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Dolphins Tips (6)

Dolphin Safari

Take a trip on the Dolphin Safaris RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat), which leaves from the Lagos Harbour, when we went it cost about 35 euros each but well worth it,The trip last approx 45mins,Taking in the views of the coastline as well,past the grotto's and boats .
Their record for finding the Dolphins is excellent and the boat is very fast with jet engines, this is the only Boat of its class in Europe and was specially built for the role in mind.Being a boater myself I was very impressed with their handling skills, it's very safe. Don't worry about being sea sick, it is very stable and they will assure you that nobody should suffer from sea sickness. (enjoy the ride).
However we did go on one trip when it was rough and to be honest on that occasion it was uncomfortable,they had to cut down the speed, but our safety was always their first concern and they made the decision to come in closer to calmer waters.
When I went to the office expressing my disappointment of not seeing dolphins on account of it being rough,they gave me a good discount for another trip.
The next trip was a better day and we were not to be disappointed.
Best time to go is in the mornings,before the afternoon breeze gets up.
This Boat is very very fast.
The advantage with that is you get to dolphins that bit quicker.
This is a video of the dolphins off lagos taken by someone else.

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Jan 10, 2012

Algarve Dolphins

Back from another trip 2008 this time i went out on the Algarve Dolphin Boat,a bit smaller than the Dolphin safaris,however we had a delightful lady by the name of Ines who is a marine Biologist who was on hand to answer any questions we may have about the sea life.
Once again the Boat is fast but very safe and they have a policy in place: if you don't see any Dolphins they will take you again FREE,and if you still don't see any Dolphins they will take you again FREE until you do or get Sick (Joke).
No problem there, we saw Dolphins first time out ,and it was a joy to see them in their natural surroundings.
Costs at the time of going was €40 each, a bit expensive,but worth doing as a treat.
The Video

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Sep 22, 2008


A fascinating entertaining and educational oceanographic facility taking its theme from the links the Algarve has with the sea. Take your family to the Zoo marine and enjoy a wonderful day watching dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, exotic birds, seabirds, crocodiles and tropical fish.

Zoo marines characteristics, exhibitions and shows of an exceptionally high standard make it unique in Portugal.

In a tranquil setting offset by lakes and gardens Zoo marine has created the right environment to reveal the "secrets of the sea".

The park has all the requisite amenities you need for a happy family outing: restaurants, shops, amusements and swimming pools.

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Feb 23, 2007

Ground breaking dolphin watching and research.

I purchased my ticket at the Bom Dia office with some degree of apprehension, as I definitely do not have a sailor's stomach. What attracted me to venture out on a boat into these pristine Atlantic waters was the promise of a comfortable trip and of course, the chance to see real live dolphins in their natural environment.
Surrounded by dolphins
Everybody fell silent, even the ecstatic children- could we be in the presence of our quarry? Expectant glances were exchanged and, with a great whoosh, the sea surface broke- a real live dolphin! Then two, then three- the sea around us quickly became alive. Irma explained that this was a territorial reaction and the skipper steered the boat so that the stern faced his maritime crowd and we drifted slowly away. The dolphins followed us, soon joined by more from all directions- some of them actually swam under our craft.

Time to return to Lagos
For most onboard, the trip was a first look at dolphins and I must admit to having felt a deep sense of pride at being able to contribute to the knowledge of these fabulous mammals. It was time to return, we had been out for more than an hour and were due back in twenty minutes. The skipper re-started the engines and after slowly leaving this wildlife hot spot in peace we returned at high speed to Lagos harbour.

Algarve Dolphins and their lovely guides make this a learning experience as well as great fun. As a working conservationist I found it very refreshing to find a company that don't ignore the dolphins well-being, at the contrary, Algarve dolphins mark the difference, complying with dolphin-friendly regulations not yet passed in Portugal. I thought their attitude was admirable and I left the boat with a fully informative brochure showing many of the various sea-mammals and birds which can be seen on their outings, and explained the company's ground-breaking scientific study which is fast becoming an valuable contribution to the conservation of dolphins in southern Portugal

Oct 02, 2006
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definatly go dolphin watching... but beware

there are many things to do in lagos, but you shouldn't miss out on this oportunity...
the trip is on a huge rib (they said it's actually the biggest in europe), with 880hp engine (wich is good i guess, because that alous the boat to glide through the waves and keeps you from getting sea sick - you get your money back if you do) and it is amazing!!!
one of the best things i've done in my life! the boat ride alone is fantastic!!! and suddenly you stop, and get to spend about half an hour watching those amazingly friendly creatures... it's magical! they jump around the boat as if they were palying with you!
you can't miss this oportunity!
but be carefull. there are several companies doing dolphin watching in lagos now, and be sure you go for the best one. DolphinSeafaris is definatle the best one... they're both professional, friendly, and incredibly funny.
i also went oon another one - algarve dolphins - and was deeply disapointed. they give you a 100%garantee that you will find dolphins, but it's only until you buy the ticket... as soon as you get on the boat they start telling you that they don't garrantee anything, but you've already paid the extra10$ (besides the normal 30$) for that same garantee...
at dolpphin seafaris they tell you exactly what you're going to do and how right at front... they even teach you several ways of spotting pods so that you can hepl them find the dolphins.. they're strike rate is amazing (83% in six years) and they're the only company that uses jet engines instead of propellors.
definatly something to do!

Feb 14, 2006


Wanna see dolphins? check out Algarve Dolphins in Lagos. They have great boats smaller then the neighboors but with a max of 12 people on board the trip becomes much more private. The part we like most is the fact that they are the only company working with Marine Biologist who know everything about the wildlife you may cross in the atlantic during the 90 min trip.

Jun 28, 2005
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"Lagos Algarve"
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"My favorite town in Algarve."
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"Shopping and History"
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"Easter in Lagos - 2004"
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"Lagos - the most attractive town in the Algarve!"
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Things To Do in Lagos

Things to do

Igreja de Santa Maria - Church

The first church on this site, on the western edge of what is now Praca Infante Dom Enrique, was built in 1498. It was dedicated to 'misericordia' (mercy) and was expanded during the 1500s and...
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Igreja de Santo Antonio - Church

One of two sightseeing highlights in Lagos for me was this, the church of St Anthony, apart from one niggle which I will come to. As far as I could tell the church is no longer used for worship and...
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The coastline near Lagos is among the most interesting and scenic on the Algarve. Here the orange/brown limestone has been eroded into intriguing stacks, arches and grottos, with pretty little coves...
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Forte da Ponta da Bandeira - Fort

Near the point where the canalised River Bensafrim enters the sea, on its south bank, is a small fortress, constructed in the 17th century. The Forte da Ponta da Bandeira, or Fortaleza as it is often...
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Sant’Ana Church

The exterior of this 18th century church is rather lovely, with its Wedgewood blue trim, and it has a great location perched a little above the old town. Unfortunately, it was shut when we visited...
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Old Town

Walk along lots of avenidas (avenues) and travessas (lanes). You will find lots of restaurants; various nice shops and some surprises; as a house (now a restaurant) decorated with shells (see my last...
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