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Portugália Cervejaria Tips (12)

Cervejaria Portugália: Best steak in town

Cervejaria Portugália is one of the most well-known Restaurants in Portugal.
This is the original Restaurant, located close to the "Praça do Chile" on Avenida Almirante Reis. As of lately, other restaurants have opened all over the country (there are 14 in total).
It is very famous for its steaks served in red clay plates, submerged in the traditional sauce, the filet (bife do lombo) is particularly tender and tasteful.
There are five kinds of food that you can have with the traditional sauce or with another one made with dark beer or just grilled. There is also seafood like fresh Lobster or Crab (there is usually an aquarium and you can choose the specimen you want to eat... do bear in mind that it takes a while to prepare (30-40 min).
You can also try the specialties, but if you are here I would recommend the steak anyway

The downside is that it is quite expensive for Portuguese standards. Expect to pay 20-30 Eur per person depending on what you eat.

Favorite Dish Bife à Portugália (do lombo) with a fried egg on top

rsilva's Profile Photo
Sep 28, 2007


When i visited Belem, my friend Alexandra (VTfriend micas_pt ), told me that Portugalia is a great restaurant, it seems that the dishes are very good . What I liked most is where it is placed; just take a look, is just in the middle of a water mirror. I took this pic from the Discoveries monument, is nice isn’t it?

ncfg's Profile Photo
Jul 09, 2004

Cervejaria Portugalia: Seafood by the river

The Portugalia Belem belongs to a group of several restaurants of the same name.
Its location is beautiful, on river bank, by the Monumento do Descobrimento.
The style of this restaurant is informal. The focus is on good fresh seafood, to be enjoyed with one of the local wines (my suggestion is a bottle of Muralhas, a "vinho verde").
A suggestion: when leaving the restaurant, do not ask the staff to call a taxi, you may have to wait for a long time. It is better to cross the street (a pedestrian subway crossing is nearby) and go to the taxi parking in front of the Mosteiro dos Jeronimos).

Favorite Dish As a starter I recommend the caldo verde, a typical Portuguese vegetable soup. Those who like garlic may enjoy the gambas al ajillo (shrimps in a sauce). As a main course a mariscada (mixed plate of crayfish).

Manara's Profile Photo
May 07, 2010

Cervejaria Portugália: Bife da Portugalia

Forty five years ago, I found a restaurant in Lisbon with a special steak, swimming in an exclusive and delicious sauce. Though ninety per cent of the costumers eat seafood with beer, I always keep eating the steak... with wine.

Once, I found near the Liberdade Avenue another restaurant with the same recipe - the Ribadouro. I tried it, and... an absolute disaster. Obviously, it was my first and last visit.
Nowadays, the Portugalia became a chain of restaurants, in Cais do Sodre and most of the shopping malls, but, forgive me... my steak remains in Av. Almirante Reis, near Praça do Chile. Anyway, I must confess that, seen from outside, the restaurant in Belém (photo) has a special attraction.

Favorite Dish Bife a Portugalia

solopes's Profile Photo
Dec 19, 2014
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Portugalia: Portugalia

This is a small chain of restaurants specialising in Portuguese food, and it tastes excellent as well as being great value for money. The dish highly recommended to me was the Bifes, which is a juicy beef steak in the tastiest sauce I have ever eaten. I took mine with rice, but you can have the full fat version with fries and an egg on top if you can risk the cardiac arrest. This is all served with great Portuguese bread, and a selection of cheeses including something that smelled worse than old socks. The only problem here was the service, which was a bit hurried and a little rude, but my friends insisted that this was not usual. Highly recommended.

Favorite Dish Bifes.

antistar's Profile Photo
Aug 21, 2005

Portugália - Cais do Sodré: Near the Tagus

Portugalia is one of typical steakhouse in Lisbon. The food is OK, beer is excelent and service is very, very good!

The atmosphere is perfect for group dinners, "discussions all night long" and brainstorming dinners.

Friday and Saturday this restaurant close at 2 a.m.

Favorite Dish Favorite dishes: Bife do Lombo à Portugália - why? Quality and tasty!

nunobjorge's Profile Photo
Aug 18, 2004

Portugalia: Delicious seafood and good steaks!

There are several Portugalia restaurants in Lisbon. Catarina (VT-member mcb) took me to the one near to Cais do Sodre.
We had delicious seafood as a starter and a good steak as a main dish. Together with a vinho verde and a good conversation, it was a very nice evening!
Service is very friendly, they have menu's in several languages and the food is, as said, of great quality! Thanks Catarina!

Mahieu's Profile Photo
Mar 17, 2005

Well, my favorite place to eat...

Well, my favorite place to eat in Lisboa, it's a mixture of restaurant and a beer house, and it's called 'Cervejaria Portugália'.The archetypal Lisbon beer hall.
I'ts a average price of 3.000$00 ($13) , for a meal.
It's not very cheap, I know, but for those you like meat, worth the money.
Tha place is very large, and has a very good atmosphere.The building has just been renovated and very nice it looks too, but the fare inside hasn't changed for decades. Decent seafood at decent prices and a city-famous but overrated steak. Determined to embrace modernity, the management has branched out - into the Colombo Shopping Centre and on to the Tagus waterfront, but only the original is really worth a visit and that mainly for the atmosphere.

Favorite Dish Bife á Portugália.It's a big steak, covered with a fried egg, on a creams sauce.I'ts very, very good.
And for desert, go to Belém, in another part of our city, and try , a cake that is named 'Pasteis de Belém'(custard cream tarts)
They are the sweet-flavoured ambassadors from the Lisbon.

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Dec 10, 2002
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"Keeweechic's Lisbon"
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"My home town"
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"Lisbon, Portugal"
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"Ahh, LISBON....Esta tao bonita como sempre."
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Cervejeria Portugalia: Cervejeria Portugalia

Here we have a successful chain of restaurants selling local food and drinks at a reasonable price.
Had an evening meal at their original site then two lunchtime stops pretty much by accident! this tells you we enjoyed our visits anyway. Food all very tasty, and enough options to keep the vegetarian Mrs Bonio happy as well. Steak particularly good for me, decent beer as well, all with reasonable prices.

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Mar 22, 2011


I went for the sea food, as you could see, the restaurant is on the Lagoon!
Very reasonable, compare to where we had our previous dinner.

Favorite Dish We ask for the evening special, and it was worth the try.

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Apr 12, 2005

Portgalia: Portgalia

Favorite Dish We had the special of the house called 'Bife à Portugália'. It was a steak with a fluid white sause and a over easy egg on it. Served with French Fries. Tasted very good!

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Aug 25, 2002

Portugalia a traditional a old...

Portugalia a traditional a old traditional restaurant. You can find in 4 ou 5 locations in Lisbon.
You can have seafood and nice beer.

Favorite Dish They have e nice steak. 'Portugalia's steak'.

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Aug 25, 2002

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Avenida Alm. Reis 117,1150-014 Lisboa


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