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Buses Tips (26)

London Double Decker Buses

Skopje had a whole fleet of new looking, bright red London double decker style buses. We did not use them unfortunately, but they looked really neat. I noticed one even seemed to go to the Millenium Hill where the huge cross is.

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Sep 05, 2015

London style double deckers

As many of you probably know I am interested in public transport vehicles including buses. When I first visited Skopje in 2011, I notice the city had very old buses, but I returned in 2013, I noticed more modern buses including half-cab double deckers which reminded me of the red buses in London. However these buses are built in China. I did not travel on these buses, as the only time I wanted to use a bus was my trip to Matka Lake, but this is another story.

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Sep 24, 2014

Bus and train schedule from Skopje to Ljubljana

Skopje - Ljubljana


Every day @ 15:00 & 17:00 CET
Price for round trip: 6900 MKD (112 EUR)
Time: around 15 hrs one way


Every day @ 9:00 (arr 7:23 next day) & 20:45 (arr 20:39 next day) CET
Layover in Belgrade: aprox 3 hrs if you are lucky (the train from Skopje to Belgrade is almost always late)
Price for round trip: 6500 MKD (105 EUR)

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Jun 16, 2010

Taxis from the bus station

As somebody else said, taxis in Skopje (and in Macedonia generally) don't generally cost very much. (Two Euros should be enough to get you to most places in the city - Sept 2009.) And in my experience Macedonian taxi-drivers (unlike, say,Istanbul taxi-drivers) don't generally try to rip foreigners off. But there are exceptions, and one of the places where the rip-off merchants lurk is in the bus station, or between the train station and the bus station. (It happened to me once.) To avoid the danger, ask the hotel to send a taxi to meet you, or call one yourself.

If you haven't got a hotel and you don't know any taxi-drivers, call Mr Goran - 00389 (0)71 22 75 71. He speaks English (he drives a lot of people working with NGOs and the like), and he's completely honest. I got him to drive me to Pristina and I was so pleased that I got him to drive me to Matka the next day. His email is

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Oct 05, 2009
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New low cost bus between Skopje and Sofia

There is a new company offering cheap and reliable transport between Skopje and Sofia with prices starting around 10 EUR round-trip. Buses go every Friday and Monday. Leaving in Skopje near Holiday Inn Hotel and in Sofia near the bus station.

Mar 08, 2008

International bus times

The bus station at Skopje is excellent. It's just under the train station. There's an ATM, shops, ticket and (English speaking) information windows open all night. I had a bit of time to spare so I asked about various international bus times. Here's what I was told (September 2009)

Buses to Sofia leave every day at 0700, 0830, 1500, 2100 and 2400. The journey takes about 5 hours

Buses to Belgrade leave at 0745, 0925, 1310, 1430, 1645 and 2030 every day. The journey takes about 8 hours

There's a bus to Podgorica every day at 2000 or 2100 (alternate days 2000 and 2100 - the Saturday one leaves at 2100). It takes 8 hours

There are no direct buses to Bucharest. Get one to Belgrade and change

There's an early bus to Thessaloniki leaving at 0600 on Monday, Wednesday & Friday only

There's a bus to Tirana every day, leaving at 1900, arriving at 0400

There are buses to Istanbul every day, leaving at 1600, 1700 and 1900. It takes 12 hours

There are buses to Sarajevo. It takes 12 hours, Not sure of the times

There are buses to Novi Pazar (5 hours), going via Prishtina, Prizren, etc, leaving at 0800 and 1300, BUT the driver won't let you on these if you have a Kosovo stamp in your passport (for obvious reasons). In that case you have to get a bus to Kraljevo (crossing the Serbian border at a legal entry point, where they'll stamp CANCELLED on top of your Kosovo stamp) then change. Take the Uzice bus from Skopje, get off at Kraljevo, then there are buses almost every hour from Kraljevo to Novi Pazar.

You can also see the timetable on the bus station website, at (it's isn't in the English version - only the Macedonian one), but I'm not sure if it's up to date. The website also has the telphone number to ring for information.

UPDATE (June 2011). Timetables now at

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Jun 05, 2011

To Tirana, a definitive guide.

After the recent excellent Euromeet 2011 organised wonderfully by Valentina I needed to travel to Tirana in Albania to get my flight home. an internet search produced a lot of conflicting information that was either undated, out of date or just plain wrong so I intend to provide a step by step guide which was current as of 5th June 2011. Obviously, travel information is usually out of date as soon as it is written so chack to see if there is anything more recent as the usefulness of this decays.

Firstly, a bit of mythbusting. I had heard talk of a daytime bus, which I would have preferred but it simply does not exist. There is one bus per day, it departs at 1900 hours and this is how to get it. I decided to get my ticket early although it would have been possible to turn up a short time before as the bus was nearly empty. Go the the bus station, which is on Bulavar Kusman Josefovski Pitu and is actually under the main train station. Both are signposted and a taxi will take you there although if you wish to walk and / or save a few dinari it is only about a twenty minute stroll from the centre. From eht centre, keep the river on your left, walk past the large Vero shopping centre and you will come to where the railway crosses over the road. It is just on the right and I have included a photo to help you.

When you enter, there are a number of different ticket booths and you need to go to the last one on the left which says Eurolines in Roman script. I went in and spoke to the two helpful ladies both pf whom spoke reasonable English. I purchased my ticket easily in local currency although it was quoted in Euros. Be aware that you need to produce your passport to purchase a ticket, I think it is something to do with speeding up the somewhat notorious Albanian border procedure.

One thing to note is the difficulty in obtaining Albanian currency. I tried at the bureau de change in the bus staion but they couldn't help even after making a couple of 'phone calls on my behalf. I asked was there a bureau at the border and the lady couldn't help. In the event there was not but don't panic, you can use Euros until you get to Tirana.

All the perceived wisdom is that the bus departs from stand #1 although they told me it would leave from #3 which it duly did. They did, however, tell me the bus would have the Eurolines livery although, as you can see, it wasn't.

The bus left on time with myself and one other lady on it. It was comfortable and had a toilet onboard although I did not use it so cannot vouch for it's cleanliness or otherwise. I took my favouerd seat which is the back seat in the middle. That way I can stretch my rather tall frame out a bit. As it happened, I managed to get a bit of sleep stretched out over all five seats.

the journey could probably be achieved a lot quicker but they tend to stop every couple of hours, always at a restaurant so you can stock up on food or snacks as well as attending the call of nature. All the places we stopped seemed to be clean.

In the dead of night, our assistant / ticket collector disappeared into a small building and appeared to be conducting some sort of official business. This was explained a short time later when we approached the border. The assistant took our pasports and got them checked for us (we did not leave the bus). Then he gave them back, we drove a couple of hundred yards and he took them again at the Albanian side. No, I don't understand why either. Anyway, a few minutes later I had my passport back with my long-coveted Albania stamp. All completely painless. There is supposedly an entry tax of about one Euro but we didn't have to pay at the border, I think it is inbuilt in the ticket price.

After a few more stops we arrived in Tirana at about 0430 in the morning. Tirana does not have a bus station and you are dumped in a carpark, not too far from the centre. There I was, middle of the night strange capital of a new country with not a word of Albanian nor a penny piece of the local currency. Still, I like an adventure. This is what you may care to do. If you look for the carpark, there is a main road in front and a wide boulevard going away for you. This leads to the main square. Go down there a couple of hundred yards and there is a cafe / bar just beside the casino. Both are open 24 hours a day. The staff in the cafe were friendly, spoke a little English and, most improtantly, accepted Euros. I spent a very pleasant couple of hours there until the town started to come alive and I bid farewell and moved on.

This then is how to get from Skopje to Tirana by bus and it is not as scary as some might have you believe.

I shall unashamedly crosspost this in my Tirana page.

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Feb 01, 2013

Plenty of buses

The city has plentiful buses. What can be amusing [or frustrating] is that there are two sets -- the official city ones and the private ones. They can do some funny dances trying to beat each other to a bus stop! Also the routes where the city has competition are much cheaper than the other routes.

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Jul 20, 2003
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"Skopje -- najgolem grad vo Makedonija!"
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"Skopje - A Reborn City"
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"A beautiful city on the river."
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Bus Skopje to Pristina

There are three or four buses a day from Skopje to Pristina. It costs about 5 euro each way. Infuriatingly it takes over 2 hours to cover a distance of just 60km! It only takes about 20 minutes to get to the border from Skopje Bus Station. After about 45 minutes at the border, it then took about another hour to get to Pristina, via a couple of short stops at bus stations in Kosovo itself.

The scenery is quite nice to look at through the windows of the comfortable bus. There is a large military presence still in the area with peace-keepers from a number of different countries driving around in their military vehicles.

The last bus in both directions leaves at 5pm.

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Apr 15, 2009

Bus station

Arrived in and departed from the main bus station, it's a little out of town a taxi should cost (May '09) less than 100 MKD from the centre.
Tickets are easy to buy, English was spoken perfectly and there is a currency exchange office here too.

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Jun 14, 2009

SAS international bus service in Skopje

You can find a lot of information about the international bus services from the central bus station (Skopje) on
They have added the google translation button recently so you it understandable now.

Jul 07, 2011

new routes to / from skopje airport

I am going to Macedonia in two weeks and have booked a room at the Shanti Hostel in Skopje, who offer airport pick-ups at 5 euros less than the fixed taxi tariff of 20 euros.

I emailed them today to confirm we are still coming and the owner, Dina, emailed back to say that as of today (2nd March 2012) there is a public bus service to and from the airport to the centre of town. She sent me a schedule so just in case the link doesn't load, i'll try to summarise in details below:


The buses are daily and start from midnight throughout the day until 6 or 7pm most nights, and there are more services on weekends. I can't list all of the times but the link below should be ok if you copy and paste it into your address bar.

The cost is 100 denars one way.

From Google Maps I can see that the station is very central - if you find Gazi Baba Park, look south southwest from there over the river and you should be able to make out the train lines and roads for it in the intersection of Belasica and Boulevard Kuzman

Hope this helps, i'll update my information when i get back at the end of March with further tips


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Mar 02, 2012

Things To Do Near Skopje

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