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Secret Sites of Porto 3-Hour Walking Tour
"Get beneath the skin of Porto Portugal’s impressive 2nd city on a half-day walking tour that takes in the most emblematic monuments of the city center and discovers lesser known attractions.Meet your local guide on Praça dos Leões to see the Bank of Tiles. Then go to the stunning Igreja do Carmo (Carmelitas Church) part of a 17th-century convent with a classical façade. Stop at the Lello Bookshop one of the most beautiful book stores in the world
From EUR12.00
Walking Tour: Ribeira Porto and Wine Tasting
"In this tour you have the opportunity to admire the beauty of this city with its Celtic and Moorish beginnings. You will be starting at Avenida dos Aliados and head up to the area of the Clerics. Along the way visiting the Tower and Church of the Clergy and passing by the famous Lello bookshop.Continue your tour to the Palacio da Bolsa Stock Exchange Palace and the Porto Cathedral the oldest surviving structure in the city. See the Church of St Francis a wonderful example of Gothic architecture. Its interior elaborate gilt work
From EUR38.00
Private Tour: Porto City and Wine Tasting
"This driving tour begins with a breathtaking drive along the ocean passing the Cheese Castle (Castelo de Queijo) the trendy Foz district the Arrábida Bridge (Ponte da Arrábida) arriving to the centre where you will visit the Historic Centre Sé Cathedral Bolhão Market Santa Catarina shopping street
From EUR345.00

Oporto Wine Tips (37)

Port Wine Sampling

Most port wine places do visits. I visited Krohn and sampled two wines [ enough for me ] . The port takes ten years to mature. There are about 50 port facturies in Porto. Some by the river and some up the steep hills.

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Jul 11, 2013

Do a port wine tour.

Taking a port wine tour is a must when in Porto.
Porto has more than 50 port wine factories and more than 30 of them give tours around their premises.
Some of them are free and some of them cost a couple of euros and they always include a tasting of 2-3 different types of port wine.
Generally speaking it´s better not to visit the companies right on the river bank as they are often a little less generous with the wine.
Taylors who are located up a steep hill do a good tour for instance.

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Aug 31, 2012

Port Lodges

Porto is, of course, famous for its Port. Its success lies in it becoming a favourite tipple of the English elite during the heyday of the British Empire. The English moved in on Porto in large numbers, and their wealth helped to redefine the city's architecture, leaving a web of Neo-Classical buildings about the city that wouldn't look out of place in central London. The wealth was largely generated by the trade in Port wine, much of the best of which was dominated by the English.

The English port producers have left their legacy in the lodges on the far side of the Douro. Here their very English names, like Croft and Offley, are emblazoned across the roofs of the lodges and look quite out of place among the very latin style of the rest of the city. The English names dominate the port lodge skyline because of their location higher up the riverbank, safe from the annual floods, whereas the local producers were forced to take their chances further down.

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Oct 24, 2011

The House Of Sandeman

A cozy atmosphere where you can set back and relax--and of course taste the varity of Port wines. First take the guided tour through the wine lodge; various tours throughout the day with a costumed guides. Tours through the caves are offered in different languages throughout the day. Toward the end of the tour a short movie is played on how the grapes are grown,harves and transported to the caves. Of course after the tour you do not want to miss the Port may start with a Ruby Porto which has been aged in larg oak vats...then on to a Tawny Port - 40,30 or 20 years old which ranges from dry to sweet..then how about a White Port...Yes that is right White Port which I found to be my favorite. it may range from a very dry to sweet...and let not forget the Vintage and Vau Vintage Portos--wines of a single exceptional year.i

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Apr 04, 2011
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Port Tasting at Sandeman

Sandeman Port is a great place to go, but if it is at all busy you really need to reserve in advance (something we found out the hardway). Even so, we still enjoyed our time, as there are many interesting things to visit even without doing a formal tasting.

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Jan 30, 2011

Port Tasting at Ramos Pinto

The port wine is excellent, but better than that is a visit to the Ramos Pinto tasting facility at Gaia, across the river from Porto. A long history of recognizable posters are on the wall as well as displays that allow you to pose in a Ramos poster.

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Jan 25, 2011

Port Wine Caves- Croft, Porto

Well, I couldn't visit Porto and not visit the Port caves. The problem was, Which one?

Sitting on the opposite banks of the River Douro, in Ribeira, I could see there were at least 17 advertising boards visible, above the individual businesses. (I was later informed that there are about 35- some of the smaller companies being further along the river, and not so identifiable- many of these aren't members of the prestigious Institute of Port)

Well the decision was made for me; Included in the 6 bridges boat trip that I'd booked, was the chance to visit 2 companies- Croft and Calem

After our boat trip, we set off to find the Croft business. All the main cellars are signposted, from the end of each street, leading off the main street.

We were met at the doorway, by 2 smartly dressed men, who showed us into a room with tables and chairs made from barrels, and surrounded by memorabilia, photographs, and old pieces of equipment.

We were given a sample of white port to enjoy before the guided tour. On the table was a price list for the various types of Port, as well as momentoes such as glasses, umbrellas, playing cards etc.

I quite enjoyed the tour, our guide was quite informative and entertaining, we saw the different processes involved in the aging of port. I particularly enjoyed the demonstration of how to open a bottle of vintage port. Traditionally this was done with a sword, but our guide used a pair of special pincers. We also were told about the different types of port- it was quite interesting to hear that some ports that had been stored away for many years, as an investment, might only procur a thimbleful of port due to sedimentation/evaporation-

to be continued.....

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Jan 26, 2008

Visit port wine caves

One of the BEST things to do in Porto is visit port wine caves. These are all located across the Douro River in Vila Nova de Gaia. From the Ribeira you can walk across the Ponte Dom Luis I (bridge). Walk along the cais (wharf/riverfront) and you will run across any number of port wine caves. There are also some up the hill from the cais.
Two of my favorites are Sandeman (their guides are dressed up like the Sandeman logo!) and Ramos Pinto. The latter is quite the tour- you see the restored offices of the founder and all kinds of historical artefacts. But any one of the houses has good tours (I have visited: Calem, Taylor, Ramos Pinto, Sandeman, Warre...). And tastings afterward, usually of a ruby, a tawny, and a white port. And of course you can buy any of their ports right on site! One of my favorite port houses is Quinta do Noval, which does not have tours. However, they have nice tastings and their staff is quite knowledgeable and ready to help you. It's lots of fun to learn more about port- I knew very little when I first went to Porto and now I know almost as much as the best of them!

The rabelos of the port house- the boats that used to be used to transport the port wine from the Douro Valley to Porto- only sail one day a year, just after the festival of Sao Joao (Saint John) on June 21. Fortunately I've been there twice to see this- it's a treat!

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Jul 06, 2007
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"Spring and Port Wine!"
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"A Fine Port"
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Calem and Graham wine cellars

If you are going to Porto, a visit to a wine cellar is a must. They are located on the other side of the Douro river, oposite the city centre.
We went to Calem (which is one of the top 10 oporto wine cellar in terms of quality). Calem is right on the riverside, you pay 2€ for a 20 min visit. The explanation is not very detailed but you get a very good tasting at the end. You can taste 3 different ports, tawny -5 and 10 years- and white, and they even gave us for free a 1989 port which was amazing!
We also went to Grahams, wich is up the hill but there is a free bus from the bridge -on the Villa Nova de Gaia side- that takes you for free to the Cellar. The place is nicer than Calem, they really have a lot of barrels stored, the visit is longer but you don;t learn much more about the wine making -a lot of photos-. The tour is free and includes a tasting of 3 types of porto -red, tawny and white- and there's an option for trying more sophisticated portos -like vintage- paying something from 5 to 30€.
I've heard is cheaper to buy the wine in a store than in cellar. We bought it at the airport freeshop because of the security measures. Not a good deal, it was more expensive than in the cellar and the options are limited. If you want a vintage or a specific port is better to buy it at the cellar.

May 08, 2007

Visit a wine company

If you are in Porto, you should not miss to visit one of the many wine companies. Most of them offer a white and red wine for tasting. Also I recommend a guided tour, not to get back home... ;) ,but which will teach you about the history and the way Port is produced.

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Apr 02, 2007

Sweet wine

England allways had imported wine from France(Bordeaux),but because of wars it began to explore other markets some 300 years ago.Spain was in the same political situation that France.But Portugal never was an enemy,and they started with the wine of Porto;but the travel was too long and the wine almost became in vinegar.At the beginning was added 15 liter alcohol for every barrel (550 liter).That and the sugar in the wine because of the incomplete fermentation liked the british people a lot.Nowadays it has more alcohol,more sugar and many mistures of different wines.
I like sweet wine but how about a real red wine,for example Ribera del Duero?.A Ribera with roast little pig like in Castilla y León where I live.Douro or Duero river crosses many vineyards in Spain and Portugal.Anyone knows Ribera de Duero,Toro,Arribes del Duero...?
I am not telling Port wine is bad.On the contrary,it's very good,but very different as well.

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Sep 27, 2006

Port wine caves

Across the Douro river, Vila Nova de Gaia is home to the region's port wine caves. There are more than a number of caves, each a bit different than the others. Some may charge admission, where others do not. A visit to a cave generally consists of a few samples, a tour of the caves with a little history lesson, and more wine and snacks to consume until you are feeling woozy. Often times, tour guides are trained in multiple languages, catering to your native tongue. I encountered a little dilemma when touring the caves...I was traveling with an Italian friend who spoke Portuguese but hardly any English. I spoke Portuguese but not any Italian. When we arrived in the cave, the entire group of visitors embarking on the tour were Italians (who clearly didn't speak Portuguese). Needless to say, I was outnumbered and had to undergo the tour in Italian. Fun for me!!

Once in the port wine cellars, embark on a tour (preferably in a language you can understand), There's usually an overview on port wine making, a history of production in the Douro Valley, and more stuff to excite or bore you. The caves are cold, since they are kept at a cool temperature beneficial to fermentation. If you are easily chilled like me, bring some warm clothing!

Aug 29, 2006

Things to Do Near Porto

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Palácio da Bolsa

A British Neoclassical building in every sense, except that it was designed by a Portuguese architect. It could have been plucked from any Victorian city centre in England - Bristol or London, but...
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A central point for any tourist trip to Porto, the Praca da Ribeira is a popular area, and with good reason. It sits directly on the river, and gives stunning views of the Dom Luis I bridge it sits...
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Torre dos Clerigos

For me the Baroque Torre dos Clerigos is the signature building of Porto. Seen from nearly every vantage point, its distinctive, slender spire strikes up out of the muddled roofscape below. It's only...
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Se Cathedral

Built on solid rock the cathedral of Porto looks more like it was built to withstand a siege than to impress the faithful with ostentatious design, although it does have its Baroque moments within the...
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Igreja de Sao Francisco

Built by austere Franciscan monks in the 13th century, the Church of São Francisco remains the finest work of Gothic architecture in Porto. It has taken a beating over the years, through sieges and...
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Serralves Foundation

In the west part of town there is a foundation dedicated to Modern Art called Serralves. It was created in 1989 with a partnership between the Portuguese state and many private institutions. The...
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