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Lisbon Sunset Small-Group Walking Tour with Fado Performance
"Start your Lisbon walking tour by joining your local guide in one of the city's most imposing squares the Praça dos Restauradores. This famous landmark commemorates Portugal’s independence from Spain in 1640 and is a great starting point to discover the city's history and traditions.Walk along Gates Sant Antão street (Rua das Portas de Santo Anta a building that showcases the culture history music and food of the Alentejo region of Portugal. Then visit a famous tavern in the city where many Lisbon locals go to.Step back in time and enjoy a short ride on a vintage tram to enjoy a short ride on the vintage Tram 28 – a local transport l some of the city’s best-kept secrets. From this excellent viewpoint one of the best-kept secrets of the city
From EUR62.00
Private Tour: Lisbon Walking Tour
"Meet your guide in central Lisbon and set off on your private walking tour of this fascinating city.Stop first in Rossio Square (Praça do Rossio) Lisbon’s main meeting place since the Middle Ages. Gaze at the fountains and buildings and admire the 19th-century black and white wave-shaped mosaics that cover the square.Walk to Restauradores Square (Praça dos Restauradores) where a 98-foot (30-meter) high obelisk commemorates Portugal’s independence from Spain in 1640. Here take in the art deco Eden Theatre building 18th-century Foz Palace and Liberdade Avenue the 19th-century boulevard that is Lisbon’s main lifeblood.Also
From EUR23.00
Family Tour: Essential Lisbon
"First time family visitors to Lisbon? Then this is the perfect walking tour for you. You'll be introduced to the most important sights of the city center and invite you and your family to discover some hidden treasures. Did you know that Portugal had a r you and your kids will get to know the neighborhoods of Baixa Bica Bairro Alto and Chiado while walking through the various districts. Hear some of the fascinating stories that are being told about Lisbon and its inhabitants the ‘alfacinhas’ (little lettuce heads as they are called). Learn about the most important symbols of the city and biggest events in Lisbon’s history: the conquest of the city the Discoveries
From EUR40.00

Pastéis de Belém Tips (39)

Pastéis de Belém: A Must When In Belem.

This cafe is very famous for its Portuguese egg tarts which are delicious. You can get take away (pay first then collect food) but we choose to sit in and have coffee, beer and egg tarts. The building is beautiful with absolutely lovely tiled walls. The cafe is really big and, though it was busy, we were seated and served straight away. Service was friendly and efficient. Prices very reasonable. Lovely building. Clean toilet.

IreneMcKay's Profile Photo
Nov 19, 2016

Pastéis de Belém: When in Rome … When in Belém

This is a must do ….and a nice one of its kind!

Little pastries with a vanilla cream inside baked and with a little cinnamon on top.

Simple good and not expensive.

…..I wonder why more words makes a better tip?

TheView's Profile Photo
Jul 19, 2016

Café Pastéis de Belém: Why? Because!

Maybe you won’t distinguish one "Pastel de Belem" from the common (and also good) "pastel de nata", but, the short break to eat a "pastel de Belem" is mandatory. Why? For two reasons:

1- It’s good.
2- Because.

Am I joking? Of course… But can you tell me why everybody in Brussels must see the Manneken Pis? Or the mermaid in Copenhagen? Or…

Did you answer “because they’re unique”? Well, then your pastel de Belem (and the other 14000 they produce each day) is also unique.

And… damn… it is good.

solopes's Profile Photo
Mar 29, 2016

Antiga Confetaria de Belèm.: Don' t miss the original pastèis de Belèm!

When you are in Belèm you could have a break at the Antiga Confetaria de Belèm. This is a very large cafe-confectionery with several rooms. Some of these are decorated with azulejos (blue tiles).

Here you can have some good custard tarts called pasteis de Belèm.

These pastries are served warm and sprinkled with cinnamon and/or sugar (if you like). Their original receipt is kept secret. Only three persons know it. This sweet is believed was created before the 18th century by the nuns at the Monastery of Jerònimos.

Antiga Confeitaria de Belèm was the first place to sell these tarts since 1837.

Favorite Dish Pasteis!

Maurizioago's Profile Photo
Mar 04, 2016
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Café Pastéis de Belém: Pasteis de Belém - so delicious

Ir you want to try The very tradional Portuguese sweet "Pastel de Belem ", I recommend the shop "Chique de Belem ".
It is one block away from the most famous store, but there is no line and the "pastel" is better.

AnaLuiza's Profile Photo
May 24, 2015

Pastéis de Belém: A taste like no other

Once you're done with the Jerónimos Monastery visit go to the Antiga Confetaria de Belèm for some Pastéis. The Pastéis crust is crispy and flaky while the filling is nice and creamy. It tastes very much like a Crème Brûlée but without the Brûlée.

You can get the Pastéis in two ways: Either line up to pick up the pastries and go or just walk past the line and sit at one of the table and order and eat in. If you have time try to eat in as it's move enjoyable.

The big question you may ask is this: are they worth it??? Of course they are even though I think they are over-hyped.

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Sep 21, 2014

Cafe de Pasteis de Belem: YOU MUST HAVE ONE !!!!!!

This is a must do when near the monastery in Belem …. the line goes quick … the price is 1.30 euro for each pastel de nata …. and boy are they worth it ….. we first bought 1 each and sat down across the street in a park to have it … one bite and we knew we were going back for more … we ended buying another dozen …. they are soooooooo good !!!!!! they've been making these pastries since 1837.

At the beginning of the Nineteenth Century, in Belém, next to the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos (the Heironymite Monastery) there was a sugar cane refinery linked to a small general store.
As a result of the liberal revolution of 1820, all convents and monasteries in Portugal were shut down in 1834, the clergy and labourers expelled.

In an attempt at survival, someone from the monastery offered sweet pastries for sale in the shop; pastries that rapidly became known as 'Pasteis de Belém'.
At that period the area of Belém was still far from the city of Lisbon andcouldbereachedbysteam-boats. Atthesametime,the grandeur of the monastery and the Torre de Belém (the Belém Tower) attracted visitors who soon grew used to savouring the delicious pastries originated in the monastery.

In 1837, the baking of the 'Pasteis de Belém' was begun in buildings joined to the refinery, following the ancient 'secret recipe' from the monastery. Passed on and known exclusively to the master confectioners who hand-crafted the pastries in the 'secrets room', this recipe remained unchanged to the present day.

In fact, the only true 'Pasteis de Belém' contrive, by means of a scrupulous selection of ingredients, to offer even today the flavour of the time-honoured Portuguese sweetmaking.

jlanza29's Profile Photo
Mar 10, 2014

Pasteis de Belem: Best Pastries in Famous Cafe

This (as I have said before) is a MUST for all tourists visiting Lisbon. Even while falling in line to buy their famous pastries, my sister and I who were travelling in 2009 in Portugal had fun taking pictures of ourselves falling inline, with the floor's tile mosaic showing "1837" when the famous cafe was born.

At the time, the famous pastry was just 0.99 Euro (hope it has remained the same price), and you can eat it this either in the cafe where there are severable tables or outside. We did both since we went there twice, haha

The recipe of the Pasteis de Belem is said to be “an ancient secret” and from the Convento dos Jeronimos. The little cakes are made daily by hand in the bakery – and you can actually see the process through windows within the museum-like dessert paradise. The place is so popular that they even have police or security inside…I guess to prevent pickpocketers from victimizing unsuspecting tourists.

And yes, I had to agree, the pastries were awesome specially when warm.

And the pastries were so good, we made a video of it! Hope you like this:

I found a nice website detailing the history of this nice cafe at It tells of how in the early 1800's, someone in the monastery offered these sweet pastries (during difficult times) at the shop (sugar refinery) next to the Mosteiro dos the story goes...

And if you want to bring the pastries back to your home country, they put them in these nice little tubular rectangular boze where they fit oh so perfectly!

Favorite Dish THE PASTRIES!
And the pastries were so good, we made a video of it! Hope you like this:

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Feb 14, 2013
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"Keeweechic's Lisbon"
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"My home town"
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"Lisbon, Portugal"
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"Ahh, LISBON....Esta tao bonita como sempre."
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On an average weekday, 12,000 custard tarts are sold at PASTEIS DE BELEM - on the weekend, over 20,000. Antonio arranged for our VT Group to have a tasting. We all waited outside, until we were summoned to enter. There were so many little rooms. We were lead to one of the tile-lined, cavernous rooms, whose walls depict Belem in its Age of Discoveries heydey in the early 1600's. We all found seats and immediately waiters came to take our drink orders. Soon our custard tarts arrived piping hot, right out of the oven. As is the tradition, you must sprinkle the custard tart with cinnamon and/or icing sugar. They were absolutely heavenly and our table (Hans and I, Martin and Tal) opted for seconds of course. After we devoured our second tarts and paid our bill ( first tart complimentary, second tart a mere .90 Eurocents), we were ushered out so the waiters could serve the next group - totally quick and very efficient.
The place is mobbed from morning till night, seven days a week, by tourists and locals alike.
Also many customers take their tarts away in special paper tubes, each with a capacity for up to half a dozen tarts.
Open 8:00 a.m. to midnight daily

LoriPori's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Café Pastéis de Belém: Taste the addicted pasteis

This confectionery makes the best custard-pie in the world.
There are a lot of seats, but in high season there is a chance you'll have to wait outside.
Nevertheless it is worth waiting.

Favorite Dish The pasteis de Belém are so addictive. Great stuff to eat with your coffee.

woodstockties's Profile Photo
Apr 04, 2011

Antiga Confeitaria de Belem: Delicious egg custard tarts!

This famous cafe/shop was the first place outside the Mosteiro dos Jerónimos to sell the original creamy dessert, Pasteis de Belem, after the monastery was closed in the 1820s. For those who don't know, Pasteis de Belem are a delicious Portuguese egg custard tart pastry that was created before the 18th century by Catholic nuns based in the monastery. Since 1837, locals have come here to get them warm out of the oven and sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar. Ever since then, they're spread to bakeries all over the country and internationally around the Portuguese empire to such countries as Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Guinea-Bissau, Timor-Leste, Goa, and Macau. Expect long queues to buy them straight from the counter and even longer queues to sit down at a table and eat them. Instead, you could do what I did and eat them sitting outside at a cafe next to the National Coach Museum called Chique de Belem.

Open: 8am-midnight.

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Dec 07, 2010

Antiga Confeitaria de Belém: delicious pasteis de nata

This pâtisserie is THE place to have the delicious flan tart that is famous (and very popular) in Portugal and beyond. The tart is called "pasteis de nata" and I had it for breakfast every morning in Porto, at a café on the Douro. I found the pasteis everywhere else I went between Porto and Lisbon but they never matched Porto's -- until I reached Belém...

Just a little low-down on pasteis de nata: The pastry must be flaky and light. The flan should be ultra creamy of course, without lumps and certainly not as set as "crème pâtissière" is. Crème pâtissière sets more because it's made with flour and milk. Flan *can* include flour and milk but is more often made with juice and liqueur, often without any starch. The ideal pasteis should be warm, with the flan very soft.
The ones I had that I didn't like had too much starch and milk, no perfume.
The top of the flan should appear slightly burned, for best taste.

The size of the pastry matters too, not so much to the taste but to enjoy them more easily and without feeling full. Some pasteis are minuscule, bite size, and having three with coffee was just perfect. Fresh small ones are great but industrial productions have a dry and compact flan.

Next size up is about 7 cm in diameter and two pasteis is then enough for me (the thing is very rich.) In most places renowned for pasteis, where you sit down to enjoy them (as in a tea-room), these seem to be offered as a matter of course but I'm sure many places do them in both sizes. The bigger ones tend to have a nicer, softer flan.

Favorite Dish The Antiga Confeitaria de Belém was founded in 1837 and hold the recipe for the authentic pasteis de nata. They deliver across the world. The best is to enjoy the pasteis on the spot, in one of the vaulted salons decorated with azulejos.

There's a large choice of other good pastries.

The Confeitaria is close to the Church of the Jerónimos and I had my breakfast there before visiting anything in Belém, one quiet weekday morning. Coffee was excellent.

I returned days later with a friend but there was a line-up and she didn't want to wait. She missed a treat! Don't let the crowded front entrance keep you away, the place is huge and crowds move quickly in and out. Often it's only the counter at the entrace that's crowded, walk past it and you should find lots of sitting room.
A place not to be missed!

The pasteis photo was taken at Confeitaria Santos Populares on Rua Augusta, Lisbon, since I forgot to take a pic of the Antiga shop in Belém...

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Dec 15, 2009

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