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amphitheater Tips (19)

Antique Theatre, Amphitheater, Ohrid

Build around 200 BC, just over 2000 years old. In use again during the summer for outdoor concerts and performances. Take a close look at the seats to see if you can read who owned the seat 2000 years ago!

The antique theatre first was in use as a theatre in which tragedies, comedies and other plays were performed. During Roman times, the theater was reconstructed in order to serve as an arena for gladiator fights. Many Christians must have died here as martyrs!

The amphitheater is part of a tour described on my Ohrid page, see the link below.

Pijlmans's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2013

The old Roman amphitheatre.

The Roman amphitheatre was built in the 2nd c. BOT and altered in the 2nd c. AD when an arena for gladiatorial combats was constructed together with the cages for the wild animals used in these combats.
It is nowadays used for concerts and other performances during the summer.

Askla's Profile Photo
May 04, 2013

Ancient theater

We made a stop here on our tour, there is no admission fee so you can have a seat and enjoy the view over Lake Ohrid. The theater is still used for performances during the Ohrid Summer Festival and other events, the location between two hills serves to keep the acoustics from being distrubed by the wind.

It's believed to have been built in 200 BC during the Hellenistic period, the only theater from that time period in Macedonia. During Roman times, it was used for gladiator fights, after the Roman Empire fell, it was abandoned and buried which helped to preserve it from the elements. It was uncovered in the 1980s during construction of some houses in the area.

I don't recall seeing this but since it's mentioned on so many pages here, it's worth a mention. Apparently you can still see the names of the families inscribed on their seats.

This was the last place on our walking tour that I saw any places selling water or other beverages, if you forgot to take some with and you are continuing on, be sure to get some here if the weather is steamy.

Dabs's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2012

The Antic Theater

Ohrid has its own Roman amphitheatre, or the antic theater as the locals transliterate it as (maybe they know something we don't). It's not particularly big, but it has great views of the lake from the semi-circle of seats, and must make for great experience when they put on performances there in the summer. Alas, when I visited the weather was not so great, so instead I entertained myself trying to squeeze in as many of Ohrid's antique cars with the antic theater.

The amphitheatre was built around 1AD, and wasn't discovered until 1984. Its original purpose was for plays, but such tame pasttimes were discarded towards the end of the Roman era and replaced by brutal bloodsports.

antistar's Profile Photo
Oct 22, 2011
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The Ancient Theatre

Ohrid's ancient theatre is unique in the region in that it dates from Hellenic times, rather than Roman, and was constructed around 200 BC. During that period it was probably used for classical theatrical performances and then later, under the Romans, for gladiatorial fights.

Following the retreat of the Romans the theatre became disused and the site built over. It was only discovered by accident in 1980's during local building works and has since been excavated and restored.

It is now used again for public performances and some high-profile events take place there during the Ohrid Summer Festival.

johngayton's Profile Photo
Oct 06, 2011

Ancient Amphitheatre

Located in the old town hills overlooking the marina, the ancient Roman era theatre featured theatre and grisly gladiator duels. Long forgotten, it was only recently discovered when new building started.

Roadquill's Profile Photo
Aug 10, 2011

Bring on the gladiators!

As I mentioned in the introduction to Ohrid, this area has been inhabited by humans for a very, very long time. This tip refers not to the very earliest settlers but is still fairly ancient and equally impressive. It is the Ohrid amphitheatre dating from the Roman period.

It was relatively recently discovered (about 50 years) although as you can see it is fairly comprehensively excavated now. I find it surprising that it had lain "undiscovered for so long.

There are a couplle of interesting things no notice here. Firstly, have a look at the seats. Many of them have the names of the families who sat there inscribed on them. The other thing is the gates, well just holes now really. It is believed that earlier rows of seats were removed to allow these which were used to release the animals into the arena. Just squint your eyes a little and you can almost see the scene, baying crowd, gladiators, wild beasts, blood, all very Hollywood. A very interesting place.

One thing I did notice is that it does not appear to be "developed" as a tourist attraction in any way. there appears to be no admission charge and only minimal information available.

planxty's Profile Photo
Jul 22, 2011

Antique Theater

The open theater has a perfect location, as the two hills (Gorni Saraj and Deboj) keep it protected from winds that could interfere with acoustics during performances.

Discovered by accident and later completely excavated, this four-thousand square meter monument to Antique Greco-Roman culture is today used during the Ohrid Summer Festival for performances of ancient tragedies and comedies. It offers a wonderful view of the lake and Mt. Galicica to the southeast.

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Apr 04, 2011
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"Ohridskoto Ezero"
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"Ohrid - City of centuries"
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"Ohrid – Treasury of Religious Art"
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Anticki teatar | The Ancient Theater (I&V)

Anticki teatar – the Ancient Theater of Ohrid is an ancient Greek theater of the Hellenistic period, built probably around 200 BC. It is the only Hellenistic theater in the country. Unlike the similar structures, it was built within the housing area. The theater was used for theatrical performances, and after the Roman conquest of the town, for gladiator games.

The theater was discovered in 1935 by the Serbian archeologist Nikola Vulic. The excavations were continued between 1959 and 1962 by the Ohrid archeologist Vasil Lahtov, and in 1977 and 1984, by the archeologist Vlado Malenko. The Ancient Theater was completely excavated in 2005. The size and the capacity of the original structure of the theater are uncertain because only the lower section is preserved.

The Ancient Theater is located very near Gorna porta – the Upper Gate. Since 2001, it has been hosting many various stage events.

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Sep 15, 2009


This antique Amphiteater which dates from 3rd c. BC is situated in old part of the Ohrid town. Romans used it for gladiator fights, so the cages and the corridors for animals were built next to the surrounding walls. It could seat more than 4.000 people but nowdays the capacity is 1.700 seats and it hosts Ohrid Summer Festival, well known in the area.

vesna04's Profile Photo
Nov 22, 2007


The Roman theatre is located in old part of town (called Varos). It was built in accordance with the Greek and Roman type of theatres. The first findings of this monumental structure, without which a town centre in the classical period would have been inconceivable, date from the beginning of the 20th century, with two relief plates depicting Dionysus with the Muses. The first archaeological probes were carried out during 1959 - 1960, when nine rows of seats in the theatre were discovered. Some of the stone seats contain inscriptions of the names of the families that had subscriptions. The theatre covers an area of around 4,000 m2. In the excavations carried out in three occasions, the locations of the entrances, theatre building, orchestra with seats reserved for honourable people as well as the arena volume were defined... that's what i found in guide!
Anyway, you can't miss the the amphiteatre. It's located in the middle of old part of town within former town walls. If you decide to wander around old streets you will definatelly find it easily.

prleprle's Profile Photo
Oct 03, 2007

Roman Theatre

Roman theatre or Amphiteathre is located in Varoš - the old part of Ohrid.
It was built in accordance with the Greek and Roman type of theatres.
It is presumed that it was used for theatre performances - plays, and after the Roman conquest of the town,it was turned into an arena for gladiator fights.
The first findings of this monumental structure date from the beginning of the 20th century(1935).The first archaeological probes were carried out during 1959 - 1960, when nine rows of seats in the theatre were discovered. Some of the stone seats contain inscriptions of the names of the families that had subscriptions.
The theatre covers an area of around 4,000 m2.
Nowdays it is still under construction and many festivals are held in it.(Roma Youth Festival was held there during my visit).

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Sep 06, 2007

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