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Religion and beliefs

Portuguese are traditionally catholics, tradition that is fading, mainly in the big cities. Here and there religion is mixed with popular beliefs with stronger manifestations than the official religion. A medical doctor from the second half of the 19th century, Sousa Martins, dedicated his life fighting tuberculosis, with such empathy with his patients, that someone started saying that he made miracles.

More than one hundred years after his death, people keeps praying for his help, and thanking him for the cure. The base of his statue, in front of a medical school, is covered with hundreds of stones celebrating his "miracles" and there is always an old lady bringing flowers or praying. A touching scene of the unknown Lisbon!

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Mar 29, 2016

Bairro da Sé

Folkloric Lisbon rely on the rivalry between its traditional quarters or "Bairros". For a foreigner it's impossible to distinguish differences between most of them.

For instance, the "Bairro da Sé" next to Alfama or S Vicente, shows the same ambiance, and the same look of narrow streets, stairs, and ramps, with clothes hanging from many windows, despite the general forbidding.

Well, when June 13Th comes and marches compete, everything turns different.

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Mar 29, 2016

Street wall art

It's amazing what you encounter on the walls of the Lisbon houses.

In the old days people just took there time and created their street art on the familiar blue tiles.

The modern expressions can be shaped in any form.

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Jan 11, 2016

Shoe polishing

Shoe polishing can be done on the street. I mean, there are a number of shoe polisher's active.

But beware, there are some charlatans, that have a show to give you a 'free' service, but plunder your wallet as much as they can.

pieter_jan_v's Profile Photo
Jan 09, 2016
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Barbearia Campos’ - Cabelleireiro

This is the oldest barbershop in Europe. Barbearia Campos’ undertook their first shave in 1886 and since then they have never stopped trimming hair and beards It opened in 1886 and it is still family owned.

Located in Largo Chiado 4, 1200 Lisbon - have a haircut or a shave.

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Apr 21, 2014

Take a public pee

Yes, we were amazed at this public pissor on the main access street to the Castelo de Sao Jorge. As we walked up the street we noticed a head sticking up above a metal panel on the side of the street..Then the person walked out zipping up his pants. Sure enough there was a small sign that says URINOL with a statue of the Manneken Pis from Brussels to show you how it is done. Just walk behind the metal plate that will partially screen you from the passing throngs, open up, and let it can have satisfaction watching those folks walk by as you are letting off pressure.
Oh and almost forgot to mention, there is no door of course.
This for me was true adventure travel, participating in the arts and culture of the locals while getting rid of the extra beer ^O^

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Nov 02, 2011

Feeling lost?

There is no way you will feel lost in Lisbon. People there are soooo nice. They will always try to help you, although they usually don't speak a word of English. But if you know Spanish, you can give it a try.

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Aug 11, 2007

Wedding at Castelo de Sao Jorge

After labouriously making our way up the steep and narrow streets of the Alfama, we were relieved to finally find our way onto the grounds of Castelo de Sao Jorge! We entered through a small gate and soon found ourselves enjoying its wide and breezy stone-paved promenades.

This is a great area to just sit under the olive trees, enjoying the view out over the city and the Tejo River while you have a cold drink. Just ahead and to the right is a multimedia centre which depicts 16th century life in Lisbon. Next to it is a very nice restaurant, Casa do Leao, which was very busy hosting what appeared to be a wedding reception. There were many well-outfitted couples enjoying refreshmentts at their tables and others just enjoying the views along the walls of the Castle. Between Sintra and the climb up the hill, we had done a lot of walking, so we took some time to sit down and enjoy the view ourselves!

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Nov 13, 2004
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"Keeweechic's Lisbon"
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"My home town"
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"Lisbon, Portugal"
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"Ahh, LISBON....Esta tao bonita como sempre."
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Football Fever!

Our trip had finally drawn to a close as we found ourselves down to the last night in Lisbon after we had completed our Serra de Sintra drive ('Distrito de Lisboa' page) earlier in the day. Once again we made the moderately long walk from our hotel in the Saldanha area to the tourist area near the Rossio and Restauradores Squares. It was not too bad going there, downhill along a confusing series of narrow streets (and narrow sidewalks) going in various directions!

As we came closer to the centre of action, we passed many small local 'hole-in-the-wall' restaurants doing fairly good business. After a while, we noticed that in every one of them, all customers and most of the staff seemed very intent on the 'in-house' TV. Finally we arrived at our destination and we eventually picked a restaurant right next-door to the one that we had chosen on our first night in Lisbon! Even here, the restaurant 'callers' working the street passers-by seemed to be captivated by the TV program blaring in the nearby restaurants.

Only later did we learn that this was the night of the big showdown for the European Cup, with the Porto club from northern Portugal playing France's Monaco club at a venue in Germany! As we sat there eating our meal, we were occassionally interrupted as the waiters came running out to announce the score, with Porto emerging the 3-0 winner!

Of course, football fever was really building now at the end of May, since Portugal was hosting the Euro2004 tournament in June. On our way back up the dark streets to our hotel there was much whooping and hollering going on as the whole country celebrated the win! One gang of young men on the other side of the street shouted something at us as we made our way along and I shouted 'Porto' back at them, which seemed to make them very happy!!

By the way, Portugal had a great run at the Euro2004 tournament as well, losing in the final to surprising upstart Greece! I followed all the games after I had returned to Canada!

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Oct 31, 2004


Portuguese love to kiss. When I lived in the US I almost got myself into trouble because when I got introduced to girls I would give them two kisses, even with their boyfriends there.

That's the way we do it in Portugal. Very few hand shakes between opposite sex people.

The tipical Portuguese kiss goes like this: you turn your head to the left and kiss the other people's right cheek then you turn your head to the right and kiss the left cheek.

Simple! Now go out there and do some kissing!

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Oct 07, 2003

Art exhibition in Lisbon's House of Macau 1

"Sonhos...2 Imaginário de Macau, Igual 5.
Grupo Igual, young portuguese artists exhibition in Lisbon.
7th to 25th October 2002.
The groups name is "Igual" that mean "The Same". The artists names are: Joana Reis, Joao Leitao, Maria Eduarda Ribeiro, Rita Máximo and Tiago Oliveira.
On the picture canvas of Tiago Oliveira.

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Jul 28, 2003

When we are introduced...

When we are introduced to new people, is usual to give two kisses in the chicks... Between men and women or between women...

Dont find it rude but you can be faster and stretch your hand first, lol... We will get the message...

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May 08, 2003

Things To Do Near Lisbon

Things to Do

Castelo de São Jorge

The castle Sao Jorge has been built by the Moors in the mid 11th century, it was the last defensive stronghold of people who resided in the citadel: the Moorish governor(his palace was nearby) and the...
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Things to Do

Igreja de São Vicente de Fora

The monastery Sao Vicente da Fora is one of the most important religious buildings in Lisbon. In 1147 after conquering the city of Lisbon from the Moors, Alfonso Henriques ordered the construction of...
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Things to Do

Feira da Ladra - Thieves Market

Lisbon's flea market is called locally the Feira da Ladra or "Thieves’ Market" (in the original Portuguese, it is a woman thief!). A market of this type is thought to have been in place in Lisbon...
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Things to Do

Casa do Alentejo

Right on the busiest, most touristic street in downtown Lisbon called Ruas Portas de San Antao, just above Rossio square, the same street lined by restaurants with those big fish tanks and glass...
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Things to Do

Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

Built in 1846 upon the ruins of a former palace used by Inquisition, the national theatre D. Maria II suffered a strong fire in 1964 saving only the walls. Being the most emblematic building in...
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Things to Do

Sé de Lisboa Cathedral - Igreja de Santa Maria Maior

The cathedral of Lisbon, the Se, is one of the oldest building of the city. Originally it has been built in 1150 century after the city had been reconquered by the Moors during the second crusade....
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