemark Estonia, Lithuania,...

  • 24h chemist's shops

    The list of 24h pharmacies (I hope you won't need it!):- "Europejska" - ul. Wojewódzka 7tel. (0-32) 251-77-62- "Na Sadybie" - ul. Jutrzenki 1tel. (0-32) 206-40-28- "Apteka" - ul. Warszawska 6tel. (0-32) 258-87-91- "Apteka Calodobowa" - ul. Tyska 3tel. (0-32) 252-00-53- "Akademicka" - ul. Tysiaclecia 41tel. (0-32) 254-05-21- "Apteka" - ul. 1 Maja...


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