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Half day tour Terceira Island - Azores
"The tour starts at 9am at the meeting point and visits attractions like Monte Brasil (nice view for Angra do Heroísmo City) São Sebastião (one of the oldest churches of the island) Serra do Cume (nice view over a large extension of fields and stone walls where we go up to 542m of altitude and a background with several volcanic mountains) Biscoitos (Swimming pools formed with magma of a volcano) Algar Do Carvão (one of the volcanoes in Europe you can visit the inside. Two galleries on the inside one we call Cathedral because of the special acoustic
From EUR35.00
Full day tour Terceira-Azores
"Full day tour around Terceira Island (lunch is included).The tour starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 6:30 PM. The itinerary for this tour is: Monte Brasil (volcanic peninsula) Monument of the Bull Serretinha (view to Goat's Islet) Matriz são Sebastião (church built in 1455) Serra do Cume (crater of a volcano) Praia da Vitória city Serra do Facho (view point to Praia da Vitória city)
From EUR60.00
Sete Cidades and Lagoa de Fogo 4WD Tour
"Departing from the cruise ship terminal of Ponta Delgada explore the west side of the island and the Massif of Sete Cidades on a 4WD Jeep Safari Tour where volcanic craters gave rise to numerous lakes such as Empadadas Santiago Lake and of course the emblematic Blue and Green waters of Sete Cidades Lake
From EUR75.00

More Local Customs in Ilha do Faial


A semana do mar

The «Week of the Sea», traditional festivities of the county of Horta, takes place between the first and second Sunday of August in the city of Horta.Most of the programme is occupied with water...
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Milk comes straight from the cow.

While eating out at restaurants for breakfast, you may notice that the Portuguese do something quite different from Americans. Milk is served at room temperature. This is because the milk comes...
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Water without Carbonation

When you order water, be sure to ask for "água sem gás" (pronounced AH-gwuh sehng gash). Agua sem gás literally means water without gas or water without carbonation. If you just ask for "agua", they...
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