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Walking Tour: Ribeira Porto and Wine Tasting
"In this tour you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of this city with its Celtic and Moorish beginnings. You will be starting at Avenida dos Aliados and head up to the area of the Clerics. Along the way visiting the Tower and Church of the Clergy and passing by the famous Lello bookshop.Continue your tour to the Palacio da Bolsa Stock Exchange Palace and the Porto Cathedral the oldest surviving structure in the city. See the Church of St Francis a wonderful example of Gothic architecture. Its interior elaborate gilt work
From EUR38.00
Oporto Private Tour from Lisbon
"Have a very nice panoramic overview of the Oporto city on our one day tour from Lisbon.Enjoy the old city of Oporto and visit some of the most important highlights such the City Wall Av. Aliados Clerigos Tower Sao Bento Train Station Lello Bookshop Bolsa Palace Oporto riverfront and much more.After lunch we will visit a Port Wine Cellar with a wine tasting."
From EUR149.00
Porto the North Capital of Portugal - Private Tour for 7
"8:30 am• Pick-up at your accommodation• Relax an take a drive to Porto where you will have a great day visiting so many places so different from the ones in Lisbon. Let your guide tell you the story behind each location along the way:- Po a Romanesque monument from the 12th century- Palácio da Bolsa (the Palace of the Stock Exchange) a 19th century palace beautifully decorated with paintings statues and carvings- The Church of São Francisco the most prominent Gothic monument in Porto- And of course the not least important ""Clérigos"" Church and Tower which are Porto's most famous landmarks built in the 18th century by Nicolau Nasoni- Possibility of tasting Porto Wine (the true nectar of the Gods!)8:00pm - 9:00pm• Arrival at your accommodation"
From EUR680.00

Cafe Majestic Tips (6)

majestic cafe: the cafe of intellectuals.

the cafe majestic is one of the oldest cafes in porto and the most famous.
it´s located in the main shopping street and has traditionally been the hang out of artists, musicians, politicians and other intellectuals.
it has become a place to be seen these days too and it does reflect the prices there which can be a little high in my opinion.

Favorite Dish i just sat there for a coffee and that was well made.

cachaseiro's Profile Photo
Oct 07, 2008

Majestic Cafe: Food, wine, great ambience

We needed a great meal and it was readily apparent the hotel staff were clueless so I hit the nearest internet spot and looked on Cafe Majestik came up several times and, better yet, it was just down the street from us on Santa Catalina. The restaurant is very nicely decorated, waiters dressed up, linen tablecloths. A little pricey and, as we expected, mostly tourists as it was a bit expensive, we were told, for the locals. We enjoyed the dinner. The girls got milk shakes, which were more milky than we are accustomed to at home. The melon and proscutto boat was tasty and cute.

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Jun 29, 2009

Cafe Majestic: the ambience

a must go place even if it is for a cafe. The interior itself is so ornate, service is excellent....

we had the typical Porto dish called Francesinha, it is really yummy. It is normally eaten s supper... It is a sandwich, filled with ham, steak, and the bread is covered with cheese, grilled, and then flooded with this unique sauce.

they also have a special breakfast for 15 euro

Favorite Dish recipe copied form a website

2 thin slices of rye bread
4 thin slices of ham
60g/2 1/2oz sirloin steak
1 lingui?a
1 sausage
15g/ 1/2oz butter
3 thin slices Dutch cheese

For the sauce

200ml/7floz seafood sauce
50ml/2floz beer
1tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1tsp mustard
2tbsp brandy
1tbsp butter

Put the ham, the sausage cut in the middle, the steak and the lingui?a between the two slices of bread.

Cover with the cheese and put in the oven until it melts.

Boil the ingredients for the sauce and then coat the Francesinha.

Toast the bread, brush with the melted butter, and fry the steak, the sausage and the lingui?a.

Put the ham, t

Audrey118's Profile Photo
Jan 28, 2006

Cafe Majestic: Didn't live up to its name

Apparently the Cafe Majestic does a decent sandwich. Indeed, it seems to do a good trade in sandwiches. Unfortunately I went for the octopus. This was a very bad choice as the shellfish turned out to be inedible. Not inedible as in unpalatable, but as in physically impossible to eat. My mum had finished her sandwiches by the time it took me to saw a single piece of octopus into bite-size sections. And then, once I'd finally got the things into my mouth, my teeth weren't up to the challenge of chewing them. Every time our very attentive waiter came to the table I was suffocating on octopus before having to gulp it down whole. And it wasn't just tough, but also slimy, charred and stone cold by the time I came to eat a piece. Truly horrible.

The atmosphere is interesting, pretty historic, but a bit more frayed around the edges than I expected. There was a pool of water under our table. All of that said, the interior decor and service succeed in letting you believe you've stepped back in time. The service in particular was good, and our waiter genuinely wanted to know why I hadn't liked my food and whether I'd like a replacement. The problem was that we just wanted to get out of the Majestic by that point.

Favorite Dish If you want to visit for the art deco environment, my sincere advice is to stick to the sandwiches! These two thing raised - just - my rating to a two.

BlueLlama's Profile Photo
Jan 17, 2008
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Rua Antonio Luis Gomes,138 C, Porto, 4400, Portugal
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The Majestic Cafe.: The Majestic Cafe.

The Majestic Cafe was like a scene from the twenties, and is quite a famous cafe in Porto, i think its were all the artists, poets and so forth used to meet up back then, and has been been done up back to its original stlye.

Favorite Dish VT member ELP advised me to try what's known as Francesinha, its like a thick toasted ham sandwich covered in cheese, with a sauce, served in a dish, they are a particular dish from Porto and made no where else and are delicious. You were right ELP better than Mcdonalds!!!!!

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Aug 25, 2002

Cafe Majestic in Santa...

Cafe Majestic in Santa Catarina 120. A cafe in the style of the roaring twenties. The furniture is still original from 1922. Very nice and worth visiting if you want to grasp a little bit of that life-style described in the novels of Agatha Christie.

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Feb 19, 2003
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"Spring and Port Wine!"
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"A Fine Port"
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