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Private Full Day Trip to Ohrid from Skopje
"The driver/guide will pick you up from your hotel or any location of your preference in Skopje with a comfortable A/C car/minivan and take you to the most beautiful town in Macedonia Ohrid. The two and a half drive to Ohrid is another chance to see the beautiful mountains and nature on the way. Once in Ohrid you will have a nice walk by the lake a tasty lunch in a local restaurant sightseeing tour of the old town of Ohrid Samoil’s fortress
From EUR230.00
Private Full Day Lake Ohrid Circle Tour from Ohrid
"Your driver/guide will pick you up from your hotel or any location of your preference in Ohrid and take you by comfortable A/C car or mini-van on a circle tour round Lake Ohrid.Driving along the shores of Lake Ohrid by some of the most beautiful beaches you first stop to visit the Museum on Water at the 'Bay of Bones' that represents a reconstruction of a settlement from the Iron and Bronze ages. Continue further on the south of the lake to visit St. Naum Monastery a breathtaking scenery and atmosphere followed by a border crossing to Albania. Driving through the little village Tushemishte where Enver Hoga had his summer house
From EUR176.00
Mavrovo Day Trip from Skopje
"Morning departure to Mavrovo. After your arrival you will get a brief with information about Mavrovo and its National Park. Here you will visit the cave Sharko an underground beauty which has beautiful stalactite stalagmite and corals and other cave ornaments that create a picture of an untouched beauty. Visitors can go down inside the cave by a metal semicircular ladder that leads into the first pit witch is approximately 20 meters underground.After that you enjoy a traditional lunch in Mavrovo. Finally you willreturn to Skopje.""""Explore Mavrovo
From EUR30.00

st. jovan kaneo Tips (18)

Small but delightful.

St. Jovan Theologian Kaneo is by no means the largest church we visited in Ohrid but it's exquisite position on a bluff overlooking the lake and it's delightful architectural form make it one of my favourites.

The building predates the mid 15th century although the exact date is unknown and is apparently a mixture of Byzantine and Armenian styles. I don't believe it was made into a mosque during the Ottoman period like many other churches in Ohrid but it naturally fell into decay until the end of the 19th century when a religious revival brought about much renovation.

Again, I do not propose to merely paraphrase the excellent webpage I have attached and claim it as my own, I commend you to read it.

Update June 2015.

I have just revisited this tip and found out that the link to the website mentioned is no longer active so I have removed it. Despite a quite time-consuming search, I cannot find a replacement site other than purely commercial tourist sites which I do not promote. All I will re-iterate is that my original tip about this place stands and I urge travellers to visit there. I apologise for the lack of history which was based upon that site but the visitor with enough desire to visit will undoubtedly be able to dig out something and they will not be disappointed.

planxty's Profile Photo
Jun 04, 2015

The little Sv. Jovan Kaneo church.

Continuing from Sv. Pantelejmon towards the lake you will find the church of Sv. Jovan at the very tip protruding out from land. Sv. Jovan, or St. John, is John the Theologian.
It was built around 1280. There is a frescoe inside depicting Sv. Erasmus, Sv. Clement and the archbishop Constantine Kavacila. What is a bit strange is that they lived during the 3rd, 9th and 14th centuries respectively. The frescoe is in a not so good condition.
This church is the most often visited site in Ohrid due to its beautiful location.

Askla's Profile Photo
Oct 13, 2013

Church of St Jovan at Kaneo, Ohrid

My favorite place in Ohrid. A beautiful church located at an incredible location, on the cliffs above Lake Ohrid. Built at the end of the 13th century.

Even with your eyes closed it is impossible to take a bad picture of this jewel!

St Jovan can be seen in the movie "Before the Rain" directed by Mancevski.

To enter the church you pay admission fee, 100 Denars (about 1.60 euro) if I remember correctly.

St Jovan is part of a trip along interesting locations in Ohrid, which can be found on my page about Ohrid, follow the link below.

Pijlmans's Profile Photo
Jun 28, 2013

Sveti Jovan Kaneo (St. John at Kaneo)

Surely this church must be the most photographed site in Ohrid if not all of Macedonia, it's lakeside perch providing a stunning background to the orthodox church thought to have been built in the 13th century. We visited the church on the VT sponsored walking tour of the old city, I don't recall walking down to see it, perhaps since it was towards the end of the tour everyone was ready to get back to town or perhaps because it wasn't open for visitation.

You can read more about the history in the attached link

Dabs's Profile Photo
Feb 19, 2012
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Church of St. John at Kaneo

The picturesque Church of St. John at Kaneo (Sveti Jovan Kaneo) is probably Macedonia's most photographed structure.

The exact construction date of the Macedonian Orthodox church is unknown, but it is said to be built around the 13th century.

During the last restoration works in 1964 frescoes were discovered in the dome of the church. The architectural style of the building reminds of Armenian churches.

The entrance fee to the Church is 100 MKD (approx. 1,70 Euro). The area around the church offers panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding villages.

The Church of St. John at Kaneo stands on a cliff in Ohrid's fishermen settlement Kaneo. It can be reached via a new boardwalk along the lake. The way is well signposted from behind the Church of St. Sophia.

HORSCHECK's Profile Photo
Jul 25, 2011

Sv.Jovan Kaneo

Saint John the Theologian or simply Saint John at Kaneo is a Macedonian Orthodox church situated on Kaneo beach overlooking Lake Ohrid. The church is attributed to the author of the Gospel of John, John the Theologian.

The church was built into the shape of a cruciform with a rectangular base. The architect of the church is unknown but it is believed that he was influenced by the architecture of Armenian churches. Reconstruction work was carried out on the church in the 14th century, shortly before the arrival of Ottoman Turks in Macedonia. A wooden iconostasis was constructed within the church and by the 20th century numerous saints along with the Virgin Mary have been portrayed on the apse. A fresco of Christ Pantocrator can be seen on the dome of the church. A fresco of Saint Clement of Ohrid (whose monastery, Saint Panteleimon, is located close to the church) accompanied by Saint Erasmus of Ohrid can also be seen on a wall of the church.

Vanity666's Profile Photo
Jan 18, 2011

The church of St John the Theologian

The position of the church is great as it is located on the cliff overlooking the lake. It dates way back to 15th century. It is built in very interesting medieval style, combining the elements of different arhitectures of the time. Some very old and well-preserved frescoes can be seen in it.

vesna04's Profile Photo
Nov 21, 2007

Sv. Jovan Bogoslov-Kaneo/St. Jonh the Theologican

Beautiful church on a great place!!! The church of St. John the Theologician - Kaneo was built and fresco painted in the 13th century. The location of the church is among the most beautiful on the shore of lake Ohrid. It stands on a high rock above the former fishermen's settlement of Kaneo and one of the most beautiful beaches in the old part of the town. It is crucifix in shape, and renown for its rather harmonious forms and exceptionally successfully decorated facade and dome. As both building and decorative material baked bricks and limestone were used.
It represents a successful combination of the Byzantine and Armenian elements. The unknown constructor of this monument designed the dome under the influence of the Armenian architecture.
I did not see it inside but my wife did and really like it... I bet it's also interesting nside as it is outside.

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Nov 17, 2007
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"Ohridskoto Ezero"
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"Ohrid - City of centuries"
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"Ohrid – Treasury of Religious Art"
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St Kliment Ohridski Monastery (1)

St. Kliment Ohridski Monastery is located at Plaosnik (known as Imaret during the Turks), southwards from the Samuilo's Citadel. This monastery is the oldest Slavic monument of culture. It had an extremely important role in the education of the Macedonians during the period of strong influence of the Byzantine Empire. The whole area around the monestary is an arceological site.

Entry is free of charge.

Jul 27, 2007

Church of St John Kaneo

The Church of St John, just a short walk outside the main town, and perched on the edge of a cliff, is one of the most beautiful ecclesiastical sights you will ever see. Famed across Macedonia, and appearing on painting in all parts of the country, it is as iconic as it is stunning. The church itself is a little dowdy and dumpy, but the location is breathtaking, as are the views of the lake and town from the church grounds.

The church was built early in the 15th century, and survived centuries of decline and neglect under Ottoman rule, to become one of the prime sites of Ohrid and Macedonia.

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May 31, 2007

Church St. Jovan at Kaneo

The church is dedicated to St. Jovan Bogoslov, built in the honor of St. John the Theologian, St. Kaneo. There is written record of the time it was built, but it is believed that it orginates from the 13th century. Significant to the architecture is the exquisite combination of Byzantine and Armenian elements.
Its exterior is decorated with ceramic decorative sculptures and stone carvings, the fresco painters are unknown.

The church is on a cliff rising up from Ohrid Lake, stands one of the most magnificent churches in all of Macedonia and Balkan region.

elgin99's Profile Photo
May 31, 2007

St Jovan

This beautiful church is located at the top of some cliffs overlooking Lake Ohrid. The exact date of construction is not now known, but some 15th century documents mention the church according to the information available about the site. The frescoes inside the church are remarkable thanks to some extensive restoration work done in the 19th century. I should mention though, that the church is small and takes much more time to get to than to look around it. The draw here however is the setting of the church which is magnificent, so take a walk to St Jovan and enjoy the scenery. To enter the church is 100 denar.

Sep 28, 2006

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Lake Ohrid makes up part of the border between Macedonia and Albania. It is quite deep, 298m at its most, and 164m on average. Almost 31km long and 15km from side to side. It is said to be one of the...
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other churches & monasteries

This Church was built in the first half of the 10th century. It is situated in the upper part of Ohrid, near the Gate. The belongings of St. Clement were transferred to this church from the previous...
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