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    Bar coastline August 2010
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Bar Things to Do

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  • A walk around town

    If you've got time to kill in Bar, and not much luggage to weigh you down, take a walk into the centre of town and down to the waterfront. The center of Bar is full of high-risery, dull and grey (especially if you've just come from Albania, where most of the blocks have been given a facelift and are now multicoloured and cheerful), but things...

  • Bartula

    Under the city walls of the old city of Stari Bar, on the south, the village of Bartule (or is it a hamlet, part of Stari Bar ?) is half hidden by a thick net of electric wires and sits discreetly in the tiny valley of river Vruča. Next time we come to Stari Bar, I would like to have a look to that quiet little village.

  • Shared house ?

    This is the view from on top of the main, and only remaining, entrance into the old city of Stari Bar. It shows what should be an orthodox church or maybe a chapel with tall cypresses behind. A small house is adjoining it and amazingly, it is cut by in two half by a wall.The second picture is taken from a few meters further and between the...

  • Sveti Veneranda or Sveti Catherine ?

    There are only half a dozen roofed buildings in the old town of Stari Bar. This amazing building is one of them but I am not sure of its identification as it did not bear any sign. It might be either Sveti Veneranda or Sveti Catherine, both built in the 14th century

  • The Great Palace

    The Great Palace was built in the 15th century. It is now a fine arts studio but was not open for a visit when we were there. On a whole, when visiting the old city of Stari Bar, I felt that there was unfortunately a great lack of information on what is what.

  • Sveti Nikola ?

    This church should be Sveti Nikola crkva (church of Saint Nicholas). Unfortunately, I could not visit the inside. Sveti Nikola was built in late Romance style. Under Turkish rule, it was used as a mosque. After the independence, it was at some time used as an ammunition depot and was half destroyed in 1912 by an explosion. It is one of the few...

  • Ruins

    As soon as the 16th century did the city grew outside the walls, south-eastwards and north-westwards. The ancient city began to be abandoned by its inhabitants after 1878. It was already ruined when in 1997, it was severely hit by an earthquake. While the parts outside the walls have soon been rebuilt, mainly by their inhabitants, the ancient part,...

  • Main entrance into the old city

    The main entrance into the old city was built in the 14th century and has a tower. The entrance itself is through a vaulted passage with an iron gate. The inner building is now used as an open air theater.Unfortunately, I have no photo of the outside but I can tell you that the street is very steep, without any shade, which means that in summer,...

  • Well, well

    Amazingly, in the middle of the main street stands a well. At first sight, it seems that it should be some very ancient well. However, if you decipher the Cyrillic writing, it says "Mijo Mali?inj, 1997" ! The explanation is that in 1997, an earthquake destroyed the city. Private grants, such as this one, allowed to rebuild the city and to give to...


Bar Hotels

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  • Azalea Hotel Princess

    Jovana Tomasevica 59, Bar, 85000, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Villa Jadran

    Villa Jadran is a family-run operation (and believe me, you'll meet the family). It feels very new,...

  • Hotel Niksic

    Sutomore-Bar, Sutomore, Bar, 85355, Montenegro

Bar Restaurants

  • Mr_Furious's Profile Photo

    cevapi stand: cevapi!

    by Mr_Furious Written Mar 2, 2004

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was happy to find at least one place open to buy me a quick snack. In this case it was the unavoidable Cevapi sandwich (bread with salad and small sausages, 5 to be precise). Hooray! Price was 1,5€

    Favorite Dish: Cevapi

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Bar Nightlife

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  • Many attractions for everybody

    There are a lot of attractions for everybody: many Karaoke places, bars, restaurants, discos and attractions for children...

  • Happy families!

    walking along the promenade, you'll notice many bars and restaurants.Here entire families drink and eat and dance all's strange to me (in Italy is quite unsual) to see 4 different generations dancing together around the tables in a restaurant, following the rithm of old traditional songs.I think it's very beatiful, to stay all together...

  • Bar Hotels

    3 Hotels in Bar

Bar Transportation

  • Finding the bus and train stations in...

    We arrived in Bar by bus from Kotor (about two hours). We wanted to leave our cases in the Left Luggage and found a door labelled 'Garderoba'. However, it looked dusty and as if it had been unused for a long time. We asked at the ticket counter, and they called for someone to come and open it for us. We had to do the same when we returned to pick...

  • The Offices of the harbor

    The harbor offices are working in a long, one level building; On arrival, you have nothing to do in the building, but I guess that, as well as in Ancona, on departure, you find inside the offices of the ferry company(ies) and the custom and polices offices. On arrival, everything is done in your car, on line, when leaving the harbor.

  • Ferry to Bar

    If you wish to arrive in Montenegro by sea, Bar will be your port of entry. Regular lines are from Ancona and from Bari, run by a company from Bari, MorfimareThe Sveti Stefan 1 connects Bar and Bari everyday, year round, while the Sveti Stefan 2 connects Ancona to Bar every saturday in the high season. There does not seem to be any sailing in the...


Bar Shopping

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  • The Shops in Bar near a Center of Bar

    Is many shops and butiques in Bar City , the prices is very cheap and the best shop is Mexx with good prices os shoes. all items you cant buy in bar. 1000 euro

  • Good prices of shoes

    The center of city Bar in Montenegro is have a comunistic style market shop a name - MEXX . In this shop are have for 4 to 8 euro shoes - puma , adidas , nike , and clothes Kappa , Adidas , Nike , Aeropostale for 5 euro up to 20 euro price. And Food is good a Edamer cheesee and mortadella with olive . Good Beer call - Nicsicko. Shoes - Puma ,...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Bar Local Customs


    “VLADIMIR’S CROSS” “VLADIMIR’S CROSS” – is kept in the Andrivic family as the greatest relic. Each year on May 30th, the day of the Saint Trinity, the cross is carried to the place on the top of the mountain Rumija where according to the legend there used to be a church.Stretching in NW-SE direction, Mt Rumija with its highest peak Rumija (1594 m)...

  • Nik&#353i&#269ko pivo

    Nikšičko pivo is found almost everywhere in Montenegro. I know, I should have put this tip in a "Montenegro" page but the first we drank on arrival in the country was in Dobra Voda, about 3-4 km after we were out of the city of Bar. We found it was excellent : light but fruity, with just enough bitterness. A great beer

  • Death announcements

    In the whole Balkans, including countries from ex-Yugoslavia, Albania and Greece, death announcements are fastened on trees, walls, etc, of the city. If I took this photo, it is because these five death announcements show the various populations living in Stari Bar.On top, the Latin cross and Latin fonts says that it is a catholic.Underneath, the...


Bar Warnings and Dangers

  • Look at the road signs!

    Be careful not to leave your car in the unallowable places. We have parked the car in the center (opposite the ferry ticket office), there seemed to be no sign forbidding parking, lot of other cars were parked there as well. Fortunately we were walking around when we saw the police dragging the cars away! We ran to the car and drove away fast. Some...

  • School warning !

    I always enjoy these school warning road signs where, they seem to say " he, pay attention, this is a school, you should run away fast !". Look, they are running joyfully, they have no schoolbag, aren't they running OFF school rather than TO school ? Don't you feel they are going to play hooky ?

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Bar Tourist Traps

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    Passengers heck-in !

    by JLBG Written Oct 12, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Passports and identity cards are controlled on board of the Sveti Stefan 2 and a post says in Serbian :
    "Kontrola paso?a i karata" which means "control of passports and ID cards.
    Underneath, it bluntly says "passengers heck-in" ! Hectic, isn't it ?

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Bar Off The Beaten Path

  • Herceg Novi

    I made it all the way to Herceg Novi, enjoyed the view and went home again.This is a picture of an old fortress. I'm not too sure when it is from so I better not try and be smart.

  • this view is absolutely amazing.

    I went hitchhiking around the coastline, and it never occured to me that i might be dangerous. I didn't experience anything bad but got to talk to a lot of nice people.This is an island of the shore, I do't know if it has a name but it is beautiful!

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Bar General

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  • a funny incident

    I was on the bus from Kotor to Bar one hot day in the summer, when i saw the man next to me in the bus looked very much like the croatian soccer player Zvonimir I kept staring at him, and it didnt at the time occur to me how strange it would be if it was actually him in a bus in Montenegro..he kep staring back at me and seemed annoyed...

  • Euro!

    In Bar, as all over Montenegro, you'll use always Euros everywhere.Remember, Yugoslav Dinar is not used here.

  • Houses in the city

    ... But as you move away from the sea, you'll discover all these big buildings, as in many eastern towns


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