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Discover the Algarve in a Classic Car
"Discover the Fort of Santa Catarina in Praia da Rocha Navy Beach (considered one of the 10 most beatiful beaches in Europe recognized by the Michelin guide) Carvoeiro and another point of algarve in a wonderful classic Borgward isabella 1954 car with private driver. Stop in a winery and taste the wonderful wines. Dinner in the best restaurant in Rock Beach in front of the sea. """"Discover the Algarve in a Classic Car; wine tasting
From EUR160.00
Full-Day Algarve Tour by Convertible Cabrio from Portimão
"Make the most of your Algarve stay by renting a convertible Cabrio and enjoying a scenic drive. Your full-day tour starts in Praia da Rocha (Portimão) lasts approximately 6-7 hours tour and includes lunch in a typical restaurant in the hills. You will drive your own car as you follow your guide who will lead the tour in their own vehicle. Your guide will be happy to stop for pictures at any place.Begin the tour by visiting Algarve natural parks river springs and mountains where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the coast. Your tour can include other activities like bathing in the sea snorkeling or a picnic in a quiet bay. See Monchique garden largely covered in eucalyptus trees cork oaks and pine trees. Its highest peak Foia at 3
From EUR80.00
Algarve Coastline Tour from Portimao
"Discover the wonderful Praia da Marinha (Navy Beach) considered one of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Europe recognized by the Michelin guide. Also know the Fort of Santa Catarina.Come aboard our boat. In the morning the sea is very calm ideal conditions for an unforgettable caves trip. We start our trip in the historic harbor of Portimão. We follow the Rio Arade passing the fishing village of Ferragudo and two medieval forts entering the Atlantic Ocean. With motor power we turn South-East past the lighthouse of Ferragudo the beach of Carneiros
From EUR50.00

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It was May when I visited the Algarve, and the storks were nesting. I had already been thrilled to see a lot in Faro, where it seemed that the highest point on every building had a nest, or maybe...
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Sitting high up on a hill overlooking the town of Silves is SILVES CASTLE Castelo dos Mouros - Moorish Castle.It offers spectacular views from the battlements. It has eleven towers and thick walls...
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Jun 12, 2016

Castle entrance

This special ambiance is only given during the night. This gate is exactly on the main entrance to the old city inside castle walls.
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Mar 11, 2004
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Silves, Algarve, 8300, Portugal
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Santo Estevao, c.p. 607, 8300 047
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Sitio do Tapada do Gramacho, Silves, 8400-080, Portugal
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Silves, Portugal
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The castle in Silves is the best preserved in the Algarve and well worth a visit – both in its own right and for the wonderful views of the surrounding countryside to be enjoyed from the battlements,...
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Historical Centre

I have mentioned elsewhere on this page that I visited Silves as part of the excellent L[]Euromeet 2016 and was...
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Cathedral - Se

The cathedral in Silves is quite an impressive size for a relatively small town. It started life as a mosque during the Moorish rule of this region and was converted into a Christian place of worship...
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Roman Bridge - Ponte Velha - Ponte Romana

The Arade river runs along the southern edge of the old town of Silves. It is a pretty spot, with sandbanks which attract fishing birds and plenty of reeds and long grasses where smaller birds can...
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Cork Museum - Fabrica do Ingles - CLOSED

Los antiguos edificios de esta fábrica de corcho , que eran propiedad de un inglés , se han convertido en el "Museo del Corcho" ( Museo da Cortiça ), que tiene dos puntos fuertes : uno el museo en si...
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City Gate - Torreão da Porta da Cidade

Known as Torreão da Porta da Cidade (the Turret of the City Gate), this gate is the only one of four gates to the "almedina" that remain today. The almedina was a residential area within the defensive...
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"The village of Alte"
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"Day excursion with the (W)right family"
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"Kingdom of the Algarve"
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"Perched on a hill"
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