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  • Use to be a part of the Venetian-empire
    Use to be a part of the Venetian-empire
    by TheView
  • Waterfront promenade in Perast
    Waterfront promenade in Perast
  • Monument
    by Odiseya

Republic of Montenegro General

  • Adriatic Express

    Adriatic Express, the proprietor of which also owns the Guest House Kasanegra at Przno, is a very efficient and helpful Montenegrin tourist agency. We contacted them by e-mail some time before we visited Montenegro and arranged for them to take us from Perast to Przno, to book us into the Guest House Kasanegra for a week, and to take us to Tivat...

  • Montenegro Wild Beauty

    There are three colors present in the Montenegrin landscape: blue, emerald green and iron gray, amazingly combined and interwoven, because of its priceless natural beauty, Montenegro was proclaimed an ecological state through a special declaration.The fabulously jagged coastline of the Adriatic sea offers you the variety of beaches, coves, bays and...

  • NP Biogradska gora

    A lot of interesting information and facts about the national park is here

  • National park Durmitor

    Durmitor is one of four national parks in Montenegro. It has incredibly beautiful nature; beauty of mountains, forest, lakes, rivers… Wild nature, wild beauty.

  • Bridge over the river Tara

    From the bridge one will see absolutely breathtaking views to the Canyon of the river Tara.

  • Skadar lake

    Skadar lake is the biggest freshwater lake on Balkans. The place is where one can have peaceful state of mind. Silence around, greenish clean water, sun shine playing on water surface, hazily mountains on the horizon...what else is needed to admire by surroundings.

  • Boka-Kotor bay

    There is a beautiful view to Boka-Kotorski zaliv on the road from Njegusi to Kotor. Make a short stop on the serpentine road and... shot, shot, shot.

  • If Driving, Take the Ferries to Save on...

    If driving along Montenegro's Adriatic coast, make use of the number of vehicle ferries that cross the country's numerous inlets. They are cheap, fun, and will save you a considerable amount of time.

  • Mountains in Montenegro

    the mountain areas generally,more specifically the area around the Tara Gorge: contact Gordana Stevovic ( for info on rafting, walking, accommodation)...shes so enthusiastic and really helpful.Also recommend walking in the mountains around Sedlo, SW of Zabljak....the road to Sedlo winds along a wonderful valley with endless walking...

  • Orhodoxy

    Orthodox church is the oldest Christian church. After Catholic Church separated from it in 1054 (and after Protestants from Catholics), and after Turks occupied most of Orthodox countries, Orthodox Church was organized depended of historical moment. Churches have Patriarch or Archbishop depending of the way they were re-established, during or after...

  • currency

    go little bit further to dubrovnik! :) well they do not accept payments in "Serbian Dinars" so being advised: change all your Serbian Dinars in a "menjaçnica" before you end up in MONTENEGRO. visa card and mastercard are not widely spread be careful!the hotels are usually without A/C.

  • Cathedral of St. Tryphon in Kotor

    The original Cathedral of St. Tryphon was built in the 8th century in the town of Kotor. The church in this picture was built in 1166 on the remains of the former cathedral. It was seriously damaged in the 1979 earthquake. Twenty-five years later, in 2004, restoration has made substantial progress.

  • Sailing

    Montenegro is perfect for sailing, peaceful waters and a great variety of adventures! Most of the people living there have boats and sailboats, as well as people living in other places, who visit Montenegr seasonally and keep their boats anchored there in the meantime. There are many ports where you can stay (like Tivat, Kotor, Bar, Perast, Ulcinj,...

  • The Swing

    What is better than a lazy day at the shore, a swing between the pine trees by the sea, as the soft breeze chills you out and brings the scent of sea, salt and pines... HEAVEN! This is my general LIFE tip, btw! ;)And a Montenegrin motto - just sit down and relax, and everything's gonna be just fine! No rush!

  • Herceg Novi - Entrance to Boka Kotorska

    Herceg Novi is located on the northern coast of Montenegro at the opening of the Bay of Kotor. The town's richness is a result of being a blend of many cultures. Established in 1382, Herceg Novi has since been ruled by the Turks, Spain, Venice, Austro-Hungary, Russia, France and Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After World War II Montenegro was included in...

  • So Many Rocks!

    The mountains near Cetinje are very rocky indeed. In fact, I have never seen so many rocks as I did in the countryside around Cetinje.The Turks never conquered Montenegro. The story we hear in America from our Serbian relatives and friends goes something like this. The Turks failed to conquer Montenegro because the Montenegrins used a very...

  • San Francisco Bay's twin - Boka Kotorska

    A large population of Serbs from Bay of Kotor emigrated to my home, the San Francisco Bay area. It is easy to see why. When we reached Boka Kotorska (Bay of Kotor), we definitely noted some similarities and understood why people from Boka Kotorska felt at home in the San Francisco Bay area.

  • Another impressive Cetinje building

    I'm not sure which building this is, but it is another fine example of the beautiful architecture of Cetinje.

  • Cetinje Town Center

    Between 1878 and 1914, Cetinje flourished. It became a center for South-Slavic intellectuals. As the capital of Montenegro, it was the home of numerous consulates and palaces. The city began its decline about the time World War I began.

  • Catholic Church in Boka Kotorska

    Although Montenegro is predominantly Serbian Orthodox, the Bay of Kotor has a mix of faiths. Because of the proximity to the Dalamtian coast, Bay of Kotor is also home to a fair number of Croats. Pictured here is a Catholic church sitting near the shores of the Bay. It looked old and very untended to us.

  • Really that tall?

    Montenegrins are known to be the second tallest nation in the world (only Massai people of Africa are taller). I kid you not – they really are TALL! Guys, if you're not at least 180 cm of height, chances are most girls and women will be taller than you!Ladies, if you are 175 cm like me and hate being taller than most guys wherever you go, then...

  • Cash or plastic?

    CASH!Don't be silly like me – I had a friend who advised me to leave my cards at home, but I found it hard to believe that not a single of my cards would work, so I took some cash and 5 different cards with me. Once the cash was spent, I tried my luck with ATMs in Podgorica – very frustrating experience! In summer 2003 there were altogether about...

  • History

    Before becoming modern day Crna Gora or Montenegro as English speaking world knows it, this country survived centuries of turbulent past. If you are interested in recent history, I suggest you take a look at Death of Yugoslavia, a travelogue written by Vasja (VT lukec) who kindly consented that I put link to his travelogue on several of my pages.

  • Cheap or expensive?

    If you expect Montenegro to be cheap or at least cheaper than countries like my Croatia, here's a little surprise for you - Montenegro is not cheap!I assumed that a country with such low GDP will also have lower prices - veeery wrong! Coffee, drinks, meals at restaurants - same prices as at Croatian coast (eg. coffee 1 Euro or a bit more, pizza 5...

  • River Cijevna

    cijev = pipe, tubeObvious isn't it ?The canyon of the river Cijevna is sited on the fifth kilometer from Podgorica towards the Albanian border. This is a very attractive location, favorite bathing beach of Podgorica residents, offering perfectly clean water.

  • River Moraca

    The source of the Moraca River lies at the base of the mount Lola, and runs into Skadar Lake close to the town of Podgorica. It is 100 km long. Together with the Tara River it is one of the rare European rivers whose waters are unpolluted and drinkable almost all the way from the source to its mouth. The Moraca flows through relief, which can best...

  • People and traditions

    The way of life in this region has for centuries been determined by a struggle for survival in freedom. This is way the people are strongly built and are very high. Bravery and courage (“cojstvo” and “junastvo”), as two very important moral values, are strong characteristics of the philosophy of life of the Montenegrin people. While, as believed...

  • Qunes's Beach

    Queen's Beach has got its name becuose it was a favorite spot of the Queen Marija Karadjordjevic. It is beautiful small beach surraunded with pine and olive trees. It is situated in Milocer, few km from Budva. Long lazy day on this beach and great lunch at the Hotel situated close to it..

  • Mogren beaches

    Located in Budva those two beaches are realy pearls on the Montenegrian coast. They are conected with the tunnel and sence there is a big hill in the backround they can only been reached from the sea or from the Avala Hotel complex. beach

  • Slovenska Beach

    It is situated in Budva town. The sand is little bigger than on the previous beaches. The water is realy clean. I dont like it only when it is too crowded and that happen in July and first half of the August. Lots of great restorans nearby.

  • Petrovac Beach

    Beautiful beach with kind of pink sand. This beach is protected natural reservat. Its public part is long 600 hundred metars.There are lots of restorants and few hotels nearby. sand color.

  • Beach Kamenovo

    This beach is realy something. The colors of the water is changing from light blue to dark blue or even green. Sand is nice, bright and you can see it trough the crisp clear water. It is situated next to Becici about 10 km from Budva. Beaches.

  • FIshing at the shore

    It is very popular to fish anywhere, anytime at the Adriatic. All you need is a simple hook and a piece of bread for the beginning, but you can become an advanced fisherman and use the professional equipement, of course. This time, however, I would suggest coastal fishing, as a pastime (and dinner catch :)), relxing in the evening. But - beware of...


Republic of Montenegro Hotels

  • Hotel Astoria

    Old town 322, Kotor, 85310, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

  • Avala Resort & Villas

    Hotel Avala is located right on the coast. It was built befor WW II. After the earthquake in 1979....

  • Hotel Perla

    I found this hotel on the Internet. The website was very useful and very realistic. My husband and I...

  • Iberostar Otrant Beach

    Velika Plaza bb, Republika Crna Gora, Ulcinj, 85360, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Solo

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Podgorica

    Hotel is very centraly located, easy walking distance to all major spots, malls, restaurants and...

  • Maestral Resort & Casino

    Montenegro Przno, Sveti Stefan, 85315, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Couples

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Azalea Hotel Princess

    Jovana Tomasevica 59, Bar, 85000, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Villa Maki

    Radovici nn, Tivat, 85320, Montenegro

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Hotel Planinka

    we had a look at the rooms and decided not to stay, it smelt of smoke and very old. not good and...


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