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    by jorgejuansanchez
  • Zica
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  • Zica
    by jorgejuansanchez

Zica Things to Do

  • Entrance to the Church

    Inside I felt into a very holy place. The atmosphere and the attitude of the faithful people, deeply impressed.

  • The main gate

    The sisteres were warm, nice, friendly, and the one that I contacted could speak Russian, so we could communicate.Zica is a jewel.

  • Žiča, the red monastery

    Žiča (which means cord or thread) was constructed between 1206 and 1217 and is closely associated with St. Sava and his brother, Stefan the First-Crowned. Interesting fact:Russian monasteries do not have own typikon ("ustav", http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typikon). The typikon used in Russia is "tipkion prepodobnogo Savvy", that is, "Savva" is...

  • Dormitory Entrance

    This gate is leading from the monastery backyard to the dormitory complex. I assume that nuns and priests have separate dormitories, but this monastery is both male and female.

  • Priest Administration :)

    This is administrative building of the monastery complex, with offices of priests, library, and all those "business" and "study" alike features. Believe it or not, but priests even have mobile phones, digital photo cameras and Internet! Some modern world this is...

  • The Monastery Church

    This is the view of the monastery church from the back yard. Behind it there are beautiful gardens, and a lovely yard cultivated by nuns and priests. The red colour of the monastery is said to be the symbol of the blood that has been shed so many times on these areas.

  • Church Interior

    This is the image in front of the altar. Every church has a huge lustre hanging from the ceiling, attached to the dome, with the candles arranged all over it, in spite of the modern age electricity enlightement.The altar is painted in old frescoes as well.

  • Inside Church Entrance

    Every church has the main entrance, and the entrance inside the church, dividing the entrance "corridor" from the main church hall. his is that entrance. It's decorated with ancient frescoes and originally painted.

  • The Main Tower

    The first thing that you'll see once you find yourself in the monastery yard is the big red tower. It is the entrance to the monastery church, Žiča.

  • The Cemetery

    The monastery cemetery is situated across the road, opposite of the monastery main gate. You should climb the spooky stairs and open even spookier gate behind the white fountain (see general tips), and voila! The place is for burial of both priests and nuns. This is the cemetery church.

  • Holy Water

    Here is a holy water spring in the back yard of the monastery. It is forbidden to take out the water, but you can drink as much as you want at the spot. here are glasses, but it's better to drink from your hands after all.he water is said to heal all kinds of deseases, only if you believe hard enough.

  • Entrance Corridor

    Passing through the gate, you'll find a tunnel leading to the monastery yard, painted in frescoes that are still so well kept, in spite of the 8 centuries.


Zica Shopping

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    Monastery Zica: Natural Juices and excellent wine

    by jorgejuansanchez Written Aug 15, 2014

    I bought several bottles of juices prepared by the nuns and was very satisfaed. They also sell wine and books, souvenirs, postcards, etc.

    What to buy: Juice and wine mainly

    What to pay: very cheap everything, and you help the monastery

    The juices and the wine
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Zica Off The Beaten Path

  • Kraljevo

    Kraljevo is a town only a kilometer or two away from Žiča monastery. Kraljevo means "king's town", as kralj = king. However, the town is quite spooky and kind of a communist style, with the huge communist monument right in the center!

  • Maglić

    Maglić is the medieval Serbian fortress, built on the hill above the Ibar river canyon, and its purpose was to have an overview of the area and thus protect the monasteries Žiča and Studenica that are nearby, from the potential attackers. It is located 16 km south of Kraljevo.Early in the 14th century, Maglić was the residence of a...

  • Mataruška Banja

    It's a spa just a couple of kilometers away from the monastery. It heals various illnesses and the climate and nature is beautiful.


Zica General

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  • Sveti Sava

    The son of the first Serbian powerful ruler - Stefan Nemanja. His real name was Rastko Nemanjić, but at the age of 17 he decided to withdraw to priest hermit life on holy Mt.Athos in Greece. When he returned to Serbia, he founded monastery Žiča with his brother Stefan Prvovenčani.His father Stefan Nemanja also became a priest...

  • frescoes

    It's a real miracle that all those frescoes managed to survive after all this time, and especially numerous destructions. he authors of some frescoes were paintors from Constantinople and they announce the monumental style of the 13th century. The most important frescoes come from 1309-1316 from the times of the first big restauration. They were...

  • more history

    Since Žiča became the center of the Serbian Orthodox church, Sveti Sava stazed living there for a while and from there he monitored the development of the country and supported his brother Stefan Prvovenčani, whom he coronated there in 1221 AD as the first Serbian king. hanks to him, Žiča had the richest tresures on the entire area...


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